Sunday, 25 April 2010

Weekend Witterings.

A great weekend if you are a Hammers fan as we very luckily managed to dig ourselves out of a massive hole and save our skins. Its been a terrible season with lots of poor performances and goings on behind the scenes so lets hope we can pull together pre season and do a damn sight better the next one. I had a few pre season bets and my only winner came in today. I backed Birmingham with a 48 point start and after Stoke and Tottenham both lost this weekend this bet is now officially a winner at 15/1. I also had Chelsea +1 and in the championship Reading and Middlesborough to get promoted. The Birmingham bet will pay me out £500 but have losses of £100 on the Championship bets but will also win on the each way part of the Chelsea bet I think!
On Saturday I only had a couple of bets as I was out most of the day. I lost about £200 in total with Bet Cat having a double bet and an each way . The second part of the bet was Redwood at 16/1 and it got beat in a photo finish which was a bit of a gutter. The SBP had two losing bets on the basketball but the final C bet in the sequence won but I missed backing that as well.

Today was a much better as I started off with a 16/1 winner and then followed it up with another couple of wins. No bets from Packed Pockets or Bet Cat today but I also managed to get another £50 from the Tennis Final. The only down side was a trade that I completely cocked up costing me £135. I was obviously staking too much as I was out of my comfort zone and if I had just let it run I actually would have made a decent profit but the tide turned quickly against me and the negative thoughts came and I closed it out . If I had waited thirty seconds I would have been in a nice green situation.

In other news Bet Fred have limited my week old account already, them and VC what a pair....

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