Monday, 30 November 2009

End Of Month

Well another month gone for me. This is my third month full time but the first with my blog. Not sure it really helps me or hinders me, but i will keep it going until i run out of things to say or people stop visiting.

Today was a manic day but not because of betting. My car stopped working this morning and god was it absolutely throwing it down outside. Got soaked through trying to get the thing started, had to leave it and get the RAC out to fix it. Then came home to find a problem with the toilet plumbing so had to call out a plumber. Dont worry didnt have any floaters in the pan !

In between i had one bet myself which lost, and Punters Profits gave another which lost. The only good news was that i got paid out on a champions league bet i had on Chelsea to win there group. Unfortunately i cant post that up as i only have a phone account with this mob of jokers because my internet account has been restricted. But good news i have managed to open a new account with VC so lets hope i can ride them mothers for a while !

So December is normally a slow month with the bad weather and not a lot going on so will see how it goes. For the record my profits for Sept £2656, Oct £3110, Nov £2370. Disappointed with this month as got off to a flyer and had £3k in the first week and since then its been a slow downhill slope. Tomorrow Equine Investments are back on the scene and i might sign up for another service just trying to choose at the moment. Wouldnt mind if anybody can point me in the direction of any tipsters with solid pasts.

Lazy Sunday

Funny kinda of day Sunday. With so much sport i didnt know what to follow so ended up going down the pub to meet a mate for a couple of drinks. Trying to watch Chelsea/Arsenal with Christmas songs on all the time and its not even December yet.I dont know if its just me but a lot of the English football this year i am finding boring. The only good thing is i had a bet on Chelsea to win the league +1 on the handicap at the beginning of the season and Birmingham +48 and they seem to be picking up as well.

Before i went i had picked out three horses to have a go at. Two finished unplaced and the third ran a very gallant race coming second at 14/1. So in total £55 down there. Punters Profits only bet won but because of my 3% rule i got on £57 at 1.83 with Hills. This paid me back £47.50. In the evening i had one NFL bet from The Linebacker with Washington+9.5 at 1.91. They lost by 3 so i picked up a winner there. I then lost £40 on the late NFL games so finished even for the day.

Had a look through a few other blogs this morning and lots of people seemed to have a hard weekend, so heres hoping things pick up for all of us.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Double D's

Now now calm down the double D's im on about are Davydenko and Denman.

Anyway in the Hennessy Gold Cup Denman carrying 11st 12lb and conceding upwards of 13lbs ran a fantastic race and coming down the stretch looked beaten to me but pulled out that little bit more to win. A breathtaking and gusty victory puts it up there with the great horses like Arkle who also won the race twice, just a shame my money wasnt on it!

Then we had Davy who showed he is not a choker winning the final set against the Fed Express. With the Fed serving first in the deciding set it just looked like a matter of time before Davy cracked under the pressure ,especially at 4-5 and 0-30 down but he produced some fantastic and creative tennis in the final few games to pull through. As the commentators said both players were "in the zone" towards the end of the match, and who can begrudge him after having never beaten The Fed in twelve previous attempts. It was all the more amazing seeing that Davy was in a long match until 11pm the night before and i imagine the money was down on The Fed because of the 12-0 record and the fatigue factor. I for one hope he now goes on to win the Final.

Today started of with me losing £200 and thinking i hope thing s get better, and fortunately they did.
The 2.05 at Newbury was a big race and i had Pasco to win from Tipping Legends and The Bet Catalyst . In the big handicap fields i like to have two horses so if one places it covers the loss on the other most of the time. So i backed Mount Oscar e/w and layed Pasco in running in case it got caught. So nice result for me as Mount Oscar came home and my lay of Pasco got matched thus winning me a total of £575 less my back of Pasco which was £90. Tipping Legends then got the winner that was deserved called Beat The Boys which i got at 20/1 pulling in another £625. I also had a e/w double on Pasco and Nozic but even though Nozic got matched at 1.01 in the place market it never got placed so unlucky there. Punters Profits had a couple of bets finally getting one but that was 1/2 odds on shot so made a small loss there.

In the tennis i made a £100 but didnt bother with any football bets today. Overall about £600 won and thats it for me today unless an opportunity comes along later.

Late One.

