Monday, 27 September 2010

FIXED !!!!!!!!!!!!

I seem to be getting inundated with emails screaming FIXED. It must be the new thing to keep bombarding people with this crap. Yesterday I had ten from the same monkeys telling me that a game was fixed and to back Numancia it was free money. So they lost 1-0, what a surprise. Last week had a few regarding tennis and another Brazilian football match both again were losers !
As if there arent enough idiots on the betfair forum giving out free money tips.

Over the past five days I have been paper trading some ideas for football, horse racing and tennis without sadly, much success. As you can see from below its been quiet for me as I try to get some different ideas together for October.

The SBP had a mixed weekend with all three A bets coming in on the college football.

But both A and B bets going down in the NFL. So next weekend will start with the C bet.

The jury really is still out with Ian Erskine as I struggle with his selections. His FTS system had three picks and yet again this weekend he hit a draw. As i already said I didnt trade any football this weekend as I decided to sit back and paper trade this as well. I think now is a good time to reflect on a few things to see if they really are going to work or if it is just me.
I cant understand how the Betfair Football Trader Steve manages to get such a high profit for the FTS as a lot of games end in draws and if the dog scores first the price on the draw retracts plus you have to hit the odd 0-0 occasionally.

The other service under review is Bet Cat. I have being using half stakes on all their picks for a couple of months now so the losses are not as great but with the lack of bets and the lack of winners it is becoming a bit of a struggle.

I will be taking it easy this week as I protect this months winnings and try to get some new stuff in place for October.If anyone has any ideas please leave a comment.


  1. Hi , been following your excellent blog ( MISSED IT THE FEW WEEKS IT WENT DOWN ! )
    for months now and felt tonight was the night to comment and give you something back. Can i point out something pretty obvious and then something constructive ? Firstly any " advertised " tipster could potentially be full of integrity , honesty and doing their best , indeed making a good profit - however , as their success becomes better known through either word of mouth or adverts the prices start to become worse value , therefore although the horse may win , the edge has gone - goodbye profit.
    You have tried several/many tipsters over the months who charge for their service with varying degrees of success.Have you ever taken a look at Online Betting Guide ( OLBG ).I discovered this site about a year ago where the tips of literally thousands of " everyday punters " are listed all prerace / prematch.There are real nuggets of gold on there but you have to dig ( VERY )deep.Many of them are real specialists in their field of choice.I personally follow only 2 tipsters ( punters ? )on there as their style fits my own - low number of bets - high profits - when i say high i mean 20 -25% on turnover.You obviously have a handle on either form study and / or systems ( like myself ) but the addition of just one or two FREE tipsters who can all be verified / paper traded might be just what you are looking for.
    Hope this gives you something new to investigate and i look forward to hearing of your success.PS , for the reasons given above , should you find a good tipster on there - keep it to yourself , i certainly won`t be divulging my sources to anyone soon.
    Good luck over the jumps , JT

  2. Thanks for your advice and comments. I did browse through the OLBG before and will go back and have another look.

  3. Hi Eddy. I've added your blog - would you be kind enough to add me to your list? Cheers

  4. Hi Eddy - great blog btw. On the subject of FTS it was a bad weekend. You could argue that there were opportunities during the game to scratch or get out for a profit which may be what Ian will say but if you are like me then i tend to ride it out - I was kicking myself on sunday on the Itlaian game when the goal was scored close to the 90th minute to make it 2-2, this is the worst situation as the price of the draw is just not worth backing. I think the strategy is correct but I'm not impressed with his selections atm, but using the same strategy on my own selections is showing a profit, this is from a small sample so the jury is still out. Cut stakes down on Ian selections it is for me and keep current stakes on my own selections.GL

  5. I have tried to email and/or comment on steve betfair football traders blog to find out how he makes those high profits as it doesnt make sense but had no luck with contacting him.

    Perhaps he has changed the system slightly? either way its a mystery...

  6. Hi Welshbill,

    Yes I think you hit the nail on the head with that game Even at 0-2 the draw was trading fairly low but you could have got out for a small profit.As you never get to see Ians results I am sure he will say he made this decision. Thanks for the comment and good luck.

  7. New Betfair Trader,

    Yeap mystery to me as well...

  8. With regard to FTS - I joined just after the new year and from then to the end of the season there were some good profits made using Ian's selections - admittedly they haven't been great so far this year but hopefully that will change soon.