Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Month End.

So another month draws to a close and time for a tally up. Firstly today I had just the one bet. I backed Ring For Time in the morning at 6/1 and it drifted but still managed to win at 8/1. Luckily I have a new Stan James account so I got paid out at BOG unlike my own account!

Bet Cat had one bet as well £25 e/w, forgive me I have forgotten the nags name but it was 33/1 and came way down the field.

I had a few lays on the horses and the tennis winnings came from laying Federer to win 2-0 in sets , he lost in three. He really doesnt seem to perform in the masters tournaments but saves his energies for the slams.

Overnight the "a" bet lost in the basketball and i have already placed my "b" bet. Now there is a game straight after which qualifies but I will be asleep by then so if the b bet loses I will just have to write of the sequence as I am not getting up in the middle of the night to find out what happened !

The month panned out with losses of £305 for PP and £36 for Equine Investments. Bet Cat had £1100 profit and my own bets were £1260 profit. My own trading profit was £372 and finally the Basketball system had no losing sequence and made £ 300.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Been busy last few days in London so only had one horse bet which was a loser. Had two basketball bets with the first a loser and the b bet winning last night.
I have another basketball bet for tonight and also had a £50 win by laying Man Utd when they were 1-0 up.

Hope tomorrow to get back into it.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Falling Down.

I remember a film called "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas. He went on a bit of a rampage after getting to the end of his tether and I had that feeling this past weekend.

It all started with listening to Gordon Brown, Saturday morning on Sky News promising what sounded like the earth with pledges and promises galore. De ja Vu?

The first thing to check Saturday morning was the C bet from Sports Betting Professor . This came in so still no losing sequence for me yet.From then on things didnt go to plan. Bet Cat had two bets and as normal I put them in an e/w double. The first horse ran a great race and nearly got up on the line but was second at 20/1, the second horse came nowhere. During the week Bet Cat also sent an ante post for the Lincoln which was called Huzzah. Unfortunately it didnt really get going and finished down the field.

My own bets were criminal and ended up losing £300. What really put me in a bad mood was an SP Bet I had on Betfair. The horse typically won and the SP was 5.0. Funnily enough I had put in as my minimum odds 5.0, but somehow my bet wasnt matched costing me £250. I rang Betfair but as usual came up against the same waffle and excuses , but what can you do? Yes the SP was 5.0 but there wasnt enough money in the market for your bet to get matched I was told, even though it was a Saturday afternoon which really surprised me. So was the SP 5.0 then? Send your answers on a postcard.....

The Football system had a poor weekend with about seven losers and only two winners ! There are a couple of C bets coming this week.

Sunday morning bought another winning basketball bet.

Checking the race cards I couldnt believe the amount of 16+ runner handicaps and in total I had my busiest betting day this year with me backing 15 horses.

Amazingly( or maybe not) I backed loser after loser with the biggest gutter being Regenaration which Jamie Spencer rode in the 3.00 at Doncaster. I got this at 11/1 in the morning and it went of at 3/1 and never ran any kind of race. With so much money coming for it I hoped the gamble would be landed.
Then in Ireland in the 5.10 my horse came fourth only for me to find out that a nag got withdrawn just before the off so only 15 runners competed so no place money for me.
So it was all down to my last race the 5.40, and finally I hit the jackpot again getting not just first but second as well . This helped put a big dent in my losses for the day. This time the lower priced horse won.
So after a long weekend the last race got me back a nice bit of money.

With the tennis my own tissue gave me four bets on Friday that I classed as value and all four won. Unfortunately on Saturday I had three bets and they all lost ! Still slightly up and will continue my quest....

Friday, 26 March 2010

Master Eddy Rules !!

A positive day for me. Bet Cat had one bet an each way shot with Noble Aran at 14/1 in the 2.55. It travelled fantastically well and looked to be in with a chance but suddenly a few fences from home went out like a light. Now this race was a 16 runner + handicap so as well as this bet I picked two for myself. When there is a horse with my namesake such as Master Eddy running I had to have a look at the form and decided to get on at 16/1. My other bet was Regal Approach at 7/1.

