Thursday, 31 December 2009


So the last day of 2009. For some reason people like to reflect on their year. Then maybe decide,or at least try, to change some things about themselves or there lives. So expect the gym to be packed for January and February, expect the pubs and clubs to be just that bit quieter, and expect lots of cheap cigarettes being offered around.
It has always amazed me. Why not do it on the 22nd April,or the 6 September, as its really all the same. Dont get me wrong, i am the same, it is ingrained. Just as i imagine some Chinese people will want to change certain aspects of their lives come Feb 14th and their New Year.

In a certain way its the same as trading. I certainly think that you are ingrained to be a backer or layer when trading. I like to lay low which often means lots of small losses followed by a nice win. Somebody else might like to back at low odds, thus having great strike rates and lots of little profits which obviously add up. I sometimes think that this is better for your mental well being as at least you have a lot more winners, so feeding your confidence. The only down side is when a loss comes it is normally a large one.

So what i am trying to say in a roundabout way, is for this coming year i need to try to get away from whats ingrained in my head, and sometimes do the opposite to get out of my comfort zone and see how i deal with it. This might help me look at the same in event in a different way. As i am reading this back its not making sense but it is to me !

Onto the nags. I picked two both not placing, no Equine or PP bets. One bet from Bet Cat, lost as well.
So to the end of the month and a profit of £2600. Bit below where i want to be but a profit. As a guide i made £2000 from my own selections, £466 from PP, loss £360 on Equine( missed a 9/1 winner though when i lost my mobile), 4PA profit £446, Tipping Legends loss £766, Bet Catalyst even and about £800 from my own trading. We have the Darts, and the Aus Open Tennis next month, so lets see if i can do well there.

Thanks for reading and see you next year. Oh by the way does anybody want to buy 200 Marlboro lites.....

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Scraping The Barrel

Well today hit a new low for me. Do you remember Joey and Chandler in "Friends". They use to play table football, i think in America its called Foseball . Well it was on British Eurosport this afternoon and my question is, what the hell is going on with the world of sport? I was watching two guys playing in the semi final of some tournament . One of them was listening to his bloody ipod, and the other guy got the ball trapped under one of his players little wooden legs, and decided to walk away from the table and towel himself down. As Sid Waddell would say " the sweat was dripping off the commentary box". Such excitement ! Next time i get involved in watching such drivel i am sending for the men in white coats.

Mind you that was probably the highlight of the day for me, as i had a complete blow out on the nags. Equine sent out two bets. I got both at the prices but both got turned over. Loss £125. No bets from PP today. I picked two horses myself neither of them placing. Loss £100. Bet Catalyst sent out a bet which placed so breaking even there. The biggest mistake was leaving a trade to go in play by mistake which cost me £300. As they say school boy error....and i can assure you i had a few choice words with myself afterwards.

Won a few quid on the football, darts and basketball but not anywhere near enough, and as i write i am down about £500. Still its been another profitable month and hope to recover this tomorrow before the start of the New Year.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Much Ado About Nothing.

Nothing amazing for me today. After filling out my spreadsheet i am about £40 down for the day.
To begin with, in September i put £50 on Baltimore Ravens to win their NFL division which they cannot now do. I dont even now what division it is, but i know they cannot win it !!

So to today, had three of my own. Two unplaced and one, Ashfields Dream in the 1.30 coming home second at 20/1. I got BOG odds on this one from Boylesports.
4PA gave out What a Friend yesterday but the race was cancelled and run today. This horse won in a race of attrition getting up near the line. 4PA also sent out a bet on Solwhit with a saver bet on Sublimity. These two fought out the finish with Solwhit winning so a profit of £2.50 on that one. It all adds up !
I think in the New Year i shall up my stakes. I now have confidence in the selections and the reasoning behind them.

PP seem to be turning things around very slowly. Today three horses, the first Kennel Hill went off at 39 on Betfair and ran a great race. I was actually starting to get excited when it jumped the last in contention but alas it ran out of steam. The good news was the second PP horse was also in the same race and it won ! This was Reve De Sivola who was never in the race until when it mattered getting up at the death. It traded at 100/1 in running as it seemed to be treading water. The final selection was Big Bucks which was an odds on winner. So just over £110 profit from these.

The losses came again from Tipping Legends. I only to subscribe for the festivals and maybe someone can correct me if i am wrong, but todays figures made it six out of six losing festivals for December. To be fair the last selection called Harlech Castle won well ,but because of the staking the bigger bets are going astray. JC is renowed for doing very well in these festivals so i hope he can turn it around next year.
Lost £52 on the darts, traded well, just needed the people playing the bloody game to hit their bloody doubles to make me some bloody money!! Over and out.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Late Xmas Present.

