Sunday, 28 February 2010

Time Of the Month.

After my post about poor foreign refs a few weeks back I have to add to it tonight with an English idiot. I watched the Final between Man U and Villa and what can you say about the man in charge? The most blatant sending off you can get, but basically the ref had already given a penalty and didnt have the balls to back it up with another correct decision by sending Vidic off the park. There is no excuse for that and he shouldnt get another top flight game this season. You could just see him shitting himself about what Fergie would say after the game if Utd had lost and had to play with only ten men. I dont support either team but yet again a team gets to a final to be robbed by an absolutely unbelieveable cock- up!! I am sure Mr Phil Dowd will have a few free tickets coming his way for any Man U games he wants.

Well the last day of the month how time just flies ! Just one bet from Bet Cat today a £30 offering for Benmore Boy in the 4.35. I watched the race and the horse travelled well and then suddenly ran out of steam as is the case in the ground at the moment. Nothing from Equine or PP, so it was left to me to try to hit my daily target. I had five picks with two placed and one unplaced so coming to my last pick I was £50 down . Fortunately it was a nice surprise to look at the Sporting Life results to see it had won ! I had to split the stakes between to bookies as Paddy Power dont like me so much.
So a nice profit of £230 and that was it for the day. The month panned out as follows : my bets +£1469, my trading + £953 of which £818 was from tennis, Equine + £ 826, Bet cat -£2, PP- £ 475, Antepost bets -£50.

I am still in a quandary about joining services to help push me to £3k, I want to but because of the restricted accounts I think it just defeats the object so I am having to push ahead with trying to make it up on the tennis, plus I am going to venture into some basketball markets when I am awake!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sad Day.

I had the misfortune to witness an amazing and sad race today. Six runners with only one finishing and called the winner even though it missed a fence. The winning horse had £19 matched at 1000 on Betfair. The leading horse, which was a mile clear fell near the end and had to be destroyed, the second horse was also to knackered and fell at the same fence leaving the third place horse to go round the fence to complete the course. After a stewards inquiry they deemed the jockey did the right thing as two horses lay stricken on the floor and people were on the course trying to adminster help. I think the result tells the story.
Not many bets for me for a Saturday. I had three picks, two placing breaking even. The two placed were Mullionmileanhour in the 3.50 and Carsonstown Boy in the 4.50 both of these I got at 10/1.
Equine had just the one horse which won very nicely.
Bet Cat had two and as normal an each way double. The first horse was 100/1 and didnt come anywhere, the second horse was Wee Robbie in the 4.10. This horse came second but was matched at 1.05 on Betfair, another gutter. I really need to start laying these off in running, as it feels like I am throwing money away when this happens.

PP had two selections I had £50 on each with one winner giving me a profit for the second day running on their selections.
So to recap the bet paid off on Blake/Karlovic going the distance last night, but to counter that my bet on England winning the triple crown went down the pan as they lost this evening to Ireland. I had no other bets on the tennis today as only the one match in Dubai which was rained off. I might look at some of the matches in the wee small hours.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Roll On The Weekend.

So Friday again and a few bets today. Firstly I traded out of my Six Nations bet on France. I think they will win but best to be safe. I will get £50 when the tournament finishes.Equine gave out four bets today the most in one day for a while. Unfortunately after a great recent run all four lost. This cost me £175. PP had a couple of selections with one being a double bet. It was in the 2.40 and called Fin Vin De Leu. It won very easily, unfortunately the second selection Nous Voila in the 4.55 got nabbed near the line. Bet Cat had the one selction Once Upon A Time in the 5.40. I had £30 on at 7/1 I didnt see the race but was gutted when I saw that it traded down at 1.10 and lost by a neck.
I had a few bets on Betfair with just the one winner Stand Guard in the 7.10 and backed two horses in Ireland each way neither placing costing me £100.
Tennis worked out well with just a couple of bets to small stakes but again should have been more. If I had just let my bets run I would have made double the amount but with tight matches I was worried things would get away from me. I am bit disappointed with the lack of streams for Delray Beach as I have a couple of fancies but hate to bet blind, netherless tonight I am dutching 2-1 in sets to both Blake and Karlovic. I dont care who wins as long as it goes the distance. This might sound obvious but with the tennis its good to back home talent. Last week in Paris the final was between two French men, in Memphis it was between two Americans and already this year Cilic has won his home title in Zagreb. The guys at home want to impress their families and countrymen. It is a bit like football I think with certain players not travelling to well to away matches apart from the big tournaments of course. Anyway feel free to shoot me down as I think Americans James Blake and Mardy Fish will win tonight. Both have tough matches against higher ranked opponents but as home grown boys I expect victories! As a footnote I hope you read my post about being last in the tennis tipping competition on Betfair.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Déjà vu

Is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously (an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the recent past), although the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain. Well thats how it is for me this month as it is a mirror image of January. A really tough start with no money made for the first two weeks followed by a strong finish. Maybe I should just take the first couple of weeks off....

