Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dont Forget....

Vote for AP McCoy for Sports Personality Of The Year, and of course put a bet on it!

Legendary jockey snatches victory from the jaws of defeat ... again!

Throughout a career forged out of winning on horses that no other jockey would have got over the finishing line first, there are certain rides that stick out in the record of AP McCoy - the outstanding effort on Wichita Lineman at the 2009 Cheltenham Festival, getting Hennessy up late at Sandown the same year (hit an in-play high of 100), or the remounting of Family Business in a novice chase at Southwell in 2002, to name just three.

The latest we can add to the list is the victory of Drill Sergeant in the two-mile novice hurdle at Haydock on Wednesday. Things looked to be going smoothly for Drill Sergeant early on, McCoy having established a clear lead on the Donald McCain-trained novice, who had been sent off the favourite at a BSP of 2.15.

However, rounding the paddock bend on the first circuit Drill Sergeant pulled himself up, and his 15-length lead quickly eroded as he found himself in last place, hitting a high of 120.0 in running. The task looked hopeless at that point but, using what was described by Racing UK pundit Graham Cunningham as 'the iron hand in a velvet' glove', McCoy cajoled Drill Sergeant back into a prominent pitch.

Drill Sergeant was back in front three out, but several of his rivals were laying down strong-looking challenges at that point, and it needed a further demonstration of McCoy's strength in the saddle to deny Brother Bob, who touched and in-running low of 1.22.


Been watching my Bet 365 account as I feel it is in grave danger and what happens? Well my new Stan James account exactly two weeks old gets closed. After speaking to a trader it seems they dont like my type of betting, fucking great. All this at the end of a day when I had made back my previous two days losses and some more to boot.

I made the cardinal sin and I mean it when I say its the first time I have done this for ages and they clamp me. This is the story, I was going through the races yesterday morning on Betfair and there was money coming for a horse and it just kept coming. Everytime somebody put some money in it was snapped up and heading south. The price hadn't reacted with the bookies so I backed it with Stan James and layed it on Betfair. I also backed it to a smaller amount with Bet 365 each way. It was called Our Dynasty in the 3.15 at Musselburgh, and the thing dots up. It was more annoying because Bet 365 had a bigger price but because I was worried about the account I backed it with Stan James. So I lost £ 459 on Betfair but won £745 from the bookies.

I had some great bets with a 33/1 second place in Wayward Glance who went off at 80 on betfair and went down to 2.36 in running as it got beaten off in the last half a furlong. The same happened with King Of The Moors who I backed 16/1 and got caught on the line after trading as low as 1.05. Luckily I placed a lay on this horse at 1.15 so i collected the each way money £ 55 plus £ 191 from Betfair.

I also had Warnes Way and Starshine come second and third in the same race,and Bet Cat gave me Club Tahiti which also placed so all this combined to make it an £ 800 day.

Coming to the end of the month and its been a cracker, even after the trials and tribulations of the last three days.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Midas Touch.

There is a song that goes " I've got the midas touch everything I touch turns to gold" another classic probably from the eighties, well unfortunately for me that's not what's happened over the past two days.

If I sit back, look, and put it in perspective I'm still above my target for the month, but really I have performed very badly these past two days putting in some bad trades and then chasing them a bit, all to try to get to my best month this year. I also overstaked sometimes and this made me bite the bullet a bit sooner than I should have done. I shall go through my spread sheets and I wouldnt be surprised that If I actually put in half the stakes I am using now I would actually have made more money if that can make sense.

Well you live and learn and I cant even blame it on the gamblers most common foe "bad luck."
I have lost £ 685 on Betfair and another £100 from my own horse bets , but after the run I had been on with them a correction is sorely overdue!

