Friday, 5 November 2010


Managed to squeeze out my targeted profit yesterday though it was hard. There were two more losers for The Market Examiner which at £25 a point was £ 50 gone. Terrys only bet of the day came second but at 14/1 each way it made a profit.

Got £ 50 out of Betfair.

I had four bets with two unplaced, a 16/1 third and over in Ireland a winner.

Watched a bit of football the last couple of nights it does make you wonder. Man City are becoming the new Chelsea, with the neutrals wanting them to lose and my god they are poor for such a vastly expensive team. The fact of the matter is they have paid an exorbitant amount of money for players that really arent good enough. Last night they brought on a player (kolarov) never heard of the bloke and they paid £19 million for him from Lazio. It beggars belief !
This is the squad from their web site, look at how many players they've got.

Its not as if they even play that entertaining football, especially when compared to Spurs the night before. A great result but also a deserved one with Harry's team attacking from all sides and never trying to sit on a one goal lead against the Euro champions but taking the game to them. I hope that he gets the England managers job one day as he obviously wants it and he might be able to put a bit of fire and pride in the teams belly.

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