Today started with a PP selection Ryde Back in the 2.00, it came second losing me £50. As regular readers know for this service I started with a £3k bank putting 3% of the bank on each selection. The bank was in proft of about £80 after the first few days back in September and since then has been in decline. On 10th December it hit its lowest point of a 50% loss. My bank was down to £1500. Along came Khyber Kim to win at 14/1 followed by a little spurt upto 29 January when Shadrack won a double bet. At this point the bank was £2710, only £290 down. Today after another loser the bank is back to £1693. So after five months of bets it is showing a loss of about 45%. It is becoming a bit like a dripping tap and I must admit to a feeling of dread when I place my bets!
Bet Cat had Gunslinger in the 2.30. I got on at 14/1 with £20 e/w and it came third winning me £36.
There were no selections today from Equine. My own bets were really positive, firstly I had Rating Queen in the 3.30 in Ireland it came home first. I also had Under The Arch in the 4.35, now this was a weird one. I backed it in the morning at 10/1 it drifted on Betfair from 10 and went off at around 44 ! When you see this kind of hugh drift you know somebody somewhere is in the know, so I wrote of the bet as a loser. Anyway I watched the race and the horse ran a blinder and should have won but got caught near the line after trading at 1.10. I was gutted but at least it came second and I got paid out at 14/1.
My only other bet was on Noakarad De Verzee in the 4.10. I managed to get part of my bet off at 20/1 and the rest at 18/1 . I think it went off at 15/2 and ran from the front and never got caught! I won £940 from this but lost £225 on betfair as I layed the horse in running because I thought it would run out of steam ! With hindsight its money thrown away but you have to make split second decisions when in running and the horse did seem to be slowing at one point. The only benefit with this is at least it saves me with premium charges !

With the tennis I managed to get another small profit but again was lucky after getting myself into another hole. The pleasing thing with this is I am managing to get out of my problems without over staking or chasing.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Keeping It Going.

Another late post sorry about that. I went out early this evening to go ten pin bowling, ah the excitement !

Ok another good day to keep the ball rolling. PP had the one bet No Wonga in the 2.20. It ran a terrible race like so many of their selections this year and another £50 was lost. Bet Cat had the one and it won at 7/1. Bravo !
Equine had two selections, Teenager in the 2.10 which finished unplaced losing me £50 and Chink In The Light in the 6.00 at Kempton which won. I got the early price of 2.75.
I had three selections with one unplaced, one winning and one placing. The placed horse was 20/1 in Ireland.
The winner was Machinate which I backed on Betfair in the last race at Kempton this pulled me in £569. A lovely touch !

As you can see I managed a small profit on the tennis as well . I was really kicking myself today after making some really poor decisions with the Murray game and not greening when I had the opportunity. If your saw the game it was a tremendous match with one point near the end in particular that was pretty breathtaking. I had backed Murray when he was a set down and in the final set I backed him again when he went a break down. He gave the air of having the match covered even when down 5-2 in the final set and after saving a match point and breaking back for 5-4 I thought the money was in the bag ! He then got broken straight away and lost the final set 6-4. The odds moved to quickly for me to get out so I suffered a nasty loss, but fortunately I still ended the day with a profit making it nine days on the trot on the tennis front.

All in all a really good day.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Nice One.

Today seems to have been a long drawn out affair,and its even worse if you havent made any money. So at least that wasnt the case as I made a nice profit for the day.

