Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday Again !

I only had two picks today, Camino Royal in the 1.50 and Noble Future and Departed in the 4.45. The only place was Noble Future which I got at 8/1 in the morning. It was backed into about 9/2 favourite and traded odds on in running as it seemed to have plenty of stamina but just faded from about two out and finished fourth. A loss of £75 in total.

Bet Cat gave me two selections in the same race but neither placed so a loss of £50.

Overnight the only baseball pick lost 5-4 and I also lost £100 on back Isner to win his match in Houston. Unfortunately he lost in a final set tie breaker. I hate waking up to bad news !
There are three more baseball games tonight and also a basketball bet.

So a poor day was made a profitable one by two bets which I got from Packed Pockets. I found the site via JPs blog a couple of days ago but hadnt followed any selections. JP is following at £20 a point so I thought I would start today and what a lucky start for me. Both bets won with the first runner at 40/1 bringing me £1000 and the second at 4/1 giving me another £240.
So a massive thank you and a donation will be forthcoming.
For the National tomorrow I have had a tenner on Arbor Supreme, King Johns Castle, Character Building and Ollie Magern.
Good luck to all these brave nags and I hope they all return safely.

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