Sunday, 9 January 2011

Round Up.

So three bets Sunday with two places and a big 33/1 winner. Across The Bay ran a lovely race always near the head of the field and never looking in trouble.

This made up for a unlucky Saturday as 12/1 shot Giles Cross traded down at 1.40 in running before running out of the steam in the Welsh Grand National and coming second to APs mount. Good old good AP now has the Grand Slam of Nationals in his pocket. In the race before Professor Emery also traded at 1.5 with a couple of fences left before completely fading away in the heavy ground to finish third.

This gives a profit of 42 points for the week so if you are following on twitter I hope you had a few quid on as well.

The past week on Betfair has been its normal up and down, winning on Racing and Darts but losing on Tennis and Football, but last weeks profit has put my account at a new high!!

The Tennis has been my fault with some poorly executed decisions and one game where I thought a turn around was forthcoming which wasnt! The Football hasnt actually been that bad just had a down turn with following Pete Norsteds draw master which unfortunately is going through a rough spell but that is only to be expected with an ROI of around 50% which couldnt be sustained. I also signed upto his newsletter that has an Italian Strategy which has had four losers in a row. So hopefully better times around the corner with that.

I have mentioned before about going through spreadsheets of football data to try to get myself a system or basis of that to help with my trading. I had completed it last month but really didnt know how to harness the information to make it viable or profitable for that matter. To this end I have come up with two ideas both with staking plans based on fibonacci.I dont have fancy names so System 1 will be laying odds on teams in certain European leagues. The leagues will not be mixed into together but seperated so each one will have its own staking ladder. The plan will be 1/2/3/5/8/13, so basically if I call five losers in a row in a particular league then the sixth and final bet will be 13 times your original stake. If that loses then its back to the beginning.

The second system is again laying certain teams in European Leagues with the following staking plan 1/2/4/8. Again these will be favourites in their matches but not odds on favourites so the plan is more aggressive to get back losses. Just like my horse bets I will be posting these on Twitter so if you want to follow for small stakes please do. I have checked previous years results in the leagues I have selected but obviously that doesnt mean the future will repeat the past !

The 1st selection for system 1 (which was tweeted) was lay Crotone in Serie B for a 1 point stake last Saturday. I managed to lay them at 1.80 though this was a loser as they won 2-0, so this league will go onto lay no 2 when I find a game that matches.

Finally I am not going to be cutting and pasting my Betfair and Racing results on here anymore.

This is more for personal and time reasons than anything else, but if you see my twitter posts you can get an idea for yourself how things are going.


  1. Hi Eddie,
    Good work at the weekend! I just noticed the blog roll link to me keeps linking back to Aintree in November? I'm much better than that day lol :)

  2. Hi Mully,

    Yes sorry about that trying to sort it but doesnt like it. When you click on the link it does take you the most present page though, will see if I can do anything.


  3. Looks good now! :) I placed a free £10 bet voucher on Derby tonight-what a let down :(