Not even gonna mention "that" fixed tennis match yesterday a bit more annoyed with the tennis in Doha where the first two matches were a joke. Ok they have earned their right to get there but Jankovic and Dementieva were poor beyond belief. Both players were clearly injured, sick or both but getting a $100,000 just for turning up means they were gonna get on that court and the punters were never gonna get a fair crack of the whip. Both had their arses kicked in double quick time, I wouldnt be surprised if they quit and Na Li and Peer came in to take the spaces.

Anyway lets hope tomorrow is better.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

A New Sport ?

I didnt get where I am today without my power naps, maybe next year I can enter.

From the BBC website:

A jobless security worker has won a competition billed as Spain's inaugural siesta championship, napping for 17 minutes in a busy shopping centre.

Ecuadorean Pedro Soria Lopez took first place and 1,000 euros (£890) for his efforts - or lack of them.

Judges praised the 62-year-old not only for the duration of his 40 winks, but also for his volume, notching up snores of 70 decibels - around talking level.

The contest was run by Spain's National Association of Friends of the Siesta.

It was part of a campaign to revive the Spanish power-napping tradition, which is seen as threatened by the fast pace of modern life.

Over the course of nine days, 360 competitors were challenged to sleep for as much of a 20-minute period allotted to them as possible.

Participants stretched out on sofas in the Madrid shopping centre while their pulses were monitored to check they were asleep.

Judges awarded points for the speed with which participants fell asleep, the volume of their snoring, the most original sleeping position and the best-dressed sleeper.

Well a productive weekend which pushes October up to the second best month in the last year. If I can keep it up for another week I could have my best ever month but you never know in this game. Must of had a record on Saturday with the football as every bet/trade placed came off. The only loss was £3 which was me doing a late hedge in case Chelsea let in a goal as I backed them to win to nil.

My system lay of Swindon came off as they drew 2-2. I was too busy to get involved with Ian Erskines stuff and the SBP but I think that they both did the business this weekend and if any of you were involved you would have made a profit. All FTS games were good and the system three picks both won keeping the record to 100% for the season. The SBP bet in the NFL was Cleveland +13.5 which also came up trumps. Shame with these two as I missed profit making opportunities.

I took some pain on the horses on Saturday as a couple of hefty lays won their races but today I managed to get a lot of that back so showing a small but positive increase in my account for the weekend. The other positive came from my own bets. I had three on Saturday with two being placed at 20/1 and 12/1 and a winner at 14/1.

Today I had three again with two unplaced and one second at 25/1. The placed horse today Dear Sam got backed in from that price right down to 10/1 at the off.

Friday, 22 October 2010

The Wedge.

Dark day for football today as the thin and the thick edge of the wedge met. A mega bucks player and a mega poor club. Just imagine if some of these very rich players from some of these big clubs just all chipped in a weeks wages to help Pompey, they wouldnt be in trouble thats for sure.

As a football lover it does make me wonder what has happened to the game I grew up to love. Just like many of you football fans I was taken to see my club when I was nine years old and I remember being in the chicken run at West Ham to see Bryan "Pop" Robson score the winning goal in an FA Cup 3rd round match against Watford. We had players like my hero Billy Bonds who played 500 times for the club along with Phil Parkes, Frank Lampard Senior and Sir Trevor Brooking. When we were relegated Sir Trev stayed with us down in the Second Division to help get us back to the top division. In those days players stayed and fought for what they cared about and maybe its all bullshit but to me it was more because they were part of a community.

The last time we went down in May 2003 our team consisted of players like Jermaine Defoe, Joe Cole, David James, Glenn Johnson and Freddie Kanoute. All of who went on to bigger and better things not giving a toss about the state of the club they left. In fact as many West Ham fans know we didnt want to sell Defoe but just like Rooney he had player power and we didnt have a choice. He managed to get himself sent off three times in the first two months of life in the Championship. He probably hasnt been sent off since then.

I hope Pompey survive and I hope that these mega stars put something back into the game, but most off them will just go back to their home countries and live like Kings. Its good that people like Ian Holloway can try to make the FA/ FIFA see the error of their ways, the unfortunate thing is he is manager of Blackpool not Chelsea.

