Saturday, 1 May 2010

Month End.

Well doesnt time fly ! Its been an interesting week and month. Firstly congrats to Fulham for getting to the Europa Final what an achievement. I never hear the manager complaining about lack of money or resources unlike many others. How dignified were Hodgsons celebrations compared to Moan-rinho the night before.That was an awful game of football between a team who wanted to play and another that just stuck everybody behind the ball. I read about great tactics from Inter but to me if I was tuning in for the first time to watch a football match I wouldnt bother again. I hope Bayern give them a footballing lesson. Mind you the best match I watched this week was the Palace/ West Brom game which was end to end, I hope after all the crap they've had this season that Palace manage to get the result they need against Sheff Wed.

Tennis has been great this week with the Fed/Gulbis game being a stand out match, one of the best I have seen this year.I layed Fed at 1.07 as I was trying to get matched before that $1 million lump that was stuck there for a while ! Gulbis then went on to have another great game with Volandri but finally lost today to Nadal.

So blogging wise it is a shame that JP has signed off but maybe he will return in the future,I know how frustrating and soul destroying it is to lose money and sometimes it is like a dripping tap with constant amounts going out everyday and no sign off a let up. I get so many emails from web sites offering deals and great figures but how many of them really work? Look at Bet For a Living another candidate that said they make fortunes each month that have closed their web site after a poor last six months.

On to important matters and I can tell you that last month was £3k profit and this month I am feeling confident that will be beaten. I have a couple of ideas that I have been paper trading over which is why I have been much busier than usual, so i will be putting them into real stakes this month and I shall wait and see... These are some of this weeks results.

Today was the start of a new month and not the greatest of days as I lost £300. Last month was basically just my selections with Bet Cat and Packed Pockets, this month I will be including my tennis lays and some horse racing lays as well and lets see how it goes! I shall try to get some structure to my results as they are a bit all over the place, but there are some things that I want to keep to myself.