As you can imagine it was great to see Master Eddy hold on for victory with Regal Approach coming home third so a nice touch was landed . This race won me about £500.

My only other bet was Supreme Plan in the 1.50 which I got at 22/1 e/w and unluckily it came home fourth ! I had a few small bets on Betfair all in running as the horses today were all winning from the front at Lingfield.

The first football bet of the weekend was Breda in the Dutch league and as I type they have won 3-0.

In the Basketball I have placed the final bet in the sequence and will find out in the morning if I have been successful.

Finally in the tennis i have decided to approach it a bit like the horses and make a tissue of what I think the players prices should be before looking at Betfair or the bookies sites. Now if the price is 20% better or worse than my homemade tissue I will either back or lay the selection. As the saying goes the proof will be in the pudding as to whether I can make profitable choices. To act as a buffer I will also try to trade these matches to reduce liabilities and then decide if this helps or hinders my figures.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Concise Cochise.

Overnight the B bet in the basketball system lost costing me £88. We now roll onto the third and final selection in the sequence which I gather will come tomorrow.

Bet Cat had one selection in the 4.10 Isabelonabicycle which I had £50 on at 11/2. Unfortunately it was never really going that well and finished down the field.

I picked out seven horses with the highlight for me being in another over 16 runner handicap. As mentioned before I like to pick two horses in these types of races and for the third time in three months I managed to get the first and second. I shall maybe start having little reverse forecasts on these. Anyway it was the 4.45 in Ireland where I got Cochise at average odds of 15/1 and Bold Present at 8/1. Luckily for me the higher priced nag won ! Predateur was a faller two out unluckily for me when nailed on for second place in the 4.45, and the others were Bere Davis in the 3.15, Shades Of Grey in the 6.50 and Le Platino in the 2.40.
My only other placed horse was 18 Carat in the 2.10 which I got at various prices from 16/1 to 10/1.

That was it for me today and a small profit was made. The tennis in Miami is now in full swing but I am waiting until the televised stuff starts on Saturday to get involved there, in the meantime I have had £10 at 50 on Tsonga and the same amount on Wawrinka at 250. Hopefully they will both go deep in the draw.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bad Day For Sport.

Pretty even last couple of days for me. Yesterday I had three bets with one Heez A Cracker getting placed at 16/1 in the 3.05. Bet Cat didnt have a bet but Richard very kindly sent me an in running trade.It went of at 14 on Betfair and looked to be in trouble but got a second wind and hit my lay at 5.9, then the cheeky nag went onto to win as well ! It was Zafrangar in the 4.50. This made me about £100.

The overnight basketball bet lost so the next one will be a b bet. The Football system had two bets the first a winner on Notts Forest but the second bet on St Johnstone in the Scottish Prem ended in a draw.

Today I picked three horses with two unplaced but the third bolted up at 9/2. I managed to get 7/1 earlier in the day.No football bets tonight but the bet b on the basketball has been placed.

After the Italian football match at the weekend we had a couple of more farces today. At the mens tennis in Miami there was one match that wasnt right. Rochus v Koellerer where bookies stopped taking bets on the 2-1 in sets win for Koellerer. Rochus won the first set but the odds were not correct considering he was a set up and money kept coming in for Koellerer and he was in the position of being the odds on favourite even though he was losing. I backed him at 1.56 even though he was a set down and it was level in the second set. Instead of moaning about it thought I would have a bit of it myself ! As you can guess he won in three sets.

This afternoon was the turn of horse racing to make an ass of itself . A horse called Nevertika which was heavily backed all day and opened up at 3/1 proceeded to bolt and run a whole circuit of the course before being pulled up. The odds on betfair went from 4 to 12 but instead of withdrawing the horse the trainer decided to run it. Any punter on this horse was done for and it ended up being pulled up when tailed off after about five fences.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Mondays Mutterings.

