Sunday, 21 November 2010


A bit of a strange weekend for me as I had a multitude of bets and finished about £ 20 down. It must have been the busiest I have been for a long long time, and the pressure of trying to get so much done especially with the early racing starts didnt really help me.

It was really mystifying going through all the results and got me to thinking about where I am headed to next in my journey. I suppose the only positive is that I am not losing loads of money when things are going against me but really could do with a boost from somewhere for the end of the month. I have been treading water for the last seven days which is really no good and have now slipped behind my target. Results wise The Market Examiner lost another £ 200 and is now down 26.5 points for the month, my tipster Terry had a nice winner on Saturday at 11/2 so winning me £ 200. My own bets I had three winners all at pretty low odds but still gaining me £150. Bet Catalyst came up empty handed losing £ 180. I also layed a couple of horses and lost £ 275 there. I think there is a pattern emerging here of giving and taking !

Darts was good as I won £ 185, and what comes back from Beaton on Saturday to beat Taylor and then tonight as Waites came from 8-0 down to beat Wade in the final.

Football was profitable to the tune of about £ 80 but could have been five times that if Liverpool had scored a fourth goal. Leading 3-0 at half time I thought I was quids in but the game fizzled out and no more goals came. I did join Premier Betting this week and all four games were winners so that was a great start though and won me £ 197.

So as you can see a bit of a messy weekend and I shall decide this week what to do to make it easier for myself for these busy periods and how to go forward.

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