Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ring, Ring.

So the phone was ringing and I picked it up."Please do not put down the receiver" comes a voice "this is a public information call. " Jesus I thought, is the world ending? Is this how they tell us now days, no more wailing sirens like in the movies. No dark clouds hovering overhead and the rumble of UFO's like a Will Smith movie, no two hundred feet tall walking tri pods and a voice over from Richard Burton.
Then just as suddenly, "Are you in debt? Do you need help?"

Man, how many of these weird automated calls do you get in a day? Well I can tell you as I am home alone for most of it. It averages about three a day.

After replacing the receiver I go to my email and it doesnt get much better there, as many of you know that once you are down as a gambler your email address is sold to all and sundry.
Suddenly I am getting mail from the relatives of Nigerian King pins, who are unfortunately locked away.They have however managed to nestle away a very tidy sum and after scrolling through all the email addresses in the world have decided that I am the lucky one who can be trusted and offered a very large cut of the dough in return for my help. Then next up are the Russian and Thai brides and to help matters go with a swing a phenomenal amount of mail promising an everlasting supply of viagra from all over the World and to help with all this rigorous activity I can also get some pills and potions for making me bigger, thicker and harder than Arnie in Terminator.

On top of this junk I seem to get inundated with offers of systems and free trials and some of these are just the purest of crap. I think I will post up some web sites that I have experienced that dont work and if anybody does read this blog it might help you not make the same mistakes as I have done in the past. The first two in my experience are : Dreamlays and Its Lay Time both I have had the unfortunate luck to encounter. Both have scrapped their results from previous years and have restarted offering riches to behold. If you join either of these two services then good luck is I can say, because just like Keyser Söze, poof. There gone ....

Another strong day with a good profit, the horse lays are ticking over and three personal bets today giving me two places and an 11/1 winner.

The only fly in the ointment has been my tennis so called trading with me just constantly calling things wrong and having to bail out in the red . Over the past two days I have lost about £140 on this which is not a hugh amount but it grinds me because at the end of the day I need to make this sport profitable.

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