Sunday, 31 January 2010

Month End.

A really quiet day for me, so much so that i went out to the country and had a nice Sunday roast with the better half. No racing bets were offered up today from the racing gods, and i picked out just two selections. Frosted Grape in the 1.40 at 8/1, and Bring Me Back in the 3.40 at 9/1.
Both placed so winning me £ 35.
I missed the first couple of sets of the tennis this morning but from what i saw Fed like all true champions just stepped it up when it mattered. A lot of stuff was written about him losing a couple of tournaments recently but the Fed and Serena Williams turn up for the ones that matter and their play reaches new levels. The best two players won after a hard fought two weeks.

Well thats another month gone by with some interesting results. The positives were Bet Catalyst with + £ 1800 and Equine + £1100. I only had a profit of £80 on my own bets this month which is the worst for some time, and Punters Profits shows a loss of £ 178. I lost about £300 in ante post bets , but clawed back £550 on other trades.

So to Feb and i might look to try out some football markets and Rugby Union. I have two bets already. France to win the six nations £150 at 2.72, and £150 on there not being a Grand Slam Winner at 1.67. I also have my ante post £100 at 4/1 on New Orleans to win the Superbowl.

Anyway thanks for reading and for the comments thus far and lets have a positive February.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Part Of My Bacon Saved.

Sometimes you dont get the rub of the green and today i have the misfortune of saying that. I thought i would be posting up quite a big loss today, but managed to get some back in the last race at Cheltenham. So Equine had the one bet, Full Toss in the 3.55. I had a £100 on it and as normal it steamed in price but ran wide the whole way round and couldnt make up the ground it needed.

4PA had just the one bet, Joe Lively e/w in the 2.35. It came home third but as there were only the seven runners it was a losing bet. £50 loss.

PP was the big disappointment again. My staking was up at £80 per race and all four runners lost costing me £320. All i needed was one winner and i would have had my full bank back. Unfortunately i had a third, a faller, and then two seconds. The last horse was Time For Rupert which i got at 13/2 this morning, this would have sorted me out but alas it found one to good. I am back to £63 stakes on their selections.

My own selections are having a hard time as well and of the three picks nothing figured.I lost £125 there and was £600 in the hole as they say.

For the second Saturday running Bet Catalyst saved part of my bacon. This is the cheapest of the services i use costing me about £20 a month. I have now made over £2k from their selections this month and i am sure we will land a big one. The selections were Midnight Chase 33/1 e/w, Tender Falcon 40/1 e/w and Akilak 8/1 e/w. I also put them in a trixie. The 8/1 shot didnt place but the other two did winning me £401 on the day.
So a loss of £200, when i could have been looking at over £700.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Comedy Factor.

What a comical day all round. Lets start with football. I have to mention these few items as it just shows what a country we live in. Firstly Ashley Cole is banned from driving for being caught speeding at 104MPH in a 50MPH zone:

"Chairwoman of the magistrates Patricia Baskerville said: "We have taken into account Mr Cole's clean licence - however this was an incident of excessive speed, over twice the speed limit on the road and these were exceptional circumstances which we need to mark."

Cole, who was not in court, was warned he faces prison if caught driving while banned.

Ms Hodson said he was "regrettably" unable to attend as he was travelling in preparation for a game on Saturday.

Her attempt to get sentencing adjourned was rejected.

A £15 victim surcharge and £300 costs were added by the panel to "reflect his income".

A request that Cole be allowed 21 days to pay was greeted with laughter by magistrates, who granted it nonetheless"

Then we have John Terry having an affair with a co players wife:

"A Sunday newspaper had been due to challenge Mr Justice Tugendhat’s decision today, which prevented it from running a story which was to reveal that Terry had had an extra-marital relationship with Vanessa Perroncel, a French-born underwear model who was until December the long-term girlfriend of Terry’s fellow England defender Wayne Bridge.

The newspaper had been expected to argue that revealing details of the affair was in the public interest as any fall-out between the players could affect team morale in the England camp and even influence team selection at this year’s World Cup."