Horse racing wise there was nothing from PP or Bet Cat. Equine had just the one in the 3.40 called Alfresco. I missed the text by about five minutes this morning and didnt get the 15/2 but managed to get on at 7/1. I had to split my stakes slightly between bookies as I couldn't get my £50 off. I didnt see the race but the lovely four legged thing done the business winning me £350.I picked only one in the 4.50. It came home third winning me another £45. I had two £20 bets on Betfair as well hoping to lay of in running but neither got matched.
I traded a lot of tennis matches today with small stakes following my system and a few hunches. I also traded the one football match which was DHs feature trade. I probably didnt do as well as I should of but I didnt actually watch the game until near the end. Basically I layed over 1.5 goals and backed 1-1/1-2/2-0/0-2 as per his instructions. Bordeaux scored the only goal of the game on the stroke of half time. I was happy not to tinker but just to leave the bets in place for the remainder of the game.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Early 1993 I was working for "Americas Pride Steak & Chicken." It will come as no surprise that I was selling vacuum packed steaks and chicken. In the back of my truck I had a giant freezer containing rib eye, T bone, sirloin, filet mignon and beef patties as the Americans call them.
Every morning I would load it up, get a map out and drive for a couple of hours. I was based in Charlotte, NC and would drive in any direction. Once I hit a town I would then start door knocking. I had to practice my pitch and my southern drawl, but once I had knocked on the door it went something like this, " Morning Sir/Mam, Now y'all gonna think Im crazy but d'yall like steak and chicken ?" The person would normally say "Yes", and as soon as I heard those magic words I would quick as a flash turn round, climb into my truck, and pull out a box of frozen meat. The startled person would either shout no thanks not interested, or occasionally let me in. Once inside I would pull the meat out of the box and wax lyrical about the quality and quantity all available at a low, low price. My boss even told me "If they give you the excuse they dont have room in their freezers you promise you will fit it all in or give it to 'em for free!" Whenever it came to that I would throw all their frozen pizzas and crap on the floor and jam my stuff in, oh the joy !
The trouble with this work was I got so many knock backs that instead of doing every house in the road I would look at the outside and straight away so no I will give that a miss. Sometimes I gave whole roads a miss, so instead of working a neighbourhood I worked some of it. I even seemed to run out of houses and couldnt go back because I could never remember what ones I had been to and what ones I had missed. As you could imagine this job didnt last long, though I did have the pleasure of once selling all the contents of my freezer in a place called Concord, NC. For this I got a $200 bonus and a great night out in Hooters!
Anyway enough reminiscing there is a point to this post and that is systems. In my work I should have acted like a machine and put all my negative thoughts behind me and knocked on every single door because I had no idea who was living there. I might have been skipping an easy sale, but instead I started cherry-picking what doors to knock on. This brings me to my own betting system. It has been working for me on the tennis markets but I have been falling into the cherry picking trap because I think oh that wont happen and I dont follow it as I should and instead I skip a bet. This makes me think I am actually saving myself money but you all know what happens when you do that because lo and behold it wins. Everytime I do this it reminds me of a job I had seventeen years ago, so from now on I am going to try to be more like a robot and not think ,just do!

Talking of systems there are thousands of betting ones being sold every day and I sincerely feel that you are better with making your own rather than buying one that half the world know already. Today the free trial has finished with " Pyschic Soccer." Personally I will not be subscribing to this system , everything about it seemed fudged and made up especially near the end when the results page stopped showing the standard results and instead started to show "Traded Out" results. This was because the bank had actually lost money. I shall watch it closely to see if anything changes but if you cant trust the results its pretty pointless.

Today was only one bet from Bet Cat a £30 loser. I picked one horse called Sheilas Bond in the 2.25, it came home third winning me £15. I had a few bets as posted but was out a lot of the day selling my car. I shall tell you about that tomorrow !

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Oh the joy of a completely bet free day. No horses all abandoned and with only one tennis final which I had no idea who would win I did the sensible thing and went out for the day.

Lets hope tomorrow is better for the racing and we have a few more tennis tournaments starting,
I hope you all had wonderful weekends.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nothing Major.

Ok another late post with not a lot to say today ! Amazingly I had a lot of horses bets with only the one winner, but lots of places so i ended about £40 down.

Firstly Bet Cat three selections plus an acca/treble loss of only £23 as played to slightly smaller stakes. Nothing from Equine and two from PP. The first was The Sawyer it didnt win and the second did win in a photo.
I had nine selections today my busiest for a long time. Five were unplaced and four placed giving a loss of £18. I missed the tennis this afternoon as Eurosport never showed the final live and I didnt want to bet without live pictures.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Peer Pressure.

What a shame that Peer had to play all her matches on the outside courts in Dubai. Today was particularly galling as she was in a semi against Venus on court no2. It was strange watching a game on TV from this court, it was like watching the FA Cup final from the Withdean stadium.
Luckily for the authorities she got beat otherwise the final tomorrow would have been a funny old affair. I have been to both countries before and I know which one was the more friendly.