Overnight the Basketball bet came in to clear the previous loss, so another £80 profit there. It should have been the third and final bet of the sequence but for me it was the second one as I missed the earlier losing bet.
After last weeks great horse racing, today I was struggling to get involved with the nags. I had three e/w bets with two seconds giving me a slight profit and a dabble on Betfair as well. In the end I decided to watch the 20/20 cricket on ITV which was really entertaining.
I have been receiving emails from a website concerning tennis betting and I wondered if anyone else has? I replied asking for proof of the bets but have received no reply and it seems very dodgy. Here is the website in case anyone that reads this knows of them:

Concerning this type of thing can you believe that Pyschic Soccer made £12k from the promotion of their system ! They wanted 200 people to each pay a non refundable £60 and they managed to get it done! The system that they had was dumped half way through because it made losses and even with the new laying off idea it only made a 10% profit in two months. From reading the promotional blurb they were gonna double your bank every month with this system that has been tested over many years, you gotta hand it to them though. Again I have sent him about seven emails and not had one reply with the last one asking why he has removed the chat room from their website. I think I know the reason why....

If you ever want to check on web sites use this address. It gives an idea of how long they have been running.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Steady Eddy.

Well a good weekend for me with nice steady gains. Had two losing bets from Bet Cat costing me £150. Unfortunately of the five each way bets I placed only one placed and that was Dolly Hall which got up for fourth in Ireland today.

Even though Equine has finished he sent out some mentions for Lingfield yesterday and I duly backed two of them. They were Tranquil Tiger and Brave Echo who both won. The money really came for the former of the two and just I followed it in.

There was a winner Friday night and a loser last night on the basketball so I am going to bet b for the next match. The Football system had a really good weekend with seven winners and three losers. There were two b bets in France and Spain which both won today, so out of the ten leagues I just have the one going to bet b at the moment in Italy after AC Milan drew 1-1. The winners were Wigan,Roma ,Fiorentina,Cardiff,Mallorca,Montpellier and Heracles. Losers Deportivo, AC Milan and Lens.
In the tennis backing Ljubo at Indian Wells at 571/1 was a nice touch. Unfortunately I got rid of the bet before his game with Nadal . With hindsight of course I would be sitting on a fantastic profit if I hadnt of done that but on the other hand I didnt want to get nothing out of it. At least I have a £245 profit to add to tomorrows figures once it gets paid out.
I received a comment yesterday which I would like to agree with and if you are against the monopoly being built up by Betfair then lets all go to Betdaq once a week and see if we can help build up some healthy competition.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Catch The Pigeon.

Cutting to the chase and I only had one bet from Bet Cat today. Equine has now finished until May and the PP are not followed anymore ( I get the email everyday and I think they had about nine losers at the festival and one winner which was odds on!) In my last post I said all the profit had been eroded from last month because of their long losing run so today was a £70 e/w bet on a 40/1 shot . I only managed to get £50 e/w on, but to complete the Twiston-Davies treble we had Pigeon Island, and o how I cheered that nag up the hill to win in fine style. So hats off to Bet Cat a £2500 winner for me. For a hundred odd quid a year that is a value service.

As you can see I had to do it in two goes. I believe it returned at 16/1 so a fantastic early price for all involved.

Before all that excitement I had a few bets myself on Cheltenham and felt it was going against me. In the 1.30 I had Gilded Age at 40/1 which was fourth coming over the last and I was looking forward to the place money but it didnt last and came home sixth. In the 2.40 I had Silver Kate and in the Gold Cup Carrathers who at 33/1 had third place nicked on the line by Mon Mome. After watching the replays I was gutted. So to the 4.40 where I had the first and the third but not in the order I wanted them by hey a nice result.
Finally tonight I had Jezza in the 9.20 which I got at 11/1. It went off at 9/2 and with the Dazzler riding from the front it nearly held on but was caught just on the line, shame as that would have made it a great day.
I still have Ljubo in the tennis, and another first bet tonight in the Basketball. The Football system gave out its first bet in Holland tonight which was Heerenveen to win which they have just done by 4-1. So all in all a great day.