So to today which was positive and puts my Betfair account on a new high for the year.

My first football lay went down with Ausberg winning 2-1 with a goal in the final minute of the match. As you can see from the above screen shot I came out of the match after 85 minutes so didnt make a loss, but for my actual system it is a loss so the next game in German Div 2 will be lay No 2. Tomorrow has another lay, No 1 in England Div 1 which is Swindon Town at 2.02.

Today I backed three horse who all ran poorly and finished unplaced so £150 gone there. Bet Catalyst had a bet which I am doing to half stakes which was called Macs Power. As its name implies it powered home and won comfortably at 12/1 . I won £ 150 from this.

So a busy weekend ahead and I shall post again Monday. Have a good one!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Moscow Mule.

Well certainly a lot of disdain and disgust at yesterdays tennis match between Janko (The Fixer) Tipsarevic and Horacio ( Argy Bargy) Zeballos. Trawling the internet for anything on this game brought me up empty handed ,except for a quote from Neil Harman a writer for the Times who remarked what an honest tweet Janko made after he admitted that he choked. Choked wasnt the word I would use but hey it doesnt get reported it gets swept under the carpet. Just thank our lucky stars Neil Harman isnt a detective.

I was lucky enough to lay Janko the night before on Betfair at 1.23. ( That sounds wrong doesnt it.) I would like to say I had inside info but I get enough of that from all my spam mail. What i would recommend is if its not right jump in and try to make a few quid or ignore it altogether like the ATP do.

As you can see Janko had a relaxing smoke later in the evening in his crib,while listening to Cypress Hill, you go man !

Had a solid couple of days . Tennis is going well, I 've had a few profitable lays with my max liabilty always being £15 and have managed to make a dent in my £100 a day target. Yesterday I only had three horse bets as I couldnt see any value and today I didnt have any. There seems to be a lot of very trappy and low quality races about. Out of yesterdays bets I had a place at 14/1. The other two are probably just finishing now.

Tomorrow I will start my football five step lay system. I will only obviously be doing small stakes just in case it goes tits up early on, but each divsion will have five lays. If all lose then its back to the drawing board. The first lay for its division is Augsburg in German Div 2 at 1.74.
Lets see if I can get off to a flyer !

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Piece Of Luck.

Well the hot streak continued on the horses. I had just the four today and even though three were unplaced I did manage to get a nice 10/1 winner which made me a profit of £150 on the day. As you can see below this is another new Stan James account I managed to get opened up. Still not got Victor Chandler though and my Bet 365 account is in danger I think.

One of the unplaced horses I picked was called Rougham in the 3.10. It was running against four other nags in a beginners chase. Paul Nicholls had put in Celestial Halo for his chase debut and it went off at 1.29 on Betfair. Coming to four out it fell when battling for the lead with my pick. Unfortunately my horse fell as well and at first I was fuming because I thought the favourite had brought mine down but after watching the replays I could see that Rougham had fallen on its own accord. Amazingly the three horses that were well behind were suddenly in a race for the line and the 50/1 shot got beat by a head. The good news for me was I had layed the fav at 1.10 as with still four fences to go it was trading to low. This bought me in nearly £ 500 quid.

That was the highlight of the day for me and kept me in profit as my other lays went a drift and the tennis and football let me down.

Today the FTS system had two picks which were Arsenal and Burnley. Both teams won fairly easily so all the blame for the football losses go down to me as some games I thought would go one way obviously went the other. My hall of shame was backing Leeds who lost, laying Forest who won, and laying Sheff Utd who also won. So a full house there just a shame its not poker.

Monday, 18 October 2010

On The Right Track.

Its been a cracking few days for me since my last post with some lovely winners from only a few bets. I must have trod in something thats for sure. Starting with today I had just four bets with two unplaced , one placed at 14/1 and a 20/1 winner. The horse in question I backed in the morning but it returned at the same price which surprised me. It actually drifted on Betfair and went off at about 35/1 so a great touch.

