Monday, 23 August 2010

Catch Up.

A weekend in which it helped having a few strings to my bow. After dropping money on last weekends football I managed to make a nice profit this weekend which made up for the horse lays which didn't pan out as expected. I missed out on most of this tennis as I had a busy weekend and am under orders not to work on Sundays anymore. This works out well for me as theres not to much happening apart from the same footy teams being shown on Sky Sports each weekend and any bets are placed long before kick off.

Below is from Saturday through til Monday evening.

As you can see nothing amazing but a profits a profit and to help bolster these my winning run continues when backing horses as on Saturday my only bet of the day came in at 17/2.

I havent put this on the blog or shown the results before but I also get tips from someone I know. He doesnt advertise but has a group of about twenty of us that he supplies tips to everyday. On average it works out at about two tips per day and I pay him per point, so if he makes a loss he doesnt get paid. Suffice to say he has been getting paid and has a year to date profit of over 270 points which I imagine would put him very high in any tipster leagues.

Concerning Ian's Elite I am currently standing £ 6 down after two weeks of bets. The first two FTS games he picked both finished 0-0! I couldnt believe my bad luck but over the past weekend the losses have nearly been made back.

All in all a profitable last three days that has put my bank at a high for the month.

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