Saturday, 18 September 2010

No Reward.

Quick entry (as the vicar said to the actress) as I am most tired after a day off winning no wonga.

Horses, no winners from five picks but had a couple of places the best being Steele Tango @ 12/1 coming second, Bet Cat had three picks all losing and the poor run continues. Loss of £200 in total.

Below is my Betfair screen print. Again the horse lays were good but the Football brought me down and I showed a profit of a pound !

The killer on the football was an FTS game from Ian Erskine. AC Milan v Catania was the lay the draw call and at 5.2 on Betfair it was a bit on the high side. Anyway it finished 1-1 and gave me a hefty loss. I managed to get some back on the other FTS game and the system 3 bet which came in.
I am now down £500 with the FTS system on his picks since the start of the season and up £250 on the system 3 picks. I imagine he will get some grief in his inbox in the morning from his disgruntled followers !

SBP had an A bet overnight on Nevada +3 and they won there match easily so giving me £50.

There were three other bets to follow. The first an A bet on Vanderbilt +12, they actually won by about 10 points I think so that won another £ 50. I had to split the bet because Paddy Small Penis Power wouldnt take a lousy £50 win, muppets.
So the late bet was another A bet with Arizona State +12 going down by just the 1 point so giving another £ 50.

There is another bet overnight which will be an A bet and a couple tomorrow in the NFL which will be a B and if a loser the third will be the C!


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