Didnt post up yesterday as i was out in the evening. Punters Profits had three bets all of which lost so now i have lost 34% of my £3k bank within about two weeks of following them. As i said before i am putting 3% of my bank in on each bet so at least the losses are getting smaller ! Last year i had the same type of run and then in a big race the selection was Rambling Minister. It went off at 16/1, but i got 28.00 on Betfair. It led from start to finish so putting me back in profit so for any other followers just hang in there( and pray).

So Tipping Legends gave me another winner and a profit on there selections and then i backed over 1.5 in some obscure game in Germany thanks to Bruce. I won £58 but in a rush i didnt get a screen shot so you will just have to believe me on that. Havent filled in my spreadsheet yet but i make it about a £2 loss on the day !

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Chasing My Tail

Up and down day so far today. I had seven Punters Profits bets all losing, and more amazingly all at short odds. It must have been a layers paradise out there in the field. Had three in one race and couldnt bear to watch it so i dont know where any of them came but it wasnt first ! So after being £600 down from them it was damage limitation time.
I backed The Dew At Night in the 2.05 which sailed round and was well clear when it decided to take a dive at the last fence. I was already counting my winnings at 7/1 when it came down!
I also picked four others and had a winner with Ocean Transit at 11/1. Had one winner out of four with Tipping Legends but the winner was a three point bet compared to the others so that made me a profit as well.

I got involved in the Murray match but only won £10 ! Sometimes it is very hard to be disciplined when you are behind and i left all my green on Verdy in the hope that he could pull it out of the bag.
There were times i could have greened up for over £100 on each player but i was willingly to let it ride. This is the mental part that is hard to overcome for me because if i had been profitable for the day i would have more than likely taken the money on offer.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Banish Those Thoughts.

What a great game of tennis tonight at the O2. With the odds drifting on Davydenko before the off there were a few conspiracy theories going about as per normal when he tends to play. But after wiping the floor with Nadal in the first set and then racing away in the second all this was forgotten. He then seemed to lose his way and talk about an injured leg by the Sky commentators made me for one start thinking here we go....So it was then great to see him come back and play some barn storming tennis to win the second set tie break and take the match thus vanquishing Mr Nadal from the tournament. I have watched a lot of tennis and what i find most pleasing is that the place is rammed with people. Some tournaments when these guys play in the early rounds are empty and i can see that the level goes up when they can showcase their talents to a full house, and the O2 is certainly a great arena for this.

Well its gonna be black arm band day on Merseyside come Sunday. Liverpool out the Euro Cup andEverton performing badly in the Europa Cup,and also losing tonight to Hull after being 3-0 down at half time. It wouldnt surprise me if both managers get the boot!

Onto today and i am sorry i cant show massive profits everyday but for me it just doesnt work like that. I am very much a cautious punter/trader as you can probably tell.
The only horse bets were mine today and i won about £70 on betfair plus another £53 with Hills and £25 from backing Monashee Rock e/w with Hills and it came second. Had one football bet winning me £25 and about £12 on Betfair and after winning £125 on the first tennis match i gave about £50 of it back. So just about £200 for the day, lets hope tomorrow is the same as we come to the end of the month.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Crystal Gazing.

Had a bit of a slow one for me today. Had to go out for most of the morning so only placed a couple of nag bets. There was one from Punters Profits, which was the same horse called Dusk as yesterday. It had won its three previous outings but today must have been a bit too much for the poor thing not surprised really think i would have been knackered as well. I didnt see the race but it got pulled up half way round after hitting a couple of fences. I picked out four myself and got a nice little old winner in Ireland the 3.05 at Gowran Park. On the subject of Irish racing please can someone tell me what its all about. Half the time its abandoned, then you get the handicaps of 20 that get the normal five pulled before the off and finally how do you make money on the races there when the overounds on the books are something like 140%? Winning horses are quoted at 25/1 and then you look at Betfair SP and it was about 125/1 . Even the horse i had today, was i thought a nice price at 10/1 but it went off at 18 on betfair and the place part of the bet was much more then the quarter the odds that i got. I dont think that should be happening and punters at courses there are getting truly ripped off, i only hope things dont go the same way here.