Add to that the placed horse and today was a good one. On Sunday I only had three bets but again managed to find a nice priced winner in Ireland at 14/1.

And another place this time at 25/1. Again i took this at 20/1 and it drfited and went off at the bigger price which was nice.

Add to that I only had two NFL bets this weekend and both came through though one went to overtime. Thank you Mr X.

Saturday started my run off as I had another couple of winners out of six bets both at Cheltenham.

I didnt get time to put any SBP bets on over the weekend and I am not entirely sure of the results. In the college football he had an A B and C bet go down during the week but over the weekend the bets would have been profitable . In the NFL both bets won.

The FTS system is something I am having trouble with as every game chosen seems to go wrong and because Ian never shows screen shots or trades in running you are never going to know if he truly makes money at this or not. Reading his blurb and saying he makes £100k from this is pretty unbelievable to me. His system three selections are running at 100% so far this season but you are laying at odds of about 7/1 and there have only been about 9 selections so far.

I started my own football system this last weekend. The international break was good news for me as it gave me plenty of time to run through the results from 16 European leagues which was earthshatteringly boring and tedious but I have complied them all onto spread sheets. To give an idea of my strategy I have a five step betting strategy laying certain teams that are odds on. Some people will say its a martingale system but I do stop at five lays and come the end of the season we will find out. The only thing I can say is over the 16 leagues , going back to 2002 it never got beyond the fifth stage of the process.

The tennis has been going well over the last week so lets hope this continues with the Kremlin and Stockholm tournaments that have just started.

Friday, 15 October 2010

On Target...Just.

Well exactly half way through the month and my spreadsheet says I am exactly half way towards my monthly target. I am never gonna be rich but I am doing something I enjoy and that is the best thing in the world.

The last couple of days have been ok. I didnt make a bean yesterday but today would have been a cracker if not for some really poor decisions made by your's truly. Pressure makes you do rash things and today I buckled a bit. Its a bit like giving up something and then lapsing back into it and wondering where it all came from and trying to retrace what went wrong.

I chucked about £ 300 away on one particular race and the only good thing to say is that its the first time in twelve months that I have done something so silly. When I started on Betfair about five years ago it was a regular occurence but back then I had a full time job.

Below as you can see are the last couple of days figures :

The good news is the losses were well covered by my own tipping. I had five horses today and after having a lot of placed efforts recently I managed to get two winners, two placed and one out of the frame. I got on Frankie after he won the first at Newmarket and had a 9/1 winner.

He went on to ride three more winners on the day and I imagine there will be some money being lumped on him tomorrow.

In the 3.45 I wanted to get £ 25 e/w on Inca Chief but only Bet 365 had 66/1 and they wouldnt accommodate so I had to settle for £ 12.50 e/w. It actually got up in the last furlong to make a challenge before fading very quickly but just made the line in third place as the other nags swamped him.In the 4.20 handicap I had two horses Catergorical at 22/1 and Bollin Greta at 12/1. The latter won which made for a great punting day.
Bet Catalyst also had Hubris in the big race at Cheltenham and this got placed at 33/1 so well done Richard.This bought me in another £ 73.

The jumps is my favourite time for backing the horses and it was great to have Cheltenham back on TV today. There are some great cards tomorrow with Newmarket as well, where if Frankel gets any shorter in the market I will be laying it.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Not the best and not the worst of days is how to remember this Wednesday. Sometimes its just luck that you're sitting at the PC and opportunity knocks and thats what happened to me this morning. I was going through the nag races on the internet and had the TV on beside me which was showing the Roddick game. I had already layed him and was red on both sides to the tune of about £30. I had got out of the bet as it wasnt happening and he was steamrolling his opponent.

