Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year.

Belated Happy New Year to all readers of my blog. So after a busy Xmas, I settled back down to work on the January 1st. After the slowness of December the sporting feast has arrived in the New Year with a bang.

An absolute cracker of a World Darts Final with Adrian Lewis finally coming of age smashing records all over the place to overcome a gallant Gary Anderson. If you missed the amazing 9 darter at the beginning of the match have a look below.

As the German commentator says "Thats RocknRoll."

As mentioned before, this year I not following any horse tipsters just my own selections . I have added a twitter link on the right so if I do fancy anything it will get mentioned on there so if you are interested please follow, just dont blame me if they lose !

I had the typical moaning day on Saturday with a 11/1 shot that I backed getting over 11k matched at 1.01 but somehow losing. It was pretty strange as it had more to do with camera angles than anything because it obviously looked all over the winner but as the camera swung round it was actually behind.
It added to my frustration as I tried to get on Blazing Bailey at Cheltenham but couldnt get the 12/1 anywhere. I was being offered 10/1 by Stan James but believe it or not I didnt think it was good enough value at that price in such a large and competitive field. I then had to watch as it romped home. I then had another called "Junior" which I tweeted at 8/1 trade at 1.25 before coming second.

Just three bets on Sunday with one winning at 7/1 and one placed as well, and nothing today.

I imagine I will not have anywhere near the amount of bets I had last year but this will help free me up to follow some projects I want to and hopefully benefit my trading.

Talking of trading my 2011 P/L looks a bit messy. I find it a bit like my old job where I had four parts of a commission structure to complete to get paid well, I normally could get two or three but there was always something lagging behind dragging me down. Then when the boss wanted to see me that was what he concentrated on and not the positive.

So the balls up is with football. I did a few games over the weekend and things just didnt work out, goals came when I didnt want them to and goals didnt when I did. In three matches I had money next in the queue when goals were scored and once like tonight I had got my lay money matched and within seconds a goal was scored costing me £100. Poor choices, poor selections?
Time will tell.

The horses are going well so thats the positive and am looking forward to seeing some tennis again.

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