Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Right Direction.

I have carried on with my positive start to April which now sees a profit of about £1100.

Yesterday there was one bet from Bet Cat which was £20 e/w on Skys The Limit in the 3.35. I didnt see the race but it didnt place so a small loss there. I picked out three myself with two Naughty Diesel in the 2.15, and Mirza in the 2.55 not placing. The winner of the 2.55 race went of at 814/1 on betfair and got matched for over £500 at 999/1 . Thats the first time I have seen so much money matched at that price in a horse race on betfair. Somebody had it away and somebody else was feeling suicidal I imagine. My third runner Scarlet Rocks in the 2.20 got second at 18/1 after trading at 10/1 on in running. Poor old Davie Probert had a couple like that yesterday. Mind you I really rate him as a jockey and will look to back some of his mounts at high prices in the future.

Overnight I had my b bet in the basketball which was a winner, though I was a bit fortunate as I backed the wrong handicap. The email said -6.5 but mid way through placing the bet Paddy Power changed it to -7.5 and I didnt notice until it was too late. Luckily the Spurs won by 9.
I am still to hit a losing sequence with this and even if I hit it now it would only wipe out 50% of my profits. I gather it is 80 winners now and only 2 losers. The same cannot be said about the baseball bets that got under way a couple of days ago with 6 losers and only 3 winners, so as it stand I have a loss of £34 so far. The games seem to be coming thick and fast with another two tonight and also another basketball bet.

Today there was no bet from Bet Cat and I picked three. I had two runners in the 16+ handicap in Ireland with Blackson Zulu which I got at 33/1 coming unlucky fifth and the other Benalma at 14/1 coming ninth. Now I didnt see the race but the only reason I picked Blackson Zulu was there seemed to be some funny prices being offered on betfair for this horse which were way out of line with the bookies prices. At one stage I layed it in the place market for 4.0 which was half of what I was getting from the bookie. This is quite rare in Irish races where there is not the liquidity of the English races and also normally fairly big gaps in the markets. Somebody wnated to get a price of 3/1 for this nag to place, it didnt make sense to me. I shall try to watch this race on the repeats to see how this horse ran nad will mark it down and wait for it to reappear.

My only other bet was a winner!! His Majesty Mr Moore won the 2.30 and I managed to get his ride at 12/1. I had to get on this after passing up the opportunity on Saturday when he rode a 20/1 winner in the big race, I am still kicking myself about that one.

Aintree starts tomorrow with some great racing over the next three days. I already have a couple of bets on for Thursday and also one for the national. I will have one more in the National on Saturday but that will be my lot as it is a lottery. Its best to watch and enjoy than get too heavily involved there.

Just a quick word about the football which has been great the last few nights. Man Utd scored within the first couple of minutes home and away and still got turned over and as for Barca what fantastic football they have continued to play. When Arsenal had the ball they hunted in packs, with always three players surrounding any Arsenal player who had possession but then seemed to break forward with extra men. I am sure they had about 15 players ! It also showed its not all just about "sexy" football but constantly working hard to get the ball back. I cant wait for Saturday night when the two giants meet in La Liga.

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