Watched the Murray game tonight didnt have a go on that at all i thought it was a very strange match especially in the last when he kinda collapsed losing three of his own serves. I didnt think it lived upto what i was expecting unlike the Del Potro game earlier which was a fantastic match.

So to todays results were i finished down about £60. I was up in the evening but then backed over 2.5 in the Barca game with them 2-0 up after 26 mins. I had gazed into my crystal ball for long enough and was sure i could see the future i was even thinking 3-3 ! But not to worry im not silly, i kept the receipt for it and will be going into Argos in the morning for a full refund.

Monday, 23 November 2009

The Happy Mondays !

The start of a new week and after the last couple where i have just been treading water i was really hoping to be positive and move my month onwards and upwards. Happily apart from missing one of the Punters Profits bets it all came together for me.

Overnight i was vey unlucky with my basketball bet with the Heat winning by just one point after trailing near the death. If i had been awake i would have greened this game up for a healthy profit.

I had three of my own selections today. Two were unplaced but found a nice winner on betfair followed by a double bet on Dusk from Punters Profits. These two won me just over £800.

The tennis at the moment is not happening for me. The games are not the sort i trade and i certainly didnt want to get to heavily involved. In the evening i won on the Newcastle/Preston correct score market. I just traded the game. I love it when there are no early goals and after seeing the Magpies play Sheff Utd the other week i thought it would be a safe bet to back the 0-0 and work my way out of it. The only thing with this, is you then have to sit and watch a match that could have put you off football for life.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Busy Bee !

Very busy weekend which resulted in a pretty even result. I backed Imperial Commander in the big race each way at 12/1 couldnt believe he stayed with Kauto Star and nearly nicked it. Alas he lost even though i never saw a print it must off been a head bobber! When the market reopened after the finish he traded odds on so i laid him so won £137 on Kauto Star and the place money on mine so not so bad. Bet Catalyst gave me Albertas Run which came home very nicely. I got 17/2 with Corals, and they were the highlights of the day. Punters Profits had a couple of losers and so did the Tipping Legends and then i managed to lose about £200 on the darts in the evening its been such a long weekend i cant remember how i did it but i did.

Onto Sunday and again Tipping legends drew a blank and my three choices also didnt do to well except for My Arch which won with me getting it at 11.55 on Betfair. All my NFL bets won thanks for that Luton from SBC and the Linebacker and also traded a couple of games there which were very interesting.
Obviously i got involved in the tennis and was unlucky with Murray as all my green was on Del Potro and after the Stepanek game a couple of weeks ago i thought he might go AWOL again but he played very well in the third set to win. I pulled £40 from that game and then £30 in the Fed game.

I did think that i missed a lot of opportunities this weekend. But sometimes this is the trouble, you tend to kick yourself a lot and not congratulate yourself enough for the clever moves. As they say hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Con Men

Firstly lets talk about the bookies. One thing i find is the constant conning that goes on with them drives me mad. I would appreciate any feedback on the subject of closed accounts and how to get round this problem. There is no consistency with them in regards to payouts some dock me money some dont. Many times i have backed a horse with seperate bookies to find out they have both paid me back a different amount of money, and its not like you can complain to anyone because they dont want your business anyway. It makes me laugh to see the idiot on from Victor Chandler saying they have just laid £2k each way. They must only be taking the money because they have a pretty good idea they wont be paying out on it. I dont bet with them because i cant. As below: Ref: Victor chandler

Dear Mr Dixon,

We are contacting you today to advise that a business decision has been taken by our Senior Traders and I must inform you that betting Account Number ++++++ has now been closed and no further business may be executed on your behalf.

The balance of this Account at the point of closure stood at zero with no outstanding bets.

As explained in our Terms and Conditions, a Traders decision is final and will not be over turned.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past custom.

Kind Regards

Rose Comper
Account Queries Department

Victor Chandler

This communication and the information it contains :-

They are obviously not the only ones with Betfred/Sporting Bet all offering great odds until you try to have a bet with them the list goes on.

So to Friday i had a good day i backed Mini Beck E/W at 10/1 it went off at 14/1 and came second. I have pasted there website crap below with my return:

So i didnt get the BOG price as advertsied,and when i called them up i was told i had a restricted account and BOG doesnt include restricted accounts. Now you will not find this on their site and apparently they had sent me a letter to inform me a couple of months ago, which of course i never received.
Well the racing went ok i had 3 punters profits bets all going down the pan, i picked five myself got three placed and a 16/1 winner to boot. The two places were both 20/1 as well.