No post tomorrow as I am out celebrating my birthday !

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursdays Work.

Another busy day, so starting with Equine a bet on two horses in the same race with neither winning. The loss of £75 wasnt suffered as I layed one of the horses at 1.10 to cover the bet. As mentioned before I do that sometimes on certain bets just in case in gets caught on the line. Bet Cat had two bets and I put them in a double as well but unfortunately there losing run continues and the profits from last month are slowly being eroded.

I managed to eek out a profit of £65 from my own bets with one winner, and one place. I had four other runners not place.
The final bet in the basketball system won even though from looking at the scores half way through they were losing by about 15 odd points. So this reverts back to bet one and brings my profit for this to about £250. The Football Bet system has had no bets this week.
As i write Ljubo is a set down in the tennis to Monaco and I am trying to get rid of some of the bet!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

One Of Those Days.

Strange day for me. Tennis has been really good this tournament with me making a steady profit even when Im in bed. In fact I think if I left half the matches I was in alone I would have made more money. I have a real niggle though and that is with Radwanska as I couldnt believe she was 100 on Betfair to win Indian Wells. I put a bet in and got some matched at 100 and can you believe she is now only 4 on Betfair and through to the semis. It annoys me cause I only got £2 out of £25 matched and I just know shes gonna win this bloody tournament to piss me off even more. I should have taken 66/1 with the bookies but hindsight is a wonderful thing...

In the mens tournament I have two bets running and both still in it which is nice(fast show pun.)
Fancied Ljubo after looking at his draw which looked a nice passage to the last 16 where he would face The Joker who he lost to in three sets in Dubai last month. So a bit of value there. He plays Monaco in the quarter finals with the winner probably playing Nadal in the semis. I shall see if I can lay some more off. Cant see either player winning and following my home country prediction I fancy Roddick and I might have a few quid on him.

So horse wise today was very positive. I had two bets from Equine to dutch a couple of horses in the 8.50 at Kempton. I backed one of the horses twice by mistake and it won ! I am sure you are getting the picture from my blog that I am a bit dumb but I am just getting old I think! Belows the proof....

Bet Cat gave two bets and and the normal each way double, but again no luck with them. They seem to be on a bit of a losing run at the moment.

I probably had the best day for my own bets for the last six months as I hit three winners and also had two places in Forpadytheplaster at 10/1 in the 3.20 and in the 4.15 Bear Witness.

The winners are below. I am not sure if people take much interest in the figures but Weapons Amnesty was paid out at 12/1 even though the SP was only 10/1. I thought Hills had made a mistake and I was actually going to get one over on the bookies but no ! they had a special Cheltenham offer which I didnt even realise when I placed the bet, so well done to them.
The second Basketball system bet lost last night so tonights bet is the last in the series. If it loses I write off the losses and start again, and it will be interesting to see if this is noted on the next email from Rich.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Catch Up

Well sorry for the late posts but I am finding with all thats going on that it is difficult sometimes after a long day to then write all this stuff up, so will be more sporadic posts in the future.
If you read JPs blog you will know that Saturday was a bit of a flop with no winners from three Equine bets and one PP bet. Luckily I had three bets with one winner, which bolted up really nicely.
Bet Cat had two bets as well and I put them in an each way double, both sadly coming nowhere.
In the evening their was a losing Basketball bet so next up to double the bet with that.
Not a lot doing Sunday with no bets from any tipsters. I had seven horses with four placing with two coming second at 12/1 and 16/1. Monday I had three bets with one winner at 8/1,
Onto today and another couple of losers for PP. I have now done 50% of my bank and have decided to call it a day with them. Its so annoying to see two evens favourites getting turned over and with the amount of low price bets with this service I think it would take me another six months to get back to level, even if I was lucky enough to do that. I did put aside a bank for PP but it is like a dripping tap with money slowly being drained and I have had enough !!