Poor old Cole needed time to pay, and an affair was kept secret because it might affect team morale before the World Cup. What a great excuse that is!

The we have the name of the person at the Man City/Man Utd game :

Another man has been charged for trying to enter the ground while drunk, police said.

Paul Rooney Nelson, 35. His middle name is Rooney!

Then the final nail in the coffin:

Robinho's departure from Manchester has left one man feeling particularly blue - die-hard fan Chris Atkinson has the Brazilian's name tattooed on his chest.

And to make matters worse the tribute is etched next to another Samba star who never even signed for the club.

Mr Atkinson, 26, of Altrincham, got a Kaka tattoo soon after the Blues lodged a £100m bid - only for him to sign for Real Madrid.
Mr Atkinson said " I'll just wait until i have kids and call them Robinho and Kaka". Classic!

Betting wise i have finished down about £200. Equine had two selections both £50 bets and both losing. Bet Catalyst had Adams Island in the 3.15 which won at 3/1. I had £30 on it, so a profit of £90.
PP had three bets and the first one was a double bet in the 1.20 on Shadrack. It won at 7/2 making me £460, but was then followed by two losers. My bank is now back at 85% from a low of 50% for this service. Lets hope we can continue into the weekend.
My own picks were poor with only the one place from seven picks. This was Great Husk in the 1.05, that i got at 20/1 in the morning.

Cheltenham tomorrow so i expect a busy day punting.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ploughing On.

The Horse bets today, were on the whole positive. Equine gave me Criterion in the 3.50. As normal the horse was punted in and went of as the 7/4 fav. I managed to get on at 3/1, but the horse seemed to be under pressure a long way out, and even though it rallied coming round the bend it didnt win and finished 5th. Loss £50.
Bet Cat had the one, Obe Gold in the 2.40. I had £40 on at 7/4 with Hills. This also got punted in, and went of as 11/10 favourite. I dont know how this thing got home, especially as it touched 16/1 in running and seemed to be floundering, but it did get up to win. £70 profit.
Punters Profits had three today. Hunterview, Senor Shane and Lifestyle. It was great to see the first and third picks win. The last horse ran a dream and the result never looked in doubt, so another bumper winner for Nicky Henderson. I dont normally use Betfair for these bets as i like to get early prices but today i settled for this. The profit from the bets was actually over £300 but i lost £120 on one silly trade on a race in Ireland. I picked out seven horses today. Four didnt place, but i had, in the 1.25 Secret Stash 2nd at 9/1, 1.35 Davana 3rd at 16/1, and a winner in the 3.40.
The winner was a fortunate choice. Pipe/Scudamore already had two winners at this meeting and i fancied them getting a third, especially as the yard is in some pretty hot form at the moment. The horse drifted before the off and the Betfair SP was 14.5. I didnt think it would figure, but it ran a fantastic race and coming to the last this one and another were about 20 lengths clear of the field. So a nice win for my picks and i shall be watching Pipes horses at the weekend with interest. Profit £325.

As a side note i have been given a free months membership of Racing Trends. After looking through the email today i was very impressed with the analysis. At the moment i will just look and see if there are angles that could be useful to me, if so I will mention here.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I wanted to watch the Azarenka/Williams game last night, so settled down to watch the match before thinking it would be over quickly. How wrong can you be!I had to suffer two and half hours of terrible tennis. By the time the third set came round both players had made over 40 unforced errors. Luckily for me it worked out well ,but i didnt have the nerve to hold all my green on Li Na. I would have felt robbed if i had stayed up til three in the morning to get nothing so i greened it up. I missed the next game as i needed my bed. I got up this morning to watch the final game and had £500 on Novak to win at 1.14. It started going pear shaped when he called for the trainer. Now after yesterdays loss i switched over just in time to Tsonga and watched the odds go crazy. Novak soldiered on ,and again i thought i dont want to get nothing out of this so greened it up at the end of the fourth set.So a nice start and after commission i made £365 from the tennis.
The horse racing was the typical gambling nearly story. Equine had no bets but four mentions so i put them all in a lucky 15 for a £60 stake. Could you believe that the first three won but the final horse finished seventh. If i had been home when the race was on i would have layed the final selection. Bit gutted to be honest.I got back £197 profit which could have so much more if the final nag had done the business.
No bet today from Bet Catalyst, and only the one from PP which snapped its losing run. I am back down to £58 stakes on these. A profit of £42 here.I had six selections myself . Three of them came fourth ! One came nowhere, and i had a second in the shape of Slippers Percy in the 2.45 at 6/1. This made me a whole £12.50.
My winner of the day was from the Reveley partnership called Karingreason in the 1.50. It was in touch all the way round and won nicely at 9/2. I managed to get on at 8/1.
So a productive day of £650. Finally just to let you all know that today marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Thomas Crapper, the man who revolutionised the flushing lavatory.
I thought that was going to be an omen , but i didnt have a s*** day after all.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Skid Row With The Skis.

