Monday, 20 September 2010

Another Busy Day.

A positive day to the tune of £ 250 but another very long one. My horse picks are still floundering, and out of seven picks I didnt get one place. It seems at that moment I am picking plenty of donkeys. A few of them really steamed in price and I definitely found value but the horses in question obviously didnt know that ! The seven of them cost me £ 350.

The only horse lay lost winning me £ 240 and I also got involved in more football than I have done for a long while. I used the bettor logic software to pick out a few games and I had one FTS game that also chipped in to the winning total of just over £ 200. In the tennis I lost £40 thinking that in a deciding Davis Cup rubber it would have some swings but it didnt really as Stepanek went down in straight sets. If he had won the second set tie break I could have greened up for a nice profit. He had the chances but didnt take them.

The SBP came through on the final C bet in the NFL . I had £ 122 on the Bills + 13.5 on the B bet but they got stuffed so i had £ 275 on San Diego -6.5. They won by about 20 points I think so netting me £ 107 on the day.

The NCAA SBP bets overnight also came through on the B bet but I didnt back it as I was asleep. There was an A bet that lost but I didnt do that either as I thought if that lost which it did I wouldnt be awake for the next one, so I missed out on another £ 50 profit.

The totals now stand at + £ 351 on the NCAA and +£ 50 on the NFL.

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