Today was a traders dream on the tennis front with so may games flip flopping. Unfortunately for me I didnt really get to involved, I was unsure about the way a lot of games would go and still being a novice was being ultra safe. I really fancied Azarenka to win, but her odds were to low for me so I ended up laying her. This became a terrible match for me as she won a fairly easy first set and then at a crucial point in the second set Eurosport in all their wisdom went live to the USA for a cringeworthy apology from Tiger Woods. I was in a game quite heavily for me and was subjected to this idiot waffling on. Lets get it straight, I aint interested, life goes on. As the Yanks say " Shit Happens" and if anyone in the media spotlight thinks they can carry on undetected then they are sadly deluded. Anyway Rad broke serve and i got out for a loss of £22 which was about ten times less than it was five minutes before.

The horses were kind to me thank god. Bet Cat one loss £40. Equine had one selection Bollywood Star that I had to spread over a couple of bookies. I struggled to get £50 on it, so next time you see all these twats from VC and Paddy Power on Racing UK saying they have layed thousands on a horse remember this.

PP had two selections the second one winning easily and the first selection came third.

I had five selections with two actually winning, go on touch me I'm hot !!!

On top of that i won another £90 from the tennis on Betfair. I cant get a screen dump at the minute so you will have to trust me on that. In fact my best profit just happened as Gulbis came back to win. His opponent traded at 1.01...

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sporting Turkeys.

As normal i was sitting there watching the tennis from Dubai, listening to Annabel Croft on Eurosport waffling on as she does about the weather, the players party, heena tattoos, shopping and all other manner of things, when i realised i had to cook the dinner this evening. Peering in the fridge the only thing we really had to eat was some turkey so i thought i would google some turkey recipes, so as to create a culinary masterpiece. Now you might wonder what the two have in common as would I, but there peering up at me from the screen was Annabel Crofts turkey recipe, the proof is here for all to see. Needless to say I am waiting for the fitness DVD to come out soon as well.Gazing down the page I noticed another sporting hero who could do wonderous things with turkey as well. The thing these stars get upto in their spare time...
Just think if John Terry and Tiger Woods had been concocting their own recipes for the turkey website it would have saved them a lot of aggro, but I think they were to busy porking! This is why you wont catch Frankie with his trousers down.
Just one bet from Bet Cat today, a horse called Junior in the 4.20 which came third so breaking even. Equine had a bet which was a non runner and nothing from PP again. I didnt get involved with anything myself on the horse front.
As you can see i traded some tennis matches and one football match this afternoon. I managed to keep up my winning streak on the tennis but didnt manage to hit my £100 profit for the day. I was still quite pleased as i did get myself into a heafty loss on a couple of matches, the worse being the late game in Argentina between Nalbandian/Traver. It was a very strange game as Nalbandian traded at 1.01 in the set betting market in all three sets. He managed to win the final set in the tie break after having the trainer come on for what the market thought was a match ending injury, but the home crowd roared him onto victory.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Oh the fun and games of the Champions League. Where to start... Well lets have a laugh at Sol Campbell back in the big time and looking like a star crossed lover as he gazed into the eyes of the Arsenal goalkeeper while feeding him an obvious back pass. The same goalie had already thrown the ball into the net to give Porto an early lead, he must have been on a right bung! Then while he was looking up at the heavens a player from the other team nicked the ball of the ref (who so i believe was in charge of the Hand Of Frog game) put the ball down, passed to a fellow team member who rolled it into an empty net. Goal !!!! Nice to see Mr Wenger in his usual seething role, bemoaning his bad luck to all the waiting reporters.

Even worse than that was the winning goal in stoppage time for Bayern Munich that was clearly off side. I cant remember seeing such a poor ref for a long time. To add to his woes he sent off a Fiorentina player but ignored some leg breaking two footed tackles from a couple of the Bayern team. Laugh as i might the truth is these are massive games for the clubs involved. The teams have to put up with refs that as per this one officiate in small leagues probably in front of a few thousand people each week. We all still complain about Maradona's hand ball that happened twenty odd years ago , so imagine if a Peruvian referee gives a dodgy penalty that knocks us out of the World Cup. Four years of hard work down the swanny because of some moody official that shouldnt be in charge of a kids school match.