Bet Cat also had a couple of losing horses today, and I had five with three placing and one winner. They were 1.45 Below The Deck, 2.30 Laylas Lexi, and in the 4.00 Another Jewel. The only winner was Lovey Dovey I got at 14/1, which went off at 5/1. I had to split again as Stan James would let me get much off.

As i have mentioned before I have decided not to renew any racing service tips and will just be following my own tips and concentrating more on trading to make a living, which will mean less posts unless I have something exciting to say !

Concerning the football betting system I havent put actual money on these selections but in the Italian league the second selection Parma won at the weekend so that was good. In Belgium the first game was a winner so was the first Spanish game. The leagues that are going onto their second system bets are English Championship, Portugese and French premier divisions.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fridays Fixtures

Late night last night so no post. Yesterday went a little bit like this...

First losing Basketball bet by 1/2 point on the spread how unlucky is that, so I had to do the old martingale bit and double up the bet for the next game. This time the spread came through to give another winner.
Horse racing there was no bet from Bet Cat or Equine and just the one from PP which was an odds on winner, which I include below.
I finished about even on my own bets after losing a bit on Betfair I had a winner with Dr Hart, yet again I forgot to press the each way button. Idiot.So I am testing a system called Football Bets Direct. I received an email yesterday from Neil about joining but because there are no results on the web site but a lot of profitable claims I declined. Anyway Neil has offered to send me the daily emails to see for myself which not many people actually do. It works the same as the Sports Betting Professor with the A, B or C bets for certain European leagues . Yesterday gave two bets, Inter in Italy and Schalke in Germany both to win. The latter did but Inter lost so the next bet in the Italian league will be a double bet!

Finally I wanted to post up this screen shot of a horse race yesterday were the winner was 33/1 in the morning and went off as the 11/4 favourite ! If you look at the screen shot you can see in its last few runs it has been pulled up and never finished in the first ten. I believe the trainer got pulled into the stewards room after to explain about this mysterious dog suddenly becoming Shergar. As per normal nothing was done.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Give And Take.

Not the best of days as PP put up three short price selections that all got turned over. Holmwood Legend, Richards Sundance and finally Keep Guessing. The last one of the trio drifted alarmingly before the off and then got basically ridden to lose. It was at the back of the bunch before the off so giving the leaders a nice ten length advantage and then was never really pushed to hard to get in the race. Wayne Hutchinson the jockey was a disgrace but you know this is the game when you sign up for it and thats life.

Equine had just the one which just got up on the line to win, recouping my losses from PP.
I had just two selections with neither placing the closest I got was Douryna in the 2.30 coming fourth. Overnight it was four from four on the basketball bets as the New Jersey Nets beat the spread.
Nothing from Bet Cat today but thanks to Richard for setting up the chat room for us to discuss horses and trading. It was nice to get some company with some useful knowledge and insight and I hope to do it again.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Feast Or Famine

After the last two days of gluttony today I came back to earth with the normal bump. Just one selection from PP which was a double bet. The same horse was a double bet last week and it lost so today it managed to repeat that feat. The nag in question was Keepholding in the 4.40, so £100 lost.

Nothing from Bet Cat or Equine so i picked seven out. The only success of the day was a placed effort from Burrow Vic in the 4.15 at Naas which i got at 8/1. So a £275 loss there.

I managed to get back about £160 from both Basketball bets coming in last night, and a bit of tennis and horse pre race trading. I bought half a point juice on the Toronto game even though it wasnt needed as they only narrowly lost. Now I dont really know what that last sentence means but thats what I was told to do and it sounds cool I reckon...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Little Promise.