Great day for me today with my own selections. Picked six, all six placed with two winners.
First of 12.55: Vinnes Friend and Orange Touch 2nd and 4th in handicap race. Won £68.75
Second 2.05: Guiseppi Verdi came 2nd.Won £50
The Welsh Grand National i really fancied Silver By Nature and backed it at 12/1 in the morning with Hills. Pre-race it drifted and went off at 14/1. It travelled really well and ran a great race coming home 2nd after a three and a half mile slog.
Fourth choice was Me Voici in the 2.45. I thought it was fantastic value at 11/1 considering i thought it was an 8/1 shot. I like Daryl Jacob/Nick Williams combo and the horse dotted up quite easily.
My final race was 5.15 where again i got great value with Levitation at 8/1. It won at 5/1.
This lot made me about £750.PP gave me two bets with one winning. The first horse was Tother One in the Welsh Grand National which didnt really run a race and the second was as below. I took an early price this morning but they didnt pay me on it saying i didnt take the early price. There word against mine, plus the account is not in my name. You can see i did though because it says potential winnings in the box. Absolute tossers!
Equine gave me Dancing Welcome in the 3.45 which i got at the price of 6/1 but the horse never figured so £75 down the swanny.
Tipping Legends gave out five bets, they had a second and third but i lost £125 on their selections, with one to run tomorrow because of the abandoned races today.
I also won £117 on Betfair from a mix of things.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Its Oscar Time.

Another busy day with 4PA the star again. Picking a winner from a 28 runner race in Ireland, over the sticks is a rather difficult task, so when he sent me the text this morning i was a bit dubious about getting involved in such an affair. He gave out two horses. Unfortunately one of them, Hoppy, was also given out by pricewise so the price crashed. The winner was called Oscar Time and i managed to get on at 14/1.
Total profit from this was £194.

Equine sent out Loose Caboose in the 1.40 at Southwell. Yet again i missed the price so had to take the available 8/1 with bet 365. I missed the race but it didnt get a place so £50 in the bin there.

Bet Catalyst offered up two horses for sacrifice, Or Jaune in the 3.15 and Benfleet Boy in the 3.45. They were duly stuffed, neither of them ran particularly well, so another £40 gone.

I picked out four, two unplaced and the other two placing. The final selection was The Corby Glen which was running in Down Patrick. ATR didnt have pictures but it traded odds on in running and came second. My selections lost £10 in total.

Into the evening and tried to trade the darts and the NFL at the same time. Really disappointed with the darts as i had a few great postions but never dealt with them as was flicking channels and basically being a dickhead. The Tabern/Dudbridge game was perfect for me with lots of swings but my procrastination and doubt made me to slow to get involved, and when i did i lost £66.

The NFL was much better with a profit of over £300. Mr X had his 10th winning NFL bet in a row pretty amazing really. The bet was under 50 pts in the Tampa/New Orleans game. I also traded all the live games and only lost in one market, breaking even in most but winning two which were my bread and butter . If any of you follow NFL you will know that New Orleans lost after trading at 1.01 for ages. Over 50k got matched at these odds.

£280 profit on the day with another three still to run.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

All Hail The Star

As promised a busy day on the horse front. Could have been busier but we had some meetings called off. Firstly, to the best performer which was the 4PA. The bets were wins on the 2.30 Kempton Go Native, followed by 3.05 Kauto Star, and putting them both in an each/way double. Both came home, and what a performance by Kauto Star winning this massive race by a distance. The sport of Kings needs superstars to keep it in the news, and tomorrow this little beauty will be on a lot of back pages after winning this race for the fourth time in a row. The final 4PA bet came nowhere, so from this tipster i made £177 profit.

PP gave out five bets with three winning. Long Run which cruised home, Kauto Star, and Full Of Spirit. With my staking at £62 a race £78 profit was made.

Bet Catalyst gave me Fruity O Rooney in the 1.20 which i got e/w at 20/1 with Skybet who were paying the first five places. Also Nikos Extra as a win bet in the 3.40 and then putting them in an each way double, just what the bookies like ! The first horse came third running a very decent race and the second got a very fortunate third after the leader crashed out at the last fence. This made me £143 profit.