Just one bet from Bet Cat today a loser of £30. Nothing from PP or Equine. I picked three that are all probably finishing about now. £150 lost.

Again i traded some tennis makets which carried on my profitable week in this area.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Sucker Born Every Minute.

Yes there is a programme on TV called "One Born Every Minute". Its a documentary following women giving birth at a hospital in Southampton. In tonights earth shattering episode there is a unemployed young guy who said " I always wanted a baby, but i never thought it would come this early." His girlfriend laying in the hospital bed with a baby in her arms says," All my life all i wanted was to have a baby, and i thought i would have had one before now!" Then he turns to her and says "Bloody hell your mother just gave me a hug in the corridor, she's never done that before, apart from when she's pissed" Its like an episode from the Royle Family! Fan-pikey-tastic is all i can say.

Early start today watching the tennis from Dubai. God it makes me so jealous seeing all that lovely weather and here we are in England freezing our nuts off ! Entered lots of markets and managed to get my £100 profit for the day. I find the road to my profit is going against the market and my own instincts which is a worry! In fact i have entered a couple of tennis competitions on the Betfair forum and all the players i have backed have lost. The worst being Flipkens who i thought had a chance against Vera but managed to lose 6-0,6-0. My career as a tennis tipster is over before it has begun. Today Bet Cat gave me just the one bet which didnt finish anywhere so losing me £40. No bets from PP or Equine. I decided to go for five of my own and finally those buses i mentioned before rolled in...
So another really positive day.

Monday, 15 February 2010


I will never win the lottery because i dont even play it.
"Why?" I hear you ask, or maybe "What a pratt!"
Its nothing to do with the odds of actually winning it, its more to do with karma. I think you can be so so lucky ,or so so unlucky and there is a fine, fine line between them both. Today while a couple from England were meeting the press after winning £56 million on the Euro Lottery, over in Belgium a man was having to have his legs amputated so he could be released from the terrible wreckage of a major rail crash that killed many others. The odds were probably the same for each event happening and it seems strange or superstitious but i dont want to risk one for the another. I feel that if something so good can happen then so can something so bad. Mind you the winning couple might end up divorced, have battles over money and friends that suddenly appear, while the guy with no legs might go on to have an amazing and fulfilling life. I remember a story about a guy who was born with a deformed hand that went on to become famous base ball pitcher because he could put a swerve on the ball that knowone else could. Anyway i wish all concerned well.

Another step forward today. Bet Cat had the one selection which snapped a losing streak. £30 was put on Obe Brave in the 5.10. I could only get 5/1 this morning but it drifted and was returned the 7/1 winner giving a nice £210 profit. No bets from PP and just the one from Equine, an each way on Tropical Blue at 10/3 which came second making a loss of £12.50. I had three bets two losing and one coming home.
Yet again i didnt see any racing as i was watching the tennis. I found it amazing that Vera having won the final yesterday in Thailand was playing at 2pm this afternoon 3,000 miles away in Dubai. She must have been shattered with a bit of jet lag to boot. She had enough in the tank to come through in three sets though. I played in most of the markets today just loading up Bet Angel with all the matches and putting various lays in at low prices. This worked well as there were a lot of flip flop games,its just a shame that i missed one of the nice wins because of a PC crash ! The soccer money was made up again from following DH selections so thanks mate you seem to have a nice system going there.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


So Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the year of the Tiger !! Doubt if Mr Woods sees it that way... Sometimes life gives you just that extra kick in the nuts ...

Well i hit the city this afternoon, eventually finding a parking space and marching rather briskly in the rain to get my chow. Had a lovely bit of food washed down with a few bottles of Tsingtao beer, then watched the rather excellent film "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button". So all good.

As for the betting i placed a couple of small bets on the horses on Betfair, and a few tennis ones as well. On arriving home i layed Crystal Palace who were winning 2-1 and within one minute Aston Villa scored ! Lucky timing for sure.
The tennis went well with no losses from about six early morning markets. I backed Vera in Thailand to win the final which she did in straight sets. She had her customery blow up at one point but kept it together, thank god. I did miss two games in a row where both losers had traded at 1.05 in the market. Somebody, somewhere did their conkers this morning. Theres nothing worse than having a market turn against you and then kicking yourself wandering why it happened. For most people it is sheer boredom and the yearning to be involved in something to pass the time of day that leads down the road to mayhem. Dont worry i have been there myself and it isnt a nice place to be.
To the nags and PP and Bet Cat had no bet days. I had a place bet on Inistioqe in the 4.25 in Ireland which came third, and Equine weighed in with another winner. It was Ocean Legend in the 3.10 at Kempton. It was a double bet of £25 win and also £25 e/w, I missed the 5/1 this morning but managed to get 9/2 which was still lovely considering it went off as the 5/2 fav.As mentioned before i had £150 on France to win the six nations at 2.72 which i have now layed off at 1.6 on Betfair. I still have England for the Triple Crown at 4/1 and will decide what to do about that this week.

