Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Nice Won Sam.

Somebody, somewhere told me to follow jockeys that won the previous race and to back them. Its a bit like being in the casino when your number comes in, you double up your stake because low and behold that little white ball tends to land in the same spot again . Now it does amaze me and makes me wonder if its one of those things you only notice because subconsciously its in your mind or whether there is proof that it actually works? I am not talking about roulette here but jockeys and today was another case. I had a very easy day not to many stresses as all my lays were losing and a couple of bets came in. I saw Twiston-Davies ride a winner and then I looked for his next ride but didnt fancy it because I couldnt see any value in it. However his third ride was in my favourite sixteen plus runner handicap and looked a nice price at 14/1, 4 places a quarter the odds. So anyway his second runner won , so as quick as a flash i jumped on at 14/1 with Ladbrokes about a millisecond before other betfair punters woke up and backed him.

He then proceeded to ride a great race in which he really battled to get the nag to win, coming a few fences out I thought he was cooked but the horse stayed on and he drove strongly for it to win. A great treble for him and for my selective winning policy. Now before you rush off and throw all your money on another Paul Hanagan double/treble you must understand that like all gamblers my losing horses are deleted from my memory bank.

For the duration of the World Cup I joined Trading Football Markets which i am sure many of you have seen/heard. There is a chat room and everybody follows trades, I only bothered with a couple of trades because I felt it was a bit of a shambles but one in particular had me in fits of laughter as a two game trade went badly wrong and we all lost over £ 200. (Needless to say losing over £ 200 hard earned wasnt the laughing matter !) But there was one particular guy swearing and complaining about the trade , but also saying he wasnt bothered so much for himself because he had loads of money, it was just everybody else in the room that he felt sorry for. He wouldnt stop going on about the loss but also that he was a wealthy guy so it didnt really matter as well as mentioning that he wouldnt be back again ! When my renewal came up I popped in to see what was happening and guess who was there ! I only bring this up because they didnt show this in their monthly results and when I left a comment asking why on there web site after a few days it wasnt replied to but just deleted. Cheeky devils !

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