Friday, 14 January 2011

Back To The Future.

I remember somebody saying to me that after visiting New Zealand it reminded them off England thirty years ago. I had an idea of what they meant but having never crossed so many time zones in my life it has always been one of life's great mysteries for me.
I know from looking back at my blog and obviously from my memory that one year ago I was sitting here watching the tennis from Auckland just as I am now, when suddenly it hit me what they meant.

In between games the music comes on, and while the watchers sit under the green parasols at the side of the court drinking pimms in the midday sun, the sounds being piped over the speakers are the sounds of thirty years ago.

Its like Dazzling Darrens disco as "Walking On The Moon" by The Police, then "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley, "Easy" by Lionel Ritchie , and then rounded off with a bit of Hall and Oates come drifting in the air reminding me of my youth. The more amazing thing for me is that they played exactly the same songs during the breaks this time last year. Groundhog day New Zealand style, so if you get the chance to watch on Betfair video, sit back, relax, enjoy and dont forget your pimms! Magic FMs got nothing on this tournament.

It made me think of when I go to the gym, I used to take an Ipod but its a pain having the lead dangling around you while trying to exercise so now I go and have to hear the same old stuff there too. Sometimes I think I'm in "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" and I am waiting for the loudspeaker to call out " medication time, medication time."

So a nice 12/1 winner with Dandy Boy winning in Meydan today wiping out the small losses from the last three days and putting me up 48 points for the month. Traded some tennis last few days and added 2% to my bank and some Asian Cup football but broke even there. The markets apart from the Australia game were saying no goals but I am hoping that a few more will be forthcoming especially in the knock out stages.

I had a winning lay with Ath Madrid and then a disaster with Southampton but that League will move on to lay no 2 this weekend which at the moment is looking like Brighton but I will know for sure tomorrow.

As I am not pasting anymore, so for decorative purposes, and for all you tennis fans here is Ms Sharapovas new Nike outfit for the Australian Open. Once the draw is made for this tournament I am going to put up a couple of backs to lay.

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