Its funny this betting lark, in my eyes the most important thing needed for any punter is mental strength. Being able to have the will to just plough on when times are tough and things just arent going your way. I recently finished reading Dave Nevisons second book which like the first is a great read, and the thing that struck me most is that even a pro punter who bets in thousands of pounds a day is the same as the rest of us. He has crisis of confidence and wonders where the next bit of money is coming from after having dismal results. This is why he is now branching into horse management/ownership much more than before because he sees the demise off certain aspects of horse racing which were once profitable to him. Basically he is evolving, trying to stay one step ahead for his future money and well being and something for me to ponder on too.

So another profitable day which surprised me given the lack of bets but things just went for me. Firstly Equine had Sirjosh in the 5.10. I managed to get on at 14/1, it went off at the much lower price of 13/2 but was never in the running.
Nothing from PP and just the one from Bet Cat which was Victory Gunner e/w in the 3.30. I had £20 e/w on Betfair at 70 in the win market and 16 in the place market. Bet Cat has had a hard time of it lately and today followed that on but the horse really did run well and came down as low as 6 in running and 1.15 in the place market. Hard luck stories dont win you money though and it was a big shame it got caught near the line for third place.
The money came from my own selections of which there were three. The 3.00 race was a 16 runner handicap, my sort of race. The punter has the obvious place money advantage and if I can find enough value I will always have a couple of horses so if one does get placed it covers the loss on the other horse. I picked two early on and they came home first and second both at much lower prices than I got. In fact the winner was the 9/2 favourite half of what I managed to get.

My only other bet was well supported. I tried to get it at 25/1 in the morning but couldnt get any money of, so decided to take 20/1. It was a strange affair as the horse went off at 12/1 took the lead and then faded, it hit the magical 999/1 on Betfair and then got its arse in gear to rally over the last few fences and then get up near the line to win!
To help top of the day I pre-traded about ten races and after losing the first two for a loss of £50 managed to come back to make a profit.

Monday, 8 March 2010


Still feeling rough but wanted to give an update so here is a recap. Saturday I only had a few bets losing £250 from a PP selection and three Bet Cat selections. Yesterday I took the day off as no bets came through and I didnt have the energy to go through the card myself.

Overnight I left a bet in play on the tennis which lost. This is the importance of not betting when you are ill. I backed Dani in the final at 1.70 for £100 she won the first set and traded at 1.18 but then went on to lose the next two. If i had been feeling well enough I would have been awake and traded out of the bet for a no loss situation. The only positive was that it was partially off set by a winning Basketball bet.
This was the first bet from The Sports Betting Professor which I have decided to join, lets see how this one goes!

PP had a double stake bet but the horse could only finish second losing me £100 while Equine had an each way double with both finishing second and a third bet which was a very easy winner.I picked two horses with the first coming fourth but the second won. It was quite amazing really as I backed it at 8/1, it drifted to 10/1 but actually went off at 19 on Betfair and hit 38 within a few seconds. When you have an odds on favourite people are looking to lay the other horses to silly prices sometimes.I had a few bets and trades on Betfair with two really good ones. When the adverts are on I hit the red button to watch the horses going to the start of their races. One horse was playing up so I layed it just as the commercial break was finishing. When it came back on the camera was following it and other people jumped on the bandwagon. It got better as the jockey got off and the commentator thought he was throwing up or was ill but what had actually happened was the horse had kicked him on his kneecap so he was doubled up in pain. As soon as he got back on the horse people started backing it again so I backed it as well, not really rocket science but good enough for me. The second one was a horse called Sir Ian who was being backed in and looked like he was going to jump away in the lead as he was being pushed to the front of the pack before the start of the race. At certain courses front runners do very well so I had a bet on him at the off at 5.2 and as soon as they jumped off he came down to 3.85 as people got stuck in. I got rid of the bet straight away but he was never headed and actually won ! Typical..