After having a nose through the races i picked out four horses each way. Two were unplaced , the other two both got third place. I was staggered yet again by the bookies on my first selection in the 12.10 called Qoubilai. I got 28/1 with bet 365, but they took 70p in the £1 reduction on it so my £115 profit was actually only £17 ! The horse that won the race returned at 12/1 but the betfair start price was 204/1 ! Have a look at the print below and see the hugh differences and then someone please tell me about Irish Racing because to me a looks like theres only one winner there! Even the horse that went off at 33/1 was over 700/1 on betfair!
My other placed selection was Kots Terry in the 2.45. I lost in total £33 on my selections.
So to Tipping Legends who got an each way at 10/1in the 3.05 Madison Du Berlais, and a saver on Long Run in the 1.55. The big 4 point bet on Chief Yeoman in the 3.25 went astray though and overall i finished £212 down with them today.

Finally my first NFL ante post bet got paid out on the Tennessee Titans. I backed them to win under 9 games for the regular season in the NFL. They actually lost there first six/ seven games before going on a tremendous run but after last nights thrashing by San Diego they have won seven with just the one to play.
Please do not be shocked by the print out below but i can confirm that Bet Fred does actually take bets very occasionally. So a profit of just over £200 for the day.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Xmas To One & All

As the title says have a good one. Shall be back Boxing Day as hopefully should be some nice races going on !

2009 Top Joke:

The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said,
'Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon.'

Half an hour later, just by chance,a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale.
'Good morning, Ma'am', he said, 'I've come to...'
'Oh, no need to explain,' Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed,'I've been expecting you.'
'Have you really?' said the photographer. 'Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?''
Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat.
After a moment she asked, blushing, 'Well, where do we start?'

'Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch,
and perhaps a couple on the bed.And sometimes the living room floor is fun.You can really spread out there.'
'Bathtub, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work out for Harry and me!'
'Well, Ma'am, none of us can guarantee a good one every time.But if we try several different positions and I shoot from six or seven angles, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.'
'My, that's a lot!', gasped Mrs. Smith.
'Ma'am, in my line of work a man has to take his time. I'd love to be in and out in five minutes,
but I'm sure you'd be disappointed with that.'
'Don't I know it,' said Mrs. Smith quietly.
The photographer opened his briefcase and pulled out a portfolio of his baby pictures.
'This was done on the top of a bus,' he said.
'Oh, my God!' Mrs. Smith exclaimed, grasping at her throat.
'And these twins turned out exceptionally well -considering their mother was so difficult to work with.'
'She was difficult?' asked Mrs. Smith.
'Yes, I'm afraid so. I finally had to take her to the park to get the job done right. People were crowding around four and five deep to get a good look.'
'Four and five deep?' said Mrs. Smith,her eyes wide with amazement.
'Yes', the photographer replied.'And for more than three hours, too.The mother was constantly squealing and yelling -I could hardly concentrate,and when darkness approached I had to rush my shots.Finally, when the squirrels began to nibble on my equipment, I just had to pack it all in.'Mrs. Smith leaned forward.'You mean they actually chewed on your,uh... equipment?'
'It's true, Ma'am, yes..Well, if you're ready, I'll set-up my tripod and we can get to work right away.'
'Oh yes, Ma'am. I need to use a tripod to rest my Canon on. It's much too big to be held in the hand very long.'

Mrs Smith fainted.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Slim Pickings

It says a lot when the highlight of the day is Air India V Shillong Lajong FC in the Indian Cup. When i say highlight i actually only won £5 but the game itself was entertaining. The ref didnt want to book anyone, even when one guy was on the floor and the other player was just kicking him in the back. It was a bit like CCTV footage off Crimewatch when the guy is getting the shit kicked out of him in the town centre late at night after one to many. When you think of what Rooney and Beckham got sent off for in the World Cup games it beggared belief. The game also had a stray dog/hyena on the pitch, with the camera man more interested in following that mangy thing than the game itself. Then, to top it all off there was about four minutes of added time. One of the goalkeepers proceeded to go down with some sort of hand injury, and was timed rolling around for three minutes, followed by the trainer giving him what i thought were the last rites. Somehow this heroic guy managed to get his arse of the pitch and the sub keeper entered the fray. Within three seconds the ref blew the full time whistle, so what happened to the added time and the extra four minutes of play acting? The ref must have been on a promise is all i can say.

No bets from me or PP today with only Southwell on. One bet from Equine which i again got late via email. It was strange as the horse was 9/1 best price but by the time i looked it was 6/1 best price. In the email i was told that value was down to 13/2 so being below this figure i didnt want to get involved really , so took the King Solomon route and went not for the win but the each way. It did trade at 1.06 but got caught on the line so i made £12.50 ! Had £30 on the Bet Catalyst horse called Gunslinger in the 2.55 but it came last.

