Thursday, 8 April 2010

Small Losses.

No luck today with the horses as Bet Cat gave me Stan in the 4.20 and South Of The Border in the 5.30 and as normal I put them in an e/w double. So £120 loss there.

I picked six horses with two coming second, Stormhoek in the 3.00 and Johns Gift in the 3.35. A pretty amazing couple of races with both having the leading horse run out at the final fence. Both traded at 1.01 and both ducked out. There was talk off somebody shining something in the horses eyes as they neared the final fence and the TV put out the theory that maybe the ground workers who were standing by the final fence were catching the horses eyes because they were wearing fluorescent jackets. Another unsolved mystery in the sporting world...

My other four horses were two each in the 4.20 Safari Journey and Pepsyrock which came fifth costing me as i got it at 16/1 and in the 5.55 Callerlilly and Captain Beckett.

The day was only a slight loser as the basketball bet came in and so did four baseball bets in a row. Great to see Fulham qualify tonight in the Europa Cup beating the current German Champions Wolfsburg, that after dealing with Juventus and last years champions Shakhtar Donetsk. An amazing run of form with who I believe to be the best manager in the league. So nice to have an understated, civilised and astute man in charge. Next time he gives an interview listen to the difference between him and the rantings of Ferguson, Wenger ,Benitez and Mourinho who will always complain about some decision or other costing them matches. Shame Mr Hodgson is not in charge of England , but then again I am sure even he cant perform miracles.....

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