Monday, 6 September 2010


Had Sunday off and went to see "Inception." Reminded me of being on acid especially when they wake up on the plane at the end, one of those films you need to see twice, or maybe three times, or maybe more !

Stayed up to watch the Murray game and was baffled like everybody else about the poor performance and the amount of trainer calls from all the players yesterday. As mentioned before I cant ever remember seeing Federer calling for a trainer or having parts of his body strapped before the start of a match. Yesterday had two other retirements in Llodra and Stakhovsky and it seems to me that these guys play so hard to get to where they are their bodies are giving up on them. Its really amazing to see how tennis has changed over the years.Murray and Stan both needed the trainer, as they said on TV it was becoming like an episode of Casualty. I was really disappointed as he is suppose to be super fit but after three sets yesterday he was telling his camp he couldnt continue. To me I think a lot of it is mental and maybe he just doesnt have the strength to cope at the very highest level. I hope I am wrong, but a disappointing sporting summer continues for the UK.

Not much on the racing front today. I had two bets both losers and dropped £ 100 there. The lays are coming along nicely and gave me a nice profit along with a bit of tennis that I managed to see this afternoon.
SBP gave out another two bets yesterday both won so not had to go to the B bet yet. So three winners from three gives me a £150 running profit.

Army beat Michigan 31-27 so only four points so the spread easily covered that.

East Carolina won their match 51 - 49.

Their is another bet tonight which I will update tomorrow.


  1. Eddy,
    For you horse lays is there a max odds you lay at?

  2. Hi Bruce,
    You back on betfair yet? Hope the family is well.I have a three different systems one under 2.00, one under 6.4 and one under 9.8.

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