Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Amazing how time flies and I havent posted for three whole days ! Summing it up as pretty uninspiring. Over the last three days I havent made squat in fact I am about £10 down.
For my own personal bets I have had quite a few second places but no winners. Today I had Tajneed at 22/1 which came second and Medicean Man in the same race. Bet Cat have only had the one bet which lost losing me £40, and the Packed Pockets picks havent won either. In fact the one selection for yesterday was 5/1 by the time I looked at it and considering the price given out was 10/1 I decided the value had gone.

So Britain has a new Davis Cup captain, a nobody just like me except he has Andy Murrays number on speed dial , which I alas do not. All the money that gets thrown away by the LTA what an absolute disgrace they are, and as for Murray when is it ever not an honour to represent your country? I reckon he could do with the practice if todays awful performance is anything to go by.

This is what the BBC had to say about Leon Smith (who?):

"Probably the least experienced British captain in history, having neither played Davis Cup nor coached full-time on the professional circuit, the Scotsman has been thrown into the spotlight from a position of relative anonymity.

A tennis coach since the age of 18 who worked with Andy Murray through the junior ranks, Smith has recently been LTA national coach for Scotland, head of under 16s and under 18s before moving to the role of head of player development last year.

He feels he is "confident on coaching, people skills and developing players" and offers "meticulous planning and attention to detail".

And, more than anything, his bosses at the LTA hope he brings the mobile number, and the ear, of a certain Andy Murray.

Would Smith be the Davis Cup captain without his link with the British number one? Almost certainly not.

Can he persuade Murray to play in future matches? Hopefully. That's the idea.

But have the LTA misread the situation completely? Possibly."

Today was another nail in the coffin for honest sport when a top ten womens player is involved in a rigged game. You would think that a multi millionairess doesnt need to throw matches against a no hoper but ho hey nothing will happen and it wont even get a mention in the papers.
A player that was 1.07 to win a match in the morning that drifts to 1.6 when the game starts and keeps drifting out to over 3.0 even when she is a set and a break up how is that not a fixed match? Then out of nowhere she suddenly retires ...

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