Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hip Hip Hooray !

A nice touch for me with Hooray winning the 2.15 at York today. I managed to get on at 16/1 in the morning and though I didnt see the race reading the Sporting Life it stayed on well in the final furlong and done the business.

The lays keep on losing with another two today.For a couple of months over the summer I back tracked an idea. It did seem to work but as everybody knows putting it in practice is what matters so I did. I started with a £2k bank which took two months to double which was a bit sooner than I expected and is now standing at just over £4.5k. Now its whether the greed kicks in and I start raising the stakes or do I just plod on and hope in two to three months the bank doubles again. Being very sensible or very boring I will just continue at the current stakes, in case its just a flash in the pan!

Football wise I havent really got to involved the last couple of seasons mainly because of two reasons, number one being I dont have the enthusiam to sit through a game and more importantly I havent made any money! So this season I have joined Ian Erskines Elite Club and I will see if he really does as well as he says. I shall keep you posted on this.


  1. That sounds brilliant about your laying system, i am tired of backing losers and would like to start laying, can you give me any advice

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Stroller,

    I did have proform software way back that helped me start with the lays and I just evolved it from there nicking ideas from other laying systems to make one of my own. One thing I do is look for short priced favs and try to see if there is anything else in the field that could turn it over, also look mainly at maidens,novices and obviously short priced favs in handicaps.

    Good Luck