Monday, 15 November 2010

Hankey Pankey.

Well todays sporting event was the two champs of darts going head to head in Wolverhampton at the Grand Slam Of Darts. We had Phil " The Power" Taylor and Ted " The Count" Hankey. You could see the difference as Hankey raced into a two nil lead in the first to five match but then the presssure started to tell as he realised that in their first ever meeting he was winning. As many players do when playing Taylor he started to feel the heat even though he is a World Champion in his own right. It then turned into a right ding dong of a match as Hankey led 4-3 and had two shots at double nineteen to win the match but neither landed near as he started to bottle it. Taylor then stepped up and banged in the double to send it to the final leg.

Hankey with the throw started off brillantly and carried on in great style to nail a double five and win a belter of a match 5-4. Some great trading in the darts tonight and could have been better for me if Barney had hit 1.20. He traded at 1.21 and my lay was sitting at 1.20 but it never got matched as he then went onto lose 5-3 to Colin Lloyd.

Todays laugh came from the Elite section of Ian Erskines blog and this is what was said;

"Saturday we had Man City as the first FTS straight forward for me out at 2.0, did think Man City would be more adventurous against a side they have a great record against but the game went against us. This was followed by Athletico which was a 100% win for me and I know some of you used it as a cover to win game so got back the first game losses."

Now I havent printed any of his mails before and wont do it again but to me this is laughable. So you lost £420 on the Man City game but decide to do a martingale to get your money back. So the risk liability on the draw in the Athletico game would have been approx £ 2k which is amazing. I ask you how many people in his group are really doing this type of trading? Do they really have that sort of money to risk?

Anyway enough of that and onto todays business. Firstly The Market Examiner had five picks and all losers. Add into the mix my four selections with only one place so a total loss of £ 270.

Luckily I managed to weigh in with £ 324 on Betfair so a slightly profitable day, had a few horse lays come good and traded a few football matches not the FTS ones!


  1. Hey Eddy,

    I was hoping you might be willing to swap blog links with me. I'm in the same kinda genre, although admittedly a little off topic. I've already added you to mine @


  2. Hi James,

    No problem, just lately started watching some poker on tv. Great game though I would run out of chips pretty quick I think.

  3. Hey mate,

    Tyty. Yeah, it can be fun to watch on TV sometimes. I haven't quite made TV yet, being in the crowd on Goals on Sunday is the closest I've come :)