Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Value Odds.

Now I love to watch tennis and have the occasional trade, i have been watching solidly for the past year since finishing work. From staying up all night in January for Auckland to the Australian then on to the clay in Brazil,Chile and Argentina and Dubai and Croatia and Germany and France and Wimbledon and all over the USA, my body clock has slowly been adjusting to Tennis Tournaments around the globe.

Now I really watch OK ? I dont buy newspapers I dont watch any soaps,most of the time I havent a clue what is going on in the World.I would be good as a phone a friend or something like that if Chris Tarrent asked you why Ms Peer had to play Ms Venus Williams on some shitty court in Dubai this year in the semi final. The reason I am saying this is if you want to be good at anything you have to put in the leg work and you have to make it something you enjoy otherwise you are kaput ! I obviously browse lots of forums and blogs etc and that is the only thing I can say on the subject of trading. You need to know where the odds are going and why and you just need to sit and watch for as long as it takes. As i said it is nearly a year since I quit work and I am still a novice trader which is kinda of upsetting especially after staying up all through those freezing nights in December and January while the rest of the country slept.

Recently have I started seeing some really crazy odds being offered up on some players so maybe its loony season but there seems to be more value in recent weeks and I hope this continues into the US Open.

Today was a good day with all my horse lays losing and also a couple of winning back bets bringing home the bacon. Long may it continue.

As a special treat below is a trick shot that I taught Roger Federer.


  1. Hi mate

    I've recently had to move my blog and I've created a new list of fellow bloggers. I've added a link to yours and would be grateful if you could return the favour



    PS - the "best" bit isn't an ego thing, it's just that I had to come up with a new url thanks to not liking gambling blogs :-(

  2. OK, I shall follow with interest.