In the evening i won £130 on the darts only traded three games and the first game should have made a hay but hoped for Young to win and left the majority of the green on him. I couldnt believe the amount of doubles Thornton missed but he just came through.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ticking Over

Well my own bets didnt fair much better today. Had three with the final one Mistress To No One again getting close but just not getting there against a horse that skidded on its arse after one fence but the jockey stayed on and it won ! Typical ! Did the two of the three Punters Profits selections one losing and the double bet winning . The third was to short a price for me.

Wish i could post up some pretty graphs tonight but of the four darts matches i scratched two and lost a total of £71 on the other two. I actually think i did well just the players i backed didnt step up to the plate when the going got tough.

I see Ireland have asked for the game with France to be replayed i think they've got two hopes and one of thems called Bob. Asking FIFA is like asking the FSA to regulate the banking system they are both pointless organisations and about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Anyway ended the day about £200 up so that was good.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Hand Of God( Part 2)

So Mr Henry managed to get the French through to the World Cup Finals with a deft couple of hand movements, poor bloke must have thought he was playing handball. While everybody in Ireland will be up in arms about it i am sure we would have all done the same, still a shame as i was looking forward to a penalty shootout which i thought was the least the Irish deserved. Glad i didnt get involved in the football as all the World Cup qualifying games finished 1-0 and there was not much excitement about.

I didnt get up to much yesterday as i was out and about. Had a few bets and finished about £20 up with the Punters Profits selection winning again and me picking a few losers.

So to today and a bit frustrated with my own selections as all 6 finished out of the places losing me £300. Sometimes it just doesnt run for you as you hoped and i dont think i have picked my own winner since last weeks 20/1 shot came home.

I sat down tonight and tried to trade the darts which is just so fast moving and with such a lack of liquidity it is much harder than tennis. Mind you i managed to get involved in five games and seem to be getting a handle on it and am becoming more confident with where the entry points are in the market. Anyway i scratched three of the games and got a couple of winners as well, so ended the day down about £150. I hope to be a bit more confident and aggressive tomorrow with this tournament.

Monday, 16 November 2009

The Fast And The Furious

Or is it the Fats And The Furious? A big welcome back to the darts not as slim and athletic as last weeks tennis players but just as exciting especially the Mardle /Hankey game. Trying to trade darts is pretty tough, the action is so quick you just dont have time to get out if you get it wrong. So starting of with small stakes i will try to make some money. I wont achieve the same strike rate as the tennis but will try to get some profit and confidence as the week goes on. At least thats the plan!
So to today, it was pretty uneventful for me no horse tips so i had to do my own thing. I picked four horses and managed to get three placed . The closest was Chariot Charger at Plumpton which i managed to back at 8.5 with Lads it traded at 1.13 but cocked up the last fence and got beat.
Still made £32 from the each way horse bets and another £74 on Betfair from laying for small stakes and backing and laying in running.
This evenings darts got me another £30 so happy to have reached my daily target making £140
it doesnt sound a lot but over the course of a year its a nice wage and certainly beats working!

Normal Service Is Resumed !

Got back to some sort of normal routine with a few horse winners. Two from Punters Profits, one from The Tipping Legends and one from me. I was out yesterday watching the Albion win at Southampton thought they played really well and deserved to win, obviously all trying to impress the new manager. Next game i think is against Leeds so probably be bought down to earth with a bump!
Missed the tennis which was a shame because it sounded like a great match and now just waiting for the tournament in London which i hope will be as good. I made just over £1k from last weeks tennis trading so pleased with that in an otherwise forgetable week and clawed backed another £300 on Sunday. Unfortunately the NFL bets crashed and burned.
Hope everyone has a good week. Heres a bit of entertainment, watch it in slow motion..

Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Long Hard Day

Saturdays you either love them or hate him. So many bets to get placed, texts and emails coming in then trying to get the bookies to accept them and keeping track of them. I got all my bets done and then i thought i have staked a lot of money today i hope it doesnt go wrong. Then watched in horror as one by one they started losing and i started counting up my losses.
It was becoming bloodier than watching one of those SAW movies! Firstly Punter profits, all 3 bets lost and i have done 20% of my bank since the start of the week. I had a few other tipsters as well all losing. Now i dont mind if they run a race but this lot were falling ,getting tailed off it was rather depressing. I picked five of my own and got no winners but three seconds.

Didnt trade the first tennis match as i was so busy placing losing bets ! but got on the second one which was a fantastic match. Monfils is such an athlete and great to see such skill and touch from Stepanek who is so different to the hard hitters around the game.
Anyway i won on that and it helped ease the pain and then finally got a winner at the death from Tipping Legends which halved my losses. So ended up £ 400 down.
I will start trading the darts probably Monday because i had a bit of success with that last time so watch this space..

Friday, 13 November 2009

Indecisive? Im Not Sure !

Well as the header says today was a head scratcher. I didnt think there was any value in the tennis and i tried to trade the first two games and finished up even. I couldnt find entry points and then waited and missed chances. Eventually i gave up and went to the cricket England /South Africa game. Then it started raining and England were slightly behind on the stupid Duckworth (i dont understand it) Lewis rule so everybody and their mothers started bailing out. I had a nice postion on England but with the rain starting to descend i got out for a £30 profit which should have been £100. Anyway they bowled one more over in which England where now one run ahead on the stupid Duckworth (i dont understand it) Lewis rule and then the storm kicked in and that was that.
If i waited for another over it would have been better !
The horses again failed to live up to expectations i backed three of my own choices each way and they all placed , but the tips from Punters Profits and Tipping Legends were all losers.
Finally had a go on the football and won a bit back along with the NFL bet which won over night finishing down £300 for the day. Since Sunday i am exactly even so still £3k up for the month but its been a hard week so far.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Its Not All Champagne And Roses You Know

Today was the three legged donkey day for me.I backed five of my own selections they all drifted in the markets and then all lost. What a surprise.

I had to laugh when the first Punters Profits nag won and then the second fell at the last fence after being gifted the race. Luckily for me i laid it to cover my stake as it came to the final fence at 1.08 so no damage done but still a sickener. Still looking forward to some proper racing with Cheltenham starting tomorrow. I looked at trading the horse markets but was really shocked by the lack of liquidity and i thought better of it.

So to tennis and only traded two games both posted below. Just to prove it can go wrong the Clement game was so poor i think the guy only held his serve three times in the match and i just couldnt get any worthwhile trade out of that, but at least i cut my losses for a fairly small loss.
The Simon game i didnt bother with as he was injured and i think he should have just pulled out of the tournament because you could have had a chance of getting your money back from the bookies but watching him try to run around reminded me of watching some of the nags i had backed that very same afternoon. The second game was Mr Murray who won the first set 6/1 and then proceeded to go AWOL so that was OK for me. So a loss on the day of £100 with just one bet tonight on the NFL i have backed the 49ers with a -3 handicap.
Wish me luck .....

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Super Nadal !

"He put on his cape and became a new man" so said Peter Fleming on Sky Sports this afternoon.
Another gem from the ex tennis pro who always looks to me like he enjoyed a few smokes in his time, if you get my drift. I love the guys on Skys tennis channel Fleming,Petchey and Cowan who i think always talk a lot of sense.
Watching this game was probably the highlight of my day and i am sure that a lot of more experienced traders than me made a bundle. Nadal was down a set and 5-3 in the 2nd and to top it off 40/0. The game was over but Nadal did a quick change into his cape, and came through in 3 long sets , amazing !
Apart from this, today was another slow day.On the nags Punters Profits 3 tips all lost i then in my wisdom managed to a lay a horse which won beating the horse i backed by a neck. If that had been reversed it would have been Happy Days.
My own each way system gave me two bets the first i backed this morning missing the 28/1 with Bl Sq but getting 25/1 with Lads. It steamed into 10/1 s/p and then came second after trading odds on on Betfair. So all in all a nearly day, i am sure we have all had plenty of them.
Well another turn up for the book as the Fed gets beat, luckily i laid him at the start of the tournament for small stakes so a double bit of luck for me.
And finally the late game