Well a less than profitable and exciting day. There i was, all set up for the warrior Nadals come back. He was two sets down ,best of five set match. Now you gotta be able to trade this position because he doesnt get turned over in straight sets by anybody, does he? So the lay of Muzzer was in place but horror ! as all of a sudden Nadal with the knees, ( as he is now known ) calls the trainer and the odds collapse quicker than a collapsable item (maybe Ronaldo or someone along those lines). Muggings here has fallen for the old retirement sucker punch.

Not to smart, but it was the right call as far as i was concerned and i would do it again no problem. Anyway my rapidly becoming newest hero Mr Cilic is still in there fighting. So £150 gone to the Betfair gods.

Equine had the one bet, Magnitude in the 2.20. The price on the text was 11/1 i think or maybe 12/1 but i missed the text and got on at 8/1 ten minutes later. Because of the poor price i only had £25 on it. It didnt win.
PP had Rince Donn in the 2.10, which i had £60 on to win at 5/1. It drifted and went off a couple of points higher and ran a shocker. For all i know it could have been a ringer !
Bet Cat had a small bet as well which lost me £25. To my own choices and i picked three with final one Seasonelite coming home second, so a loss of £30.

So not a good one with a total of £290 lost on the day. I will be following Mr X once the NFL season is over onto the Six Nations Rugby. He has a great record the past few years and if it is anything like this seasons NFL i will be more than happy.

To cheer myself up i have found a great vid from days gone by. So now for your stereomatic enjoyment he it is,turn it up as all the great DJs would say.

Monday, 25 January 2010

My 1.01 Loser

Probably the tennis match i had been most looking forward to was this morning. Zvonareva v Azarenka. This might seem strange but both players have the ability to go into total meltdown at the drop of a hat. The best tears and tantrums of last year came from this pair, so i was hoping for a bit of breakfast entertainment. It went pretty much to plan with Azarenka grunting so loudly to annoy the Aus fans, then falling a set behind, and then getting a code violation for saying the F word to the line judge. I thought it was Serena all over again. At this point i thought she would either self combust or get her arse in gear. She did the latter and won in three sets. It should be a lively match with Serena next up !
There was just the one bet from Equine today which won quite easily.Nothing from PP and a £10 loss from Bet Catalyst. My own betting was annoying to say the least. I had four each way bets with the final one Alfadora trading at 1.01, but got caught as it tied up on the line. What a pisser as i got it on Betfair at 16.0 and it went off at about 9.2, so £150 loss.

That was it for the day. I couldnt do any trading this afternoon because Betfair crashed for about 3 hours. So £30 for the day !!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

There May Be Trouble Ahead...

Not a good day in any shape or form. Firstly got the standard email from Skybet:At least there honest unlike some of these bookies who feed you lines of crap. Then on top of that i also got my Boylesports and worse still William Hills accounts restricted. I think Hills didnt like me getting on one of Equines selections today at the stand out price, and when i went to have another bet later in the day i got the red screen that made my stomach sink. So tomorrow starts another round of me trying to get some new accounts opened. I think i said before about another VC account i got opened but they didnt even take a bet off me before it got shut. Oh the webs we have to weave...

