Friday, 3 September 2010

New York, New York.

So good they named it twice as the song goes. I just love the tournament it is so raucous with sights and sounds everywhere. The ballboys are wearing there Ralph Lauren Polo gear and strutting around chewing gum. No under arm rolling of the balls for these kids oh no they are throwing them over arm the length of the court, what a contrast to Wimbledon.

Not much of a day for me made a bit from laying the horses but lost about £ 150 from my own back bets with three losers, and one that returned me back my stake.

Had a bit of a slow morning so placed some bets for the future. After having New Orleans last year to win the Super Bowl this year I have had a small bet on Baltimore. I have also had the Eagles to win their division and in the football Everton to win the Carling Cup.

I am looking forward to the NFL which starts soon and the College Football that I believe starts tomorrow.

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