Had a few bets on betfair as posted below. So all in all about £70 on the day up.
I havent got involved with the darts yet, the games are pretty bad at the moment and i really cant muster up the enthusiasm til we start seeing some more competitive matches.

Trials ,Tribulations & Waffle

Well had a lovely break in sunny Fuerteventura, but before that lets go back to Sat 12th December,in my wonderful time machine.....

I thought my flight was at midday, but on re checking the tickets it was actually 3pm. So I managed to get all bets on before leaving for Gatwick. The major thing here was after all the losing PP bets i managed to get a winner with there only selection of the day Khyber Kim. As you can see my 3% of bank that started at £90 a bet was now down to £43 a bet. All very sad really.
So i got the early price of 14/1 and made £602 profit. The Equine bets lost me £20, Tipping Legends had French Opera win but i think it was then followed by four losers. Only another small loss of £25. Bet Catalyst gave out three bets and also put them in a trixie. Two of them placed and the third horse was in a race that got abandoned for some reason. This made me £109 which i then gave back with my own selections. Didnt get involved in any football which was lucky as Spurs lost at home to Wolves, Man Utd lost at home to Villa, and Chelsea could only draw 3-3 ! Some very strange results. All in all the profit for the day was approx £600.

My trip away was great. Did the usual, hired a car, sat around eating and drinking too much, and managed to get through four books. It started unravelling a little bit,on leaving for the return flight i left my mobile phone on the bar in the hotel . Now i have never lost a phone before but it is one of lifes pains in the arse isnt it? It isnt even an expensive phone, it was a Nokia that was made around the time Liverpool last won the league ( sorry all you sufferers ) and was that cheap it was given away when you bought a more expensive phone, bit like the buy a Ferrari and we will chuck in a Vauxhall Corsa for the au pair/totty.(Delete where applicable).
Then on arriving at the airport had a delay because Gatwick was under a bit of snow. This turned out to be six hours off tedium followed on landing of having to wait another hour and a half for our luggage because the baggage handellers had gone home !

Anyway the phone thing became a problem yesterday on my first day back. Firstly i dont know any numbers, then the paranoia kicks in and i start thinking i hope nobodys texts me and is waiting for a reply thinking, what a rude sod cant even be bothered to reply...

So with no phone , i am checking my emails for bets etc.. Equine sent out a bet by text and email.
Guess what i happened?The email never arrived. Now i have never not had an email from them and without the phone i was waiting and waiting.... So the upshot was the bet was sent at 10.27 am and never reached me for some reason. The horse proceeds to win at 9/1 costing me in the region of £300 and to top it off i pick another nag in the same race called Autumn Blades which steams in and then decides not to run to well. Still managed to round the day off with a winner called Sherwajy in the 5.05 at Kempton, and Hectors House came third for me to.

PP had two bets. The first one went astray but the second came home nicely. My 3% staking has gone back upto £62 from the low of £43 so lets hope this can start a nice upward curve.

So a profit of about £200 on the day, but really annoyed with missing the Equine bet and hope that my replacement sim arrives soon and my email doesnt let me down again.
Just as a footnote lost another £10 last night playing doubles at pool with a friend called Jon, who wanted a mention if we won but as we lost and this is my blog i can put all the blame on him for drinking to many Tizers and playing like a twat, mind you it was a good shot on the black in the final game!

Friday, 11 December 2009

The Old One/Two

Up about £400 today,which was all my own work. PP had another loser as did Equine. I get tips from Tipping Legends for the festivals/specials and today was Cheltenham. They gave out seven selections, with the first winning at 11/4 followed by six losers. Bet Catalyst had two nags again both losing. Their second selection drifted to a crazy price before the off and wasnt sighted unless you had some powerful binoculars. So the combined losing total for me was just over £350.

So to my own picks, the first of which was Noble Request at 14/1 which came third.

I had Pak Jack in the 1.15. It seemed to run well and then went out like a light near the death.
The best result for me, was next in the 2.00 at Doncaster. Unfortunately, i had to go SJ to get the best price which this time held up, but I could only get £20 e/w from a trader. The horse was Stagecoach Pearl at a juicy price of 18/1 ! I also fancied Trouble Times Two which was a stand out price of 11/1 with Hills. A bit like a couple of weeks ago they came home first and second and being greedy i wish i had done a reverse forecast!
Onto my next race which was in Ireland. I caught the end of the race just as my lovely little nag made its way home first !Finally the last at Cheltenham where i had Coote Hill which placed winning me another £30.
I obviously must admit to being lucky. I dont normally do so well with my own selections but over the past three days they have helped me pull in about £2k.
So i wish everyone good luck with their punting over the next week and i will post again in about ten days time.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

321, Im Back In The Room!