All of a sudden he went for the ball and seemed to be in some sort of pain. The market didnt really react so quickly, thinking it was nothing major but as he was 1.03 at the time I had a sneeky lay of £300 for £9 liability . The rest as they say is history. He quit a game later after having treatment and I made a few quid. It was a shame for him as he was playing some great tennis and for low backers as well. Personally I never get involved backing at low odds on tennis, as today shows its not like a team sport were everyone can retire, with tennis its just one slip or twist and thats it, you've done your dough. There must be a website out there for players that retire the most, it might be worth hunting down. For the record the one I never get involved with is Bartoli she's a nightmare.

That was my only highlight as I lost a total of £ 240 today, £ 150 backing horses and another £90 on Betfair.
I watched the second half of the England game last night which was obviously disappointing but in the grand scheme of things doesnt really matter. What bothers me more is the lack of players turning up to play for their country, its worrying that half the team cant make the first team for their clubs. The club v country debate will always go on but with their vast salaries and all the aggro from the press if results dont go our way I'm sure a lot of them are happy not to take part.

Well Serbia, that was the game I wanted to watch. Last weekend they tried to stage the first gay pride event in Belgrade which obviously didnt go down to well as rioting insued. Last night they went to Italy and continued the fighting so getting the game abandoned. I gather FIFA are going to award the match to Italy 3-0 , I wander if I can get a bet on that......

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Appliance Of Science.

God, what a boring day today has been, and tomorow with only two meetings on the card looks even worse. It got to the stage where I was casting the deciding vote in my own little election on what the most important appliance was but keeping to the betting mode it had to be "value" as well.

The answer that came to me was "the microwave." What an absolutely marvellous bit of kit for the man on the move, when you are busy trying to get your bets on and dont have time to cook then just whack in some pre cooked meal and wham, its done. My mate always said he was great at cooking "Sausage Ding" I thought it was some Chinese food but then I found out it was just the sound the timer made on his microwave when he had cooked his sausages, Ding !

Anyway mine is a sharp microwave and cost about £ 69 and its one of those things you cant remember how long you've had it. Its like when you go to the doctors and you've got a cut arm and he says " When did you last have a tetanus injection because if its over ten years ago you need another, to which you reply " Oh it was about three years ago Doctor" then after reading your file he pipes up with " It was actually 1995 before you went to the Gambia."

So £69 for about ten years worth of work, sounds like slave labour to me and tomorrow I will give it a loving clean as reward for all its sterling efforts in keeping me fed.

To more mundane matters. I had another up and down day especially with the horses where I traded very well but lost it all on one particular lay. The horse drifted and I could have greened it up but I didnt. Stll made a £55 profit overall on Betfair but lost £57.50 on my own horse bets.

If you followed the SBP predictions for the college football then another A, B and C bet all went down in the night on Saturday. As stated in my last post I am not doing them if they over lap so I was lucky not to get involved saving myself about £ 400. Thats now two system losses for the NCAA football this season which would have wiped out any previous profits. The question is with all gambles , is it worth it to continue?

I did however get on the NFL games but after the A and B bet went down in succession I went to bed with a feeling of dread for the C bet. Happily this came through as The Eagles +3.5 beat the 49ers .

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Lets Go.

A strange week on the betting front for me. The whole week had been up and down with me giving a bit and then getting it back and vice versa. A bit frustrating but not a lot I could do about it except having the added pressure of being a third of the way through the month with only a small profit.

Today that turned around. It started with SBP C bet coming in over night. For the record I havent placed any of the NCAA bets issued over the weekend as I mentioned last week they seem to overlap. The NFL bets I will do tomorrow because I can get access to the results a lot quicker and live TV pictures.

Bet Catalyst came good with their two selections coming first and fourth. I backed both each way and also in a double so making £ 390. I am only doing half stakes on these at the moment but hopefully its a sign of things to come for their picks and I will increase the stakes but not until i think the corner has been turned.
The winner was Gunner Lindley and the other bet The Betchworth Kid managed to get the precious fourth place at 16/1.

