Wednesday, 1 December 2010

El Classico ?

What an amazing game of the football. The skill, touch and ease of these players was a sight to behold and really proved that dreams can come true as the scoreline showed. The last twenty minutes was just a show of keep ball as the game as a contest was over.

The oppostion only had two shots on target all night and to celebrate I even cracked open a couple of Stellas. When my other half came in from her evening university course I said " Can you guess the score" to which she replied "1-1."
I then moved out of the way of the TV and there it was in all its glory "What!" she screamed "West Ham 4 Manchester United 0."

So she joined me and had a glass of wine and we watched Alex's face getter redder together. Oh and by the way the game on Monday was pretty good those Barcelona boys sure can play some.

Back to reality and another month has shot by, December is here and the first snows landed where I live this morning. Not sure how much blogging I will do this month as I am not following any tipsters and with just my own bets it will be pretty sparce I imagine. After great months in August and October, November will go down as one of the worst this year. My own bets only made a small profit and the two tipsters both lost money. Luckily I traded some good profit from horse racing and amazingly football.

So this is where I am for now. I have dropped all tipsters and joined "The X Club" to try to improve my trading especially in the football department. I am sure if you read blogs like mine that you will have seen it on the web. I have bought enough crappy systems with the money I spent to join so personally I think this will be a great investment and help improve my mindset and skills in this area. Once I joined I spoke to Matt for an hour on Skype and I must say I have never met anybody before who is more astute and knowledgeable about Betfair markets. I do feel a complete novice because even though I have traded the markets for a number of years you speak to someone like him and realise you really havent got a clue. Whether I can cut the mustard is to be seen but I shall try my best!

Finally I have the Winners Market below for 2010/2011 I was going to set a goal to see how far I can get but I wont because I am not really sure and dont want to push it. As it goes up or down I shall update it and see where we are come May next year.


  1. Good luck with the x club, his material looks the business, I think the only thing holding me back from signing up with him is the sign up fee, the monthly fee seems acceptable. Anyway keep us all posted on how you get on.


  2. Hi,
    I've started a greyhound blog, fancy swapping links?