Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Well very bad this month with the blogging as I have not been able to really find the time, or the inclination to put my thoughts down in writing. I am not the best with this twitter lark but as a newbie I have found it really helpful for posting up my bets and reading other peoples thoughts on this betting lark. I try to get my bets on line in plenty of time for anyone to follow if they so wish and make them clear and concise.

This month has been a great one with +76 points on the racing so far, today I had a 33/1 come 2nd and a 14/1 come second with one unplaced. It was a bumper Saturday for me with a 14/1 and 8/1 winner. The 8/1 went off at 7/2 and won on the line, which helped ease the pain of Somersby which just didnt get up to defeat Master Minded in the big race. If you follow you will see I only place value bets, which the bookies dont like which is why I keep my stakes to £25 each way. If I could get more off I would but its wise to not get to greedy.

A case in point was tonight where in the X Club one of the guys told me about a bet on Arsenal to score 4 goals against Ipswich. They were 5/2 (3.5) with Hills to get the 4 goals but any unquoted score on Betfair was 2.68 to lay so a fantastic opportunity to get a free bet ( as long as it wasnt Ipswich getting the 4 goals!) being greedy I tried to get £500 with Hills on this but got knocked back to just £200, and then a miserly £40 on another Hills account I have . Unfortunately they only got 3 but a fourth would have given me a nice profit of approx £190. So a nothing bet but I hope the knock back doesnt effect me in the future...

I am 3 and a 1/2 points down on the tennis so far but still have Woz who I backed at 9.8 before the start, she is now in the semi finals and I shall look to lay this off if she makes the Final. Mind you if it is against Zvonareva I might let it ride.

The football lays I have been posting up are in profit to the tune of 2 whole points! Again its better than nothing but I got myself out of the whole with the 4 point lay of Doncaster tonight.
Ten days ago on the Saturday I posted up an amazing free bet I found with Raith being 2.4 on Betfair to lay but backable at 2.75 with a couple of bookies, there was £3k sitting there early in the morning to lay.

Trading football wise I havent done many games at all apart from the Asian Cup games in the afternoon which have been ripe for the goal markets especially again today with both Japan/Korea and Aus/Uzbek games being very profitable. The odds gave a good amount of time to be in the markets waiting for goals to come and neither disappointed.

The horse lays are also up about 15 points this month bringing the total to over 350 points in the past 18 months. So all is good for the time being at least!

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  1. Hi,I am George from Spain and I have been following your blog for a while and I give you my congratulations.I wondered if I could get those horse lays,where do you get them from?