I have missed the last couple of winners from Packed Pockets but today I got on their only selection in the 5.15 at Bangor which then went and won by twenty lengths at 3/1.

I managed to chip in with a couple of winners as well. I had ten picks today with two places, two winners and six unplaced. One of the unplaced was Monkton Vale which at 33/1 lost a place by a nose which was a gutter.To help top it all off I have had a good couple of days on Betfair.

I have used the bettor logic software when I have had time and I really do think it gives you a real edge when looking for that most important word in the bettors bible "value". It reminds me of the saying "how long is a piece of string."
The reason why is they both mean different things to different people but when you have something that tells you in black and white then it gives you an added confidence when placing a bet in the market. If you can go back over the last five football seasons and see that the chance of something ending in a particular result is 16/1 but you can lay that result at 4/1 then that to me is value. Even if that result does happen you still wouldnt change your thinking or actions if you had to do it over again. I hope this makes sense, grammar is not my strong point as I guess you have discovered.

Anyway a great day with a good four figure profit and tomorrow is a day off.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


If you are old enough to remember bands like The Sex Pistols, Sham 69 and The Cockney Rejects then you know what the pogo is. For those that dont its a dance where the basic steps allow for a variety of interpretations, some of which might appear quite violent. Pogo dancers have their choice of:
  • keeping their torsos rigid or thrashing them about;
  • holding their arms stiffly at their sides or flailing them;
  • keeping their legs together or kicking about;
  • jumping straight up and down, jumping in any direction, or spinning in the air.
So last night I was going to have pizza and a quiet couple of drinks with some mates but there I was at midnight in Po Na Na Brighton with lots of students doing the pogo to the song below, it took me back some I can tell you. Great fun apart from the obligatory morning after headache which takes a lot longer to shake off then when I was a Teenage Dirtbag . I hope you have a listen to the song below and have a go yourself. It is most invigorating.

Not made any headway over the last couple of days literally finshing about even. I managed to make £ 4 on Betfair , and had a few horse bets with no winners but plenty of places.

The tennis system didnt work so well but it did have a bumper week so a correction was/is due. I did go through some data and what i am looking to do was profitable but I dont really have a big enough sample size to see if it was just luck, but I will keep a record.

The NFL A bet for SBP came in very easily, shame it wasnt the C bet from the weekend and there are over the next couple of days some more NCAA bets starting tonight with UAB Blazers ( whoever they are.)
Hopefully I will be fully functioning tomorrow.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Easy Does It.

After a hectic weekend, today was a much more soothing, slower and profitable day. A lot less work but better profits, isnt that the way it should be?

The NFL game was reported in yesterdays losses but because of the time it finished it ended up in todays P&L but no matter everything else went well.

The horse lays seem to come in spurts like buses at the moment with few and far between and then many together. I managed to only hit one winner today so picked up a nice profit, along with the tennis system which again had a really good day. This week I am going to go through some more data on the tennis matches to see if I can improve this further more . I have an idea but I dont have a clue whether it will help but I will by the end of the week. I didnt have a single bet on the horses today as nothing struck me as value.

The biggest downer of the day was after spending all of last week checking football odds today I checked that my figures from the weekend matched with football and guess what? They didnt. My odds were different to what they posted up so I contacted them to find out why and found out they take the odds for the weekend matches on Friday before 5pm, where as I have been taking the odds about an hour before a game kicks off. Now you might not think it matters but two losing games for me this past weekend wouldnt have counted.

Got an A bet tonight on New England -1 with the SBP, fingers crossed.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Boy Done Good.

Magnificent weekend of sport with action and thrills and spills everywhere. The highlight for me was the great line up of racing at Longchamp and what a day for local lad (local to me!) Ryan Moore as he got Workforce up to win the prix de l'arc triomphe. The colt, who looked in fantastic condition before the race, was given a brilliant ride by Moore, who was also securing his maiden victory in the prestigious contest. For owner-breeder Khalid Abdullah it was a fourth success following Rainbow Quest (1985), Dancing Brave (1986) and Rail Link (2006).