Todays bets didnt help either. Three from Equine in one day is a lot compared to usual. I cant comment on the races as i didnt see them but they all lost, so £212 gone there.

After yesterdays success we had a no betting day from Bet Catalyst and nothing from PP either.

I picked out three each way bets with one coming third at 14/1, so a loss of £55.
Overnight Wickmayer got knocked out of the Aus Open by Henin in three sets so £20 gone there, but the £20 i had on Cilic at 70s i have laid off at 20s giving me a nice free bet.

So a loss of £300 with the only bright spot being that i managed to get hold of a Charles Bukowski book i havent read so i had my nose in that for most of the day !

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Five Star Award.

Todays five star award goes to Bet Catalyst for a great piece of racing advice. Richard always looks for the value and today came up with Sweetheart in the 2.05 e/w, and Souffleur in the 3.40 e/w. Also as per normal putting them in an e/w double.

The best i could do with Sweetheart was 10/1 and Souffleur 50/1. Just like a couple of weeks ago the first horse stayed on to win, but unlike a few weeks ago the second horse ran a cracker to nab fourth place and the all important e/w spot.A massive result so well done Bet Cat for making me over a grand! I shall be raising a pint to you later on !

No bets today from Equine Investments. Punters Profits put up three bets and as per my staking plan £66 was bet on each one. Unfortunately they all lost and it seems that PP is back on a losing run. Lets hope that next week they can snap out of it!
4PA sent out two bets for the 3.05 at Leopardstown but the winning run was stopped here with a loss of £50 .

Finally i am down £125 on my own bets with one to run. I had Lough Derg at 16/1 as i know he likes to make all from the front, and that with Scud riding him he would give it his best shot. He came third for me, but three others i picked didnt place, with Dance Island in the 2.30 coming home fifth at 20/1 so i just missed turning by figures around there.

My bet still to run today is in the 4.15 called Alhellal. I got this at 8/1 e/w this morning.

Another good day with a profit about £650 and now im off out to watch Spurs/Leeds.

Friday, 22 January 2010


As the days roll into the nights, and the nights roll into the days i am beginning to lose track of time. The early starts and late, late finishes are really causing havoc with my bodyclock. This morning i managed to cut three of my fingers with a knife while making breakfast. I was still half asleep so didnt even feel the pain, just saw the blood ! Tonight is going to be an early night for sure.

As you can gather overnight i watched tennis til the wee small hours. Wickmayer nearly went into meltdown as per normal with her, but managed to pull it together to win in three sets. So to the last 16 where she will play Henin. Prayers are called for there me thinks.

Not a lot on the horse front today, no bets from Equine Investments, PP or Bet Catalyst. Left to my own devices i had two each way bets. The first one Persian Gates in the 2.55 came fourth , but my other selection came second at 25/1. This was an easy bit of thievery with a 1/2 fav and only eight runners.For the rest of the day i dabbled with trading and managed to pull a small profit. Just over £200 profit today. Next post on Sunday as i am out tomorrow, and good luck to Brighton & Hove Albion against Aston Villa in the FA cup. Lets hope we can can get them back to the Withdean !!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Raise Your Glasses To...

