Thursday, 16 September 2010

Back To Work.

Back to the land of the living after a great trip to Spain. I thought it was Alicante but I ended up in a lovely hotel slap bang in the middle of Benidorm, as you can imagine it was a bit lively. The weather was fantastic and I loved swimming in the warm med.

So lets begin with SBP the B bet I placed before going away came in so pushing my profit upto £195. After that he had three losing A,B and C bets on the same night which would have wiped out my profit and left me about £ 200 down. Luckily I didnt do any betting while away so missed these as well as the first A bet on the NFL which also lost. I shall continue with these as hopefully I have dodged a bullet but these types of bets carry a health warning as it really is the C bets that make you your money. Once these go against you you are in big trouble. Mind you its all swings and roundabouts for me as three matches I was emailed to back as draws all finished level so ( Everton 3-3, Wigan 1-1, Spurs 1-1) this would have covered my SBP losses anyway.

Todays horses were a bit uninspiring as I had just the one winner and three places out of ten bets so giving me a small loss of £ 70.

The Betfair account was better as a few lays lost and I did a bit of footy.

Ian Erskines systems are doing OK i missed the weekend when he kept the system 3 results at 100% with another two winners and also his FTS bets came in. Again I can only go on my results but the system 3 games have made me £ 200 but I am down £120 on his FTS games. I am an elite member so we are supposed to get mentored which is all well and good but it isnt showing any profit yet, and he never posts up profits or figures so you have no idea if what he says is true.

Finally today I signed up for Bettor Logic which is a football based piece of software which i have been playing with for most of the day. I dont really do much football mainly because I cant seem to make any money at it but from this weekend I shall have a few bets just from there stats. You can have pre match data and in play data and this is supposed to give you value odds as well as about a million other things. It could be information overload but as the first two weeks are a free trial I shall see if I can do anything profitable.

Below is this weeks game between At Madrid and Barca. As you can see backing Athletico would have given you a 13 point profit since 2005, so are they value at 4/1? I fancy the over 2.5 market which even at 1.52 looks good. Maybe there are some footy experts who can tell me ?

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