Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ying And Yang.

How do you write that you are pissed off even after winning a few quid? Today was one of them days when I had so much going on with me trying to get involved in to much stuff. I really should know after a year of full time trading/betting that it doesnt work that way, at least for me. I know this but I still do it and today I will no longer write about it because it wont happen again, so there!
The last company I worked for one of their five philosophies was to focus on the positive, until it was time for your review then they would just giving you a slating so here goes:

POSITIVES :Today I have to try to do that and reflect on the good stuff. Starting with the horses some nice lays coming in. The famous lay an AP McCoy horse under 4/1, which in my case was two odds on shots that both got beat one by a nose! Apparently his horses are always over backed because of the jock, but does it work? I am sure somebody out there has got a bit of software that can work it out in no time at all. I didnt place a single horse bet today.

The football was profitable as per yesterday I went through the in play market and looked at the stats and came up with a number of games to have a go at. I ended up just doing two matches but both gave the desired result.

I also had time to try my horse lay system on the dogs with £ 2 stakes and won £ 21, it all adds to the kitty its just a shame there's not enough money about in that market.

NEGATIVES: Some terrible trading on one tennis match which I am still amazed I didnt come out with some profit on instead of a £ 40 loss, that was basically because I gave up trying to chase something that I was constantly cocking up and going against all my own trading rules. In the end I just took the loss and moved on. Unfortunately I had my head up my arse, and so while pissing about wih a tennis match I missed a horse lay. The horse duly lost and this error cost me £ 192 which is an awful lot of money. When I explained to my better half she said to me "Why dont you write it all down on a pad?" To which I replied " I do "

Because I am prone to sometimes forget a bet or two I think the thing to do is just lay them in the morning as i find they all drift or steam the same amount and it all comes out in the wash ( I hope.)

Final negative is my £ 50 each way I had on Everton to win the Carling Cup. Surely they could have given me a better run for my money I mean jesus they aint gonna win nothing else are they?

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