Well it all came together today, and for the second day running Equine Investments did the business. Three bets were sent out. In the Wolves 5.50 Dance The Star was the main bet with a small £10 saver on Full Toss. Jamie Spencer held the horse up at the back but coming round the final bend he eased into the lead for a comfortable win.
In the 7.20 Thunderstruck was the choice, and unlike yesterday i pounced when the text arrived and got the 6/1 on offer. It won as the 9/4 fav, bit of steam there !
Talking of steamers 4PA sent out one of their rare bets today for the 2.35 at Gowran Park. It was win only on Lochanlacha and an each way bet on Whinstone Boy. I didnt see any of the 14/1 but did manage to get 12/1 with Ladbrokes on the latter horse. Yet again the analysis in the text was pretty much spot on, as the lowest weighted horse, in a long distance race, with rain sodden heavy ground, came home easily for the big gamble to be landed. Whinstone Boy went of as 2nd favourite and won at 5/1, making the 12/1 i got earlier look fantastic.
PP didnt have any bets today, and the Bet Catalyst horse was, like yesterday only a £10 bet, and like yesterday came nowhere.
My own bets were a bit hit and miss. I had five each way all finishing out of the frame. Last year i had a period where i had a run without a winner of twenty six races. Mind you a lot of them got placed. Today was one of the first times that has not happened. All of them ran poorly and i thought my own selections were going to ruin a great day, but i managed to get a couple of winners late on. The first one below i got at 9/1 and it went of as 9/2 fav !
To top everything off i traded, and laid a couple of horses in -running on Betfair, and made a profit from some overnight tennis punting!
So today turned out to be the best of the year so far with a £1200 profit.
As a side note Wickmayer beat the no 12 seed last night so my bet is still on there and today i have had £20 at 70s on betfair on Cilic. I know he beat the young Australian in five sets and played badly but that price to me is to big and deserves a punt.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Gamble Landed.

Another winning day which could have been so much better if i had got my bet on in time. Equine Investments sent out two bets today. The first one Mister Green in the 2.30 at Lingfield was advised at 22/1 on the text, but as we know the price shrinks within about minute as the bookies run scared. So it was forty minutes after the bet, that i got on this horse at 10/1 through two seperate bookies. The horse went off at 8/1 and strolled through the falling snow to win easily. So a £562 profit which should have been a lot more. The second horse given out was 25/1, and i got this price but it came nowhere.
PP had another no bet day, and the Bet Catalyst horse was only a £10 bet which is probably still running now, as i didnt hear it get mentioned during the race!

I picked two horses Minouchka (which rhymes with Kate Bushs, Babooshka, did i mention my Kate Bush issues before?), and Big Shu in the 4.15 at 7/1. The first bet was cooked from the beginning as it was pulling and running green, and the second bet, well, came second, beaten by a horse that was 120/1 on Betfair at the start .

The pre race trading started off well with a £50 pound profit but then i kept entering markets at the wrong point and having to take losses. On the positive side i didnt let any go in- play i just bit the bullet.
So a good day with about £350 profit.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Survival Of the Fittest.

The news of the day came this morning, and it is great to have new owners of the club. The below comes from the WHUFC website.

David Gold and David Sullivan have spoken of the "exciting experience" of taking charge of West Ham United.

The joint chairmen of the club were speaking at a specially arranged media conference at the Boleyn Ground on Tuesday morning after concluding the deal overnight. Mr Sullivan said: "It's going to take time to sink in. We've been wanting to sit here for 20 years and together we owned 27 per cent of the club 22 years ago and it's taken us 22 years to get to where want to be.

"I'm still in a bit of shock. It's been a tough few weeks of negotiations. We competed with two other very serious bidders and unbeknown to us, right up until eleven last night we thought we were going to get the club and the other two parties thought they were going to get the club.

"Both me and David are supporters, I went to university here and I lived in Hornchurch. David lived 50 yards from the ground for 20 years of his life and played for West Ham's youth team. We just want to be here where we've always wanted to be. There is no other club we would want to be at so for us we have come home and that's what it's all about."

Mr Gold added: "That's what we've done, come home. I received a call from David last night at 12. It almost takes me back to when I was a young boy playing for West Ham Boys when I was 15 and we were playing East Ham at the Boleyn Ground.

"It is a very exciting experience for David and I and we've dreamt of this for many years and we felt this would never happen. When we missed out on this 22 years ago we thought the opportunity was gone forever. It's amazing and here we are today."

So there it is, lets hope we can survive this depressing season and even if we dont at least we have some people at the helm who care about the club.