Late One.

Late and quick post tonight. PP had two selections both losing costing me £100. Bet Cat had two and as usual put them in an each way double. The first selection lost but the second Mamlook came fourth winning me £40, giving a £20 loss overall. Equine had three choices with two of them winning.
This gave aprofit of £266.50 overall. I picked two horses with one placing at 25/1.
I didnt actually watch any racing as i was involved in the tennis. As i mentioned in my last post i will try to make the money in Betfair markets and aim to get £100 a day. If i was a bit braver today it could have been more profitable with the tennis, but once i hit the £100 i was wary of blowing my days work.
The tennis was a bit of a nightmare but i managed to dig myself out of a hole with the Deme/Oudin game and also backed Quarrey overnight in his game with Russell. I tend to take a position at the start of matches and trade out, or as in the Djorkovic game i layed him in the first set tie break as i couldnt see much downside to that trade.

Lets hope it continues tomorow.

Friday, 12 February 2010


Hello, you join me today in the world of dilemma. Its been a slow and kinda boring last few days for me in the punting world.

As you know I subscribe to a few services and follow my own picks . This week the services i use have had a very limited amount of bets and so have I. A few days ago i got an email from Equine Investments asking me to pay for the coming years subs which is £1250. Now this is a top service and will make you money which is where the problem lies. I received a bet a long time ago and backed it straight away with Victor Chandler. The horse was 20/1 and came nearly last, but VC closed my account saying they didnt want my business. With my own picks over the last few years i have had many accounts closed and now placing bets is becoming my biggest headache. If there is a bet i want i cant get the price. I can get the bet elswewhere but the prices arent as attractive and theres where your value edge goes. I understand that bookies are businesses just like any other and if you keep taking their money they get pissed off and stop you, so what do i do?

Well what to do is i am not going to subscribe to any services for the foreseeable future. My 4PA subs are due as is Equine. I am just going to keep on following my own tips and the ones that are paid up for a while which are Bet Cat and PP.I dont know if everybody is like me but my email gets so much spam now . Once you are a bettor your email is sold on and everyday i get at least fifty spam mails with the next best system and then the look at my results, following me would have made you this £xxxx amount of money over the last few weeks. Then you join and they are crap. Most are backfiitted systems with no real substance. Now that JPs blog is back i am going to be very interested in how this goes. But for me I shall have to try to make money from the markets on Betfair, even though many a good sailor has been eaten by the sharks on there before. As for the blog i like posting up, but like many bloggers before me if i dont have anything to say or any bets it becomes a bit of a chore !

Bets today three from Equine two losers giving me a profit of £75 and two from PP giving me a profit of £22. No bets from Bet Cat or myself.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


So i thought they called it Lost because the plane crashed and they were Lost on an island. But after watching the first two episodes of the final series last night i am finally seeing their cunning plan. We, the viewers are the ones that are completely Lost, with the plot. It makes dear old Bobby Ewing coming to life from a shower cubicle in Dallas look like an everyday occurrence. Bravo!

No post yesterday as it was a non event with just the two bets all day both losers. One from Bet Cat and one from PP. This cost me £100.

After reading the Bet Angel blog about losing money i have been trying out some ideas on the tennis market today, only small amounts just to see if i can get a profit. At the moment their are some excellent blog reads with people willing to share their ideas and strategies, so i applaud The Dark Horse and Cassini for their sterling work, and i will check into Mark Iversons blog to trade some darts tomorrow and to see if i can pick up any pointers. While i am on the subject here is todays screen shot. I have shown the football markets so i can compare tomorrow with DH.
Equine had one bet today, Bollywood Style in the 2.25. I lost £37.50 on this one. Nothing from PP or Bet Cat. I had four today with two of them placing. One of the selections Bideford Legend i was on at 14/1 and it traded odds on in running before getting caught near the line. My other placed horse was a nice 33/1 shot winning me £180.
See you tomorrow.