Sunday, 11 April 2010

Weekend Roundup.

So I was in London Saturday but managed to get to a pub by London Bridge in time to catch the Grand National. Unfortunately I couldnt hear the commentary so just enjoyed the sights of but not the sounds of Aintree. Of course I knew that AP was there in the famous colours and it was fitting that after 15 odd years and 3000 odd winners that he should truimph. As I left the pub who was standing outside but the former Mayor Of London "Red" Ken Livingstone looking a little bit worse for wear I might add.

Where to start this weekend. Firstly the football bets direct that I have been paper trading for the last month do not seem to be profitable. It follows the same system as the SBP but over this weekend had two losing C bets which would have wiped out a lot of money. I make it that if you wanted to make£ 25 per game then at average odds of 1.7 it would cost you £525 for a three match losing run which means 22 games to get your money back. Unless I am doing something wrong this isnt goint to work. At least with SBF the record this year stands at 82 wins and only 2 lossses. So I am not going to even bother paper trading these anymore. I want to thank Neil though as he has been sending me the selections for free.

Next up SBP is sending out the baseball picks for this season and again I have decided to adopt a paper trading brief with this. I am slightly up so far with real money but only through luck rather than judgement. Last night we had three bets and all were losers but luckily for me I didnt get involved in any of them because of a couple of reasons. Firstly I cannot see any edge at the moment when looking at the odds and the selections given out and secondly SBP is trying to push version two for $247 when I have just bought version one. Now if version one is so good then why set up another? Also today I received by mistake the selections for version two which are nothing like version ones picks. This worries me so until I see some improvement I am not going to play.

So Saturday I had three bets from Bet Cat all losing which cost me £170. I was out so didnt get involved in anything else apart from another £80 loss on the National itself. I hope somebody made money on Dont Push It !

Sunday turned out to be really good day on the horses and a small win on the Golf. I layed Westwood in the Golf at 2.3 on Saturday evening and won £50 but lost £40 on Packed Pockets pick in the 5.10 at Southwell with his selection Mawsem coming second.

I had three horses in Ireland. In the Limerick 16 +handicap I had the winner Jack Absolute at 13/2 and another that didnt place. In the big listed race at the Curragh I had the winner at 16/1. Mr Murtagh I am sure could have done better on the 2/5 fav Fame Or Glory but gave the horse a very hands and heels ride and didnt go for the persuader in the final furlong allowing my horse to come from the back to win.

I also had a very large bet for me with £250 on the win for Aberdale which I got at 2.10. I thought this was a great price as I saw the horse at about 1.7 so with a 25% value cushion built in I got stuck in. I did lay it on betfair at 1.20 to cover my £250 so lost £50 but made a nice profit overall.

The tennis gets under away in Monte Carlo tomorrow and after missing most of it this past week I shall try to get involved as it is live on Sky Sports. Mr Nadal is 1.7 on Betfair to win yet another title as it is on his favourite surface but I have looked to the other half of the draw and had £25 on Verdasco at 28 and £25 on Nalbandian at 50. I hope that either one of these two can make it to the final. I would have had Nadal as well but 1.7 is too short considering no matches have been played. I was hoping for about 3 but maybe I was dreaming..

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