Thursday, 15 April 2010


Hitting the crossbar ,I think is the expression to show in laymans terms that your shit out of luck. I have also heard it called the latin word seconditis by various more respected individuals on other blogs.

Bet Cat picked a beauty out at 28/1 for me to go at each way which was heavily backed but after trading odds on in running just couldnt get past the winner. It was called Alasi in the 3.20.

The above three were all second one is from yesterday and to add to that I had Blasket Spirit in the 6.00 at 10/1 and Asiya at 14/1 in the 7.10 also finish second. In the 2.35 I had Favourite Girl get placed at 12/1, so it was a profitable day. From eight picked out I had four seconds, a fourth and three unplaced.
I have started receiving selections from somebody I know and am betting at £12.50 a point. Today was my first day of actually putting down cash and as you can see from the above I had a winner which I backed at 12/1 that went of as 9/4 fav I believe. There was a rule four but still paid me out at 9/1.

I made £130 with the tennis on betfair and still have my two selections in the tournament though I have traded out for a couple of free bets. Heres a nice colourful graph:

I fully expect one of them to make the final against Nadal but even if they do I wont be able to trade out for much money as Nadal is just another level on the clay.

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