Saturday, 4 September 2010

A New Season.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man so they say and today saw the return of the Sports Betting Professor for the A,B,C bets on this seasons college football. I hope you know the drill but you bet an amount and if it losses you try to get it back over the next bet and if that losses then its last chance saloon for bet no 3. If by a miracle that one goes tits up then you start again with a hefty dent in the monetary fund. Unlike the government though you dont have the ability to print a load of dough to sort yourself back out.

Now the biggest problem for me was finding the bets as being told to back Illinois in the spread is fine but there are a couple of Illinois teams as I discovered. On checking this evenings results I thought my team had been beaten by thirty five points which considering the spread was only twelve meant I had lost. But wait, I had checked the wrong team and my team had lost by eleven so giving the first bet as a winner. The second is tonight and for the purposes of the blog I am betting to win £ 50 on each series of bets and will keep a record to see if he really does make money, but if it is as good as last seasons basketball it should help make me a few bob.

The horses racing was profitable I had a couple of lays that won their races but I managed to make it up and kicked in a nice profit .
The back bets just about broke even with six losers and just the one winner but that was enough to keep me level pegging.

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