Sunday, 14 November 2010

Mugs !

Yes thats what we the Great British public are for putting up with another travesty of a fight watching David Haye knock out an opponent who didnt even throw a punch in anger. If you are one of the people who paid £15 for such utter tosh than please give yourself a severe reprimand and dont do it again. I watched on Fromsport in Hd for free and still felt cheated. Talking about cheated the rumours are going round it was a fix anyway, the word was whispered in the ear in round three and down he went quicker than the proverbial lady of the night.

After this later in the night on Sky One was a true warrior and what an amazing fight between the Pac Man and Antonio Margarito, of Mexico, a man who refused to go down and by the end of the fight looked like a man who had been run a tank !

Anyway some great sport with Cheltenham, the tennis in Paris , football galore and yet another big winner with Sunderland at 20/1 beating Chelsea 3-0. This scoreline was matched on Betfair at 999/1 so somebody is celebrating and somebody is getting ready to jump on a live rail somewhere.

Great tennis in Paris, really looking forward to the Finals in London the top eight in the World coming together. Ferrer should be the whipping boy, Berdych form has been terrible and I think Nadal and Roddick will struggle on the surface. Soderling won his first 1000 Masters tournament this weekend and with his indoor record I fancy him to do well along with the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)Federer and Murray. The crowd support will push Murray on and I think that he wants to prove to the British public that he can win big titles. It should be a bumper week with lots of trading opportunities.

For this weekend I ended up about £ 200 but my god it was a struggle and I did well to get this profit. My own football system gave me lays of Dortmund who won so I went to lay 2 which was Mainz who lost and then lay one in Spain was Mallorca who drew. I joined Soccer Insight and had one winner and one loser there. The two NFLbets from Mr X both won.

The Market Examiner had a bumper day today with profits of £ 437.50 but losses yesterday of £50. I think the total for this month is now -3 points. Bet Cat had a losing weekend costing me £ 120. My own bets had a winning day yesterday of £220 but a loser today of just £25.

Ian Erskines FTS and system 3 what can you say about that this weekend? If anybody who reads this subscribes to his picks then I bet it was a proper brown trouser weekend. Finally after a good part of the season is gone I can say in proper Theo style .... "Im Out"

The results for the weekend were poor but more than that I just cannot see any profit being made following picks that even I could come up with. The lay the draw games are always big odds on favs , with high draw odds and then when the dog scores first its just wait and see if it hits the fan. The system 3 picks are laying 1-1 scorelines and again at odds of 7/1 a couple in a row mean a long wait to get back in profits. I actually think from studying the picks that your best actually backing the draw, you have a much smaller liability and if the dog does score first the odds come in not out so giving a green book opportunity. The picks for the weekend were Man City the odds were about 5.2 on Betfair laying that for £ 100 gives a £420 liability , the other games were just as bad and todays pick was 0-0 until the 93rd minute which would have been another hefty loss, and even though both 1-1 lays today were winners you would have had to wait to the 85 th minute. Its just not worth it. So thats my take on the situation.

Finally I have had £50 on Linford Christie at 12 on Betfair after laughing my way through "I'm a Celebrity." I will lay off if he gets into to 6. No copy and pastes for the weekend as to many bets and I am going to bed now.


  1. hi,i have the same feeling as an FTS elite member,i have checked my football p/l for the past three months,from 15th AUG until now my football profit has never exceed £1000 mark in the past 3months,and to be honest most of the profit are from other football trading services im using,

    i believe the system works,but by following his picks i think you need to have a very aggressive trading style to make a profit,he also doesn't have many picks so if you have a losing weekend then you need another couple of weeks to get it back,i strictly followed the rules but i just can't make any profit

  2. Interesting regarding Ian Erskine's system. I don't have it but was under the impression that it was profitable.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the comments, obviously it is only my opinion but I hear lots of opposing views on the subject. For me it is in the bin unless I can use it for other angles.The manuals make sense when reading but not in practice. But as he says he gets 2000 people a day visit his blog so he can push it all he wants and good luck to him.Todays email from him just made me laugh.