So to today, and one bet each from Equine ,PP, and Bet Catalyst. All three lost so a total loss of £127.50. This can be added to my poor overnight tennis. Saying that i tried a couple of new ideas which just kept going against me, with the final nail in the coffin being having all my green on Gasquet to cover my overnight losses. I went out this morning and on my return found that he had lost, dont know how it managed that after being a couple of sets up and then a break up in the final set.
This afternoons racing went better for me. I didnt have any bets myself as i couldnt see any value in todays nag fest. Instead i did a bit of pre racing trading which went much better than i expected. I find that if i dont have many bets on i tend to really focus all my energies on trying to make money from this and recently it has started working. Not sure if it is really just luck, or am i finally getting an idea of were the markets are going ? The main help for this has been opening up three windows instead of just concentrating on the horse at the head of the market . A lot of traders will think that im stupid for not doing this before, but i have trouble monitoring whats going on everywhere else as well as the horse im on. The biggest result was on a horse called Paktolos. I just scalped this horse with £100 ticks and had over £300 on it come race time . I decided to let it go in running with no loss on the other horses. Suffice to say it won, and i was to busy smiling to take a screen shot !!
Profit today £330.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Mondays Report.

Lets start with the NFL today. The handicap advice from SBC regarding three of the four games being played didnt pan out and it was case of being very close, but not close enough on two of the games. The loss from these three matches was £150. My bet on the Cowboys was smashed by the Vikings as they were blown away.I thought Romo had a terrible game and the whole team performed way under par. So £50 gone there too. On the plus side Mr X had another winning bet which was to back New York Jets +9 in the handicap. I got 1.95 for this, when you see they actually won the game that was pretty darn good. So a profit of £47.50.

Overnight i stayed up and got involved in a couple of tennis games. Unfortunately the rain came down in Melbourne and cocked everything up. I couldnt be bothered to stay up waiting for the rain to stop so exited the games i was in. Some red, some green, and hit the sack. Much safer than waking up to find i had done my dough !
I got up this morning and watched the Dokic game and was very fortunate to get out of that game unscathed, as i broke all the so called rules i put in place for myself. At the end i had -£500 on Dokic and just +£4 on Kleybanova. If anybody saw that game it was a typical WTA choke fest as Kleybanova starting double faulting when serving for the match, and Dokic with the home crowd behind her started to find her feet. If the game had gone to a second set tie break i would have taken the red on both sides, but luckily Kleybanova served out.

To the nags were i had three picks .Becolark in the 1.20 came home third at 16/1, Fort Severn in the 3.00 at 33/1, which came home fourth so denying me the each way money,and Victorias Groom in the 2.00 which won .With the lower price horses i just put on to win as i cant see the point in e/w betting unless it is returning me back my money, ie 5/1 and above.

Equine Investments had the one bet which was Creevy in the 3.50. For the first time since joining i picked the same horse this morning so with much haste i doubled up my bet. As they say two heads are better than one..... Well maybe we should be banging ours together as it finished second last ! Loss there of £50.

PP and Bet Catalyst had a no bet day and i produced a really nice profit on Betfair trading some markets. Again i had a bit of luck as i laid a horse in running just at the right moment.So today was £290 profit.

Now to the news that Pyschoff has all of a sudden stopped blogging. I wonder why that is after starting a million challenge at the beginning of the year? I am sure a lot of his readers and guys from other blogs will have their own ideas. For my part i am sad to see the end of the blog, but i like most others would have appreciated some idea of how he was making these profits by explaining some stratagies and staking etc.. It was all very cryptic to me. Anyway onwards and upwards i hope....

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Nothing Doing.

Could have got of to a flyer as my only bet of the day run brillantly but got caught on the line after trading at 1.03. It was called Nicanor and the race was the 2.00 at Fairyhouse. The horse was available at 11/1 with VC in the morning but as i dont have an account with them i had to go to Blue Square a take the 10/1 on offer.
Nothing from Equine or PP today, and the only bet of the day from Bet Catalyst sunk without trace.The NFL bet on New Orleans is still running after they blew away Arizona last night, but my other bet on the Cowboys looks like it is going down as they are behind 17-3 at the half.