Well, managed to dig myself out of a hole today but could have been better if Stan James werent such ......i am sure you know what the word is. So the PP disaster continues with another 0/3 effort. One of the races contained an odds on favourite which ran like 100/1 to shot. Nothing again from Equine and the 4PA gave out Albertas Run which didnt do as its name implies, it kinda of jogged.

So left to my own devices i picked out eight horses. The first two steamed in but ran poorly.
I then had Alesandro Mantegna (sounds more like a footballer) in the 1.10 at Ludlow, couldnt get much on at 33/1 with Stan James so had a bit with Bet 365 as well. Horse didnt do a lot until near the end when it managed to get up for third winning me £125.In the morning i went for Pocket Aces. Again i had to use SJ as they priced up the best and i thought the horse would come in. Unfortunately for me it drifted and went of at 14/1 and just like yesterday it won. This cost me about £150 as SJ will not pay me BOG prices because of my restricted account. As it was i only had £20 e/w with them and another £5 e/w with Bet 365 who did pay me out at the better price. This got me another £276 but it should have been £400 odd.
So to Fairyhouse where i had West Ship Master and Rebel Chief in the 2.35. This gave me a 4th and a 5th so breaking even on this one. The last bet was in the 3.05 were i thought the value was in Who Said So. I got a great price of 11/1 and it came from midway to win in glue like conditions.I also traded some races and managed to get another £300 from this.

The only bad news was in the 2.00 where i backed Albertas Run and layed Deep Purple who carried extra weight. As i am sure you know it dotted up costing me £340... ouch !!

So a winning day of about £500 and pretty much my last day for a while as on Saturday i am off to sunny climes for a weeks holiday,which is my first of the year and well deserved !

If i have time i will post tomorrow. As they say in the Blues Brothers " Dont You Go Changing".

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Lucky "Won"

No selections from Equine today, and just the one from PP. Unfortunately yet again it didnt win...
I have now lost 50% of the bank i put aside and that my friends is the gamble. It is a long way back but it can be done. I have read the threads on their website concerning this losing run. Time and time again i wonder why these people get involved in the first place, if all their gonna do is complain. You have a bank, you put it aside, and then deal with it. The most difficult part of all with this gambling game, is in your head.

Well i won £300 today, all from a lucky winner in the 12.40 at Leicester. I backed it in the morning at 12/1 with Lads at best odds thinking it was a bit of value. It drifted like a barge and went off at 18/1 and about 25/1 on Betfair. I was a bit dismayed at the drift, but it run well and after getting a bit bogged down it stayed on for second place. Luckily for me the leader fell at the last leaving mine to win. I won nearly £600 on this race so as you can tell the rest of the day was a slow trickle downwards. This was from a mixture of football, snooker and basketball. Still a positive day and hopefully can build on it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

One Step Forward

Interesting day in the world of sport. Yesterday i mentioned i had three snooker games on the go. The first one i posted up last night the other two made me a profit of £3.50 ! I could have taken about £50 on the Higgins/Robertson game but let it run and unfortunately my money was on the Aussie. The other game was Hendry who was never really ahead.

Neither Equine or PP had any bets today in the horse racing world, so it was left to me. I picked four horses and luckily one of them won, so i made an overall profit of £ 60.

In the evening i only got involved in the one football match. I have tried to trade more than one game or sport at a time but normally i end up getting confused. Must be old age setting in !
So Juve v Bayern it was , and what a great game of attacking football especially from Bayern who looked fantastic going forward.
Near the end of that game, with the trade complete, i put four correct score lays in some other Champions League Matches. All were put in at 1.07. I lost three but one came up trumps making me about £35. Dont you just love nicking money !

So an ok day in which i made about £175.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Lack Of Excitement

Pretty poor opportunities at the moment. Had to sit through the India U23 v Nepal game this morning, where the keeper scored an own goal. It was this game or another one from the Bulgarian Divison 2. There were more people on betfair watching it than in the stadium. As one smart arse said "Yes, im afraid it has come to this! Its either this or the bulgarian game....its like having to pick from 2 skinheads and decide which one you would like to cave your skull in!"

