Monday, 16 August 2010

The Weekend.

Football season is back and in full swing. On Talksport the other day they were saying how boring certain leagues were because of lack of competition but to me the Premier league falls into this catergory. Chelsea 6-0 winners and then tonight I watched the first half of Man Utd game before I glazed over and switched back to the Tennis. Is there going to be any challenges to these teams this season? I dont think so somehow. I think the market will flip flop between the two all season.

Had a very tricky weekend following some so called tipsters on football dropping about £700, the only rest bite was getting back a couple of hundred with laying Arsenal when leading and also Sunderland who managed to throw away a two goal lead. The horses turned over well with my own lays pulling in about £ 300.

The tennis helped save me when Sharapova managed to throw away match points in the Womens Final as she traded at 1.02 and somehow lost.

I have layed Andy Murray to win this weeks tournament in Cincinnati in the Winners market and managed to get some at 4.0 and 4.2 which I am very happy about. I personally think this is far to short as the US Open is his main target, and I imagine he wouldnt mind some rest between now and then. Throw into the mix Nadal deciding to play here and Fed plus all the other top players including Roddick and i think its gonna be a toughy to win back to back tournaments.
As we all know time will tell.
On a sadder note another death from my musical past, you always remember the sounds of your youth ! Down the roller disco on a Sunday night ........oh the joy!

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