If the closing stages of the race were exciting, further drama followed as a stewards' inquiry was called into what looked a rough race. It did not affect Workforce and the Stoute team were able to celebrate their victory.

Earler in the afternoon champion jockey elect Paul Hanaghan won his first group one race with Wootton Bassett who led from start to finish and sandwiched between these two excellent races the brillant filly Goldikova won her eleventh group one race the most ever by a European horse.

Had a really busy weekend of betting. On the racing front it was strange as on Saturday I didnt have a single bet of my own. I couldnt find any value with lots of uninspiring racing mixed in with big fields and terrible weather it was a pin in the paper type of a day. Instead I concentrated on football, tennis and some golf.

Today was more of the same with only three horse bets with two placing at 18/1, 12/1 and one unplaced.

Below is the weekends Betfair screen. A few horse lays came in, the golf strategy chipped in a few quid ( pardon the pun) and the tennis really helped after having a rough last week. My new football strategy got off to a poor start as is normal when you use real money and I had a few kicks in the teeth with this. The worst being Rangers scoring in the 93rd minute and Udinese doing the same in Italy. I have looked back at eleven leagues over the last eleven seasons so I have done it to death and I just hope its a blip ! Famous last words and all that.

SBP had a successful college football weekend. I am having difficulty with these bets as the games seem to over lap and I dont know whether the bet needs to be an A or B or C etc.

Last night the first game handicap was + 10.5 and the team were losing by 13 but obviously I had to wait to see if they scored in the last quarter before I knew if it was an A or B bet next up. By the time I found out the other game had already kicked off so I couldnt get the extra money on I needed.

The bet I did get on was the C bet in the NFL on the Colts -6.5 which lost so costing me £ 200 so not good, but i salvaged £90 back on the Chargers.

Ian Erskine had another three system 3 winners and a three FTS winners although the majority of the games it was seat of the pants time, especially the lay of 1-1 in the Palace/QPR game with Palace scoring at the death but Rangers managing to get a winner straight away.

A busy weekend with just over £ 200 profit which for all the hard work wasnt so good, but thats life !

Friday, 1 October 2010

The Sun Always Shines On TV.

Remember those immortal words uttered by Aha many moons ago, well obviously it doesnt in Wales. The Costa has about three hundred odd days of sun a year and Wales probably has about three and they are all in July. I dont know much about the Ryder Cup or schedules but surely picking such a venue at such a time of year was going to be a nightmare. I reckon if the fog comes down to tomorrow as predicted then the USA team might get home for Christmas! At least I got my bets in play this morning and managed to have a lay in and finish my Ruth Rendall book.

Always nice to start a new month with a feeling of excitement to see what it brings, if anything in the way of profits. So the tennis system had two winners out of three today which would have put it nicely in profit if I had remembered to put the bets down. Typical but they are down on paper at least! Nothing doing on Betfair as I lost a bit on the horses and got a percentage of it back on football.Had a good day with the horses as Ballyvasey 9/2, Approve 12/1 and Zamina 13/2 placed , one other didnt and a winner came at 14/1.

Had various ideas as mentioned in previous posts and after spending a lot of time back testing one in particular, I shall start having some bets on laying particular odds on Football favs in leagues around Europe. I am going with a staking plan that hasnt broken the bank in the past and am confident enough to back this up with money.

Great piece from SP on his blog about the Betfair Float and this one thing in the article struck me and I quote :

As English points out, "one side effect of the float is that Betfair now has to make available a huge amount of information it could previously keep under wraps. That's likely to prove mouth-watering to wannabe competitors". In other words, the risks of rivals trying to muscle in on Betfair's business are rising.

Which hopefully can give them some competition and us better commission rates.