The Aus Open starts tonight and unfortunately for me the Wickmayer bet will go down the tubes as well. Because of last years problems she had to go throught the qualifiers. The unfortunate part is Henin is a wild card ,and with Clijsters seeded at 15 she is in the most difficult quarter you could imagine. As far as i can see that quarter has all the potential winners in it apart from Serena. So Henin, Clijsters, Wickmayer, Pennetta, Kuznetsova and Dementieva are all in the little section together. This means there is value in the other quarters especially in the bottom where the highest seeds are Jankovic and Safina. Both of these two players having been playing poorly but trying to pick out someone to have a punt on in the quarter is to hard at the moment. I will see how Sharapova plays tonight were she is up against the most attractive girl on the tour, Kirilenko. So at least this match will be pleasing on the eye !
The mens tournament has all the usual suspects and i would add Cilic to that who i will have a little wager on.
Anyway i hope it is an entertaining two weeks for us all and lets hope that nobody wilts in that heat.
Loss today of £15 so far !

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Grass Is Greener.

The jumps racing arrived back today which was uplifting news ! I managed to watch most of the racing and tried to trade a few races as well. It's amazing when you are really concentrating on a market how some gambles begin, then just snow ball. The last race at Huntingdon was a great example. The horse was called Kings Grey. Five minutes before the off it was at 8 on Betfair and then the cavalry arrived and this horse just crashed down to 3 which is a massive steam . I then watched Kings Grey lead from the start and never relent its gallop. It won going away and had to be pulled up after crossing the line as it still had loads of energy ! I imagine a few people in the know had it right off there. I always have a look at money arriving especially when it is father and son combinations training and riding.

Today as Ice Cube would put it, was a good day, that song is in my head at the moment for some reason. First up i fancied Anak in the opening race. The price was real value to me at 13/2 for a horse that loved the ground, was a stayer, and had a RPR of 121. To be honest if i was an in running trader i would have laid the horse, as it never seemed to be travelling and needed the persuader very early on, but the longer the race went on it just stayed at the front and plodded on. It won at 5/1.I had another two selections Gunnasayso in the 3.35 coming nowhere and Novikov in the 3.45. I managed to get this at 8/1 and it won at 9/2 ! So a nice touch but only a small bet as i wasnt so confident of it performing, especially as the Moore combo had a runner called First Avenue in the same race which had a bit of money coming for it. Definetely put this down to luck but if you have been reading my previous posts i think i deserve it.4PA had a couple of bets this morning.The text came through at about 8.30am but i didnt get on for another hour or so, so the prices had gone by then. I would be interested to know if anyone else follows this and whether they got the prices as per the text message. The two horses in the same race were Aachen and Mighty Man. 4PA was right about the prices as they had both retracted in price by the time i got on. It didnt matter as both ran very poor races, mind you one of the horses came home lame. So £50 lost there.

Equine Investments picked another nice winner at 9/1 in the shape of Exceed The Wildman in the 2.40. This one also didnt seem to travel well but the jockey gave it a good ride. I had £50 on this , but had to split it between two bookies as Betfred would only give me £44 on the win. This picked me up £450 in total.
The second Equine horse was Full Toss in the 3.40 i had £75 on this but it came home fourth.

PP gave out Rackham Lerouge in the 1.55 and this one traded at odds on before coming second so i lost £70.

Bet Catalyst's offerings where a couple of long shots and i put them in a double as suggested. Firstly Gee Dee Nan in the 2.45 which managed to get the third place at 33/1 making a nice profit of £217.
I was hoping the e/w double would come in but the second horse European Dream was done for pretty early in its race.
Just to let you know this blog entry has taken me over an hour to write because even though i was going to watch Everton v Man City i have been laughing all the way through the American Idol auditions, man theres some crazy people out there !
So a profit of £700 for the day and i hope New Orleans win tonight to keep my NFL bet alive.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Treading Water

Well half way through the month and i havent earned a penny as of yet. Hopefully it will pick up in the second half of the month with the weather starting to clear. In the last year i have turned a nice profit so at least if it doesnt improve i wont have to eat road kill !