I then found some snooker, and was happily trading away thinking ,wow hes just won the frame and hes drifted on betfair , lets get on him ! You know what i was doing.....Thats it, i was watching highlights from an earlier session ! Luckily no damage done as both players had won one more frame each. Anyway i am on three games at the moment but they dont finish till tomorrow apparently, god its worse than watching paint dry.

To the horses and i finished even today. Just had a couple of bets nothing exciting apart from PP losing there only double point bet of the day. Now done 40% of the bank i put aside.

Overnight i won about £200 on the NFL with the Linebackers treble coming in and the only bet of the weekend Arizona +3.5 coming in to. I might do the same bet tonight on Baltimore.

Well one of the games actually finished tonight, my first ever snooker trade:

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Weekend Round Up

One of those weekends i would like to forget. Everything i touched went wrong, especially trading football. As soon as i got into a trade, a goal would be scored from the next attack. I made a lot of right decisions, but didn' t let the trades ride so forfetting a nice amount of money. The Man City, Barcelona and Spurs games were killers as i only made about £25 from the three of them. Its ok thinking well the decisions were correct, you will get it right next time,but the problem is, am i learning from these things or not? I read on one of the blogs that when things arent going your way you tend to be more cautious, and i must admit there was a lot of negativity when trying to trade. I had the feeling that things were going to go wrong whenever i did anything.

On Saturday Punters Profits weighed in with another four losers and Equine with two, followed today with another three and one respectively. PP just keeping getting seconds at the moment so it gets a bit frustrating ! I only had a couple myself yesterday and the same amount today. I picked Corredor Sun in the 12.10 at Warwick at 8/1 which came home first.

So over the course of the weekend i lost £700 and hope that things pick up for me next week.

This is more like it :

Friday, 4 December 2009

A Tennis Theme

What a day for tennis, with the Davis Cup final starting in Spain. I traded the first couple of sets in the Stepanek game before i went out for dinner. I was stunned to come home this evening to find he had lost in five long sets. What a great game i imagine that was. Better still what a great trading game ! I had a dabble before i went out and managed to get £100, but there must have been lots of opportunities there.
Before that,this afternoon i watched the Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall which was shown live on ITV4. Great to see some of the older players getting it on. I was surprised how fast the surface was, and if i had to have a bet i would go for Goran to be the winner, because it suits his style of play.
Had a trade on the Cash/Rafter game and after thinking that was a mistake it turned round for me to make a £220 profit.To the racing and Equine gave another Tennis name,the lovely Sabatini which was running in the 1.50 at Lingfield. I didnt get the advised price but got on at 5/2. It then drifted slightly out to 11/4 before the off but then flew home from the back to win in the last few strides. Luckily for me i traded the race before the off, and had a free bet which i didnt bother greening up until the end.

The above is a different Sabatini !The second Equine horse Across The Sands never really figured in the 6.50 and ended up 4th, scuttling the each way part of the bet.Punters Profits bad luck continued with the horse they gave out getting collared on the line. So no winner there but also no damage done as i put an in running lay at 1.10 just in case, and it traded at 1.03 !
The only bad point of the day were the four nags that i picked. They all ran very poorly and didnt figure at the business end of the races.
So a great day with another £500 banked.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Out Of The Red

A much more busy and lucrative day today, but i still came away from the racing thinking i didnt get the rub of the green. I picked two horses myself, the first Tequila Bob i got at 14/1 this morning. It went of at 9/2 so it was a big steamer with a lot of money coming late on for it. It travelled well and after the last fence was slightly ahead and traded at 1.1o but just ran out of gas and came second. The other pick was in the 5.15 at Wolves called Katies Secret.This one i got at 16/1 this morning and again it ran very well finishing second. These two gave me a profit of £100.
No bet from Equine Investments and just the one from Punters Profits. This was in the 3.35 called Quinto Du Chatelet i didnt see the race but it won quite cosily so i gather. Bet Catalyst gave out Bakbenscher in the 2.45 at Wincanton and this did well to get up near the line to win. I also backed a couple of other horses in the 4.15 and 5.45 at short odds and they also came home first.

I left a couple of basketball bets in play last night but they came to nothing, and messed around with the masters tennis at the Albert Hall, but without TV pictures it was really like shooting myself in the foot. Tomorrow the tennis is live on ITV 4, so if there is enough money in the market i will give that a go. I am looking forward to seeing some of the older guys giving it some welly ! So today put £480 back into the "Save Eddy Dixon From Going Back To Work Fund."