Todays only winner came in the shape of Paintball in the 2.45. This was Equine Investments only bet of the day. I managed to get on pretty much straight away at 6/4. It went off at some silly odds on price as people waded in early, and then again near the off as the traders sent it even further down.
Unfortunately Bet Catalyst are on somewhat of a losing run and both of there selections carried that on. I lost £70. No bets from PP today and i only summoned up the enthusiam for one race, the first of the day. I backed Cozy Tiger e/w at 8/1 it came second. So about £95 for the day.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Not A Snooker Fan But...

I ended up watching the snooker today, well lost £40 watching the snooker shall i say. I havent watched any snooker for years but enjoyed it today. That Ronnie O'Sullivan was described by John Parrott as," the most naturally gifted sportsman in the world today". Now i dont know about all the sports across the world, and i imagine some people around the globe might never of heard of him, but i would be hard pushed to disagree with Mr Parrott. This man can play right or left handed and win. Imagine Mr Federer trying to play left handed or Mr Woods, or Mr Taylor. I find this absolutely amazing. He is the best snooker player in the world right handed, and can also double up with his left side when he feels like it. Dont know why he seems to be depressed all the time, the guy is blessed. These other guys spend all there time practising and then he strolls in and takes the piss by beaten them with his wrong hand. !

Lazy day for me again, Bet Cat gave out Green Park in the 4.10. I had it each way at 12/1 it came fourth. Loss £40. Equine offered up Copper King in the 2.15 i had £50 on it to win. It came second.
I didnt pick anything myself but traded most of the races. Had a nightmare with the first race dropping over £100 by just not dealing with a position that was going wrong. The rest of the day i did ok and actually finished about £19 up.
So a loss of £110 today.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Well got myself out of a hole today with a winner near the end of the racing. Firstly, Equine gave me Kings Miracle in the 4.15 and from reading the email it was a bit more speculative a choice. I had £75 on it at 11/2 with Hills. It didnt come anywhere.
PP had their first bet for a while at the bumper meeting at Southwell . As per my staking plan i had £73 on Chief Junior at 2.88. It was under pressure some way out and never figured in the shake up. Bet Catalyst had two horses and put them both in a double. The first one bombed out so £80 lost there. I picked three horses, Mossini, Lesandra and Indian Skipper.The first two didnt run any sorts of race but the final one got up in a photo finish to beat one of the Bet Catalyst horses.
It was a great result for me as i got it at 20/1 this afternoon, but I forgot to tick the each way box so losing some profit. Mind you i would have been more annoyed if it had come second !So profit £170.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Small Profit.

Pretty straight forward day for me. No bets from Equine, still no jumps racing so no bets from PP, and just the one from Bet Catalyst. It lost but i only had £20 on it. For the first time in ages i picked out three of my own, just £20 win only bets. Two lost but i had a winner in the 1.35 called Rocket Ruby. It nicked a lead with an intelligent ride and never looked like getting caught. It won at 11/2 and i got it at 8/1 in the morning.
Because of the lack of racing i decided to spend the afternoon trading some races. As i have mentioned before i attended Peter Webbs course in April last year but really havent made a fist of pre race trading. I think a lot of people go on this course and just imagine on their return home they will find it easy to make vast sums of money, but i have not found it like this at all ! I was amazed on the course when during a Q & A session at the end of the day most of the people were more interested in how they would get around paying tax on their earnings, as if they were already millionaires ! I imagine lots of people have tried and failed at this type of trading, and if you read Adam Heathcotes blog you have to understand that he is one of the best performers out there and it takes a lot of skill, bottle and instinct to earn the sort of money he does. Put it this way, he is like Ronaldo and i am more like Robbie Savage ! You will always find in all walks of life that person who stands out from the crowd , whether it be trading, teaching ,leading, or whatever you do for a living. I think his blog is more to inspire people to say , yes it can be done! Whether or not it can be done by you is another thing !
My problem with this has always been concentration but today with so few races i buckled down and turned a profit.
Had an early night last night as i had to be up at 7am and with Betfair closing down for maintenance from midnight til 9am i didnt get to trade any tennis matches. If i can stay awake tonight i will try. Last thing to mention i had £25 e/w on Galatasaray to win the Europa league at 25/1 with Skybet.
Profit today £204.