Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Next Year.

So a very slow few days for me. Nothing really tickled me on the horses side of things with some pretty low grade stuff and small fields. The Market Examiner's woes continue with another five losers since my last post . Unless I get a free subscription next month I wont continue with this service. As I put in my last post I needed to have a think and plan for next year and what I am going to do. Horse wise over the years I have followed many tipsters and on other blogs many people still do but its not really the way forward.

JPs blog had many services and when you add in the subs it costs a fortune and then there are the shrinking prices and the trouble in getting the bets on. Thats just the start of the worries as then if the service flounders you are counting the cost and ultimately thats what happened to him and many others before him. His tipsters performed for a while then then they all seemed to hit a bad patch together and he seemed to do a lot of dough. So you flit from one to another until you have a decent run and think "I'm on to something here" so the stakes are increased and encouraged as you think " Its the eighth wonder of the world compounding, if this keeps happening at the same rate as at the moment, then my profits soar and Bobs your uncle and all that. Unfortunately it doesnt work like that, just like the "If I can increase my bank by just 1% a day in about a month my bank will have doubled and then in a year , well I'll be rich and all my worries will be over....

So for me starting from next month I shall just be following my own bets and the bets I get from my tipster friend Terry. Nothing else because in the end all these guys come and go under different guises trying to get you to part with your hard earned. I feel that this has come about more so because of the amount of crap I get bombarded with on email from system sellers and scammers. For example yesterday I went through all the system 3 games that Ian Erskine has sent though this season to check the results.He has had nineteen winners , one break even and three losers. Now laying at average odds of 7/1 means a loss for the season. I wrote to him to which I have had no reply and asked if I was doing something wrong or were these the results. Now I know I am not doing anything wrong you are basically laying 1-1 it aint rocket science but I was hoping for a reply so he would just admit it and say " Yep you are right but these things happen when gambling and I am sure we will turn it around" Or at least some kind of response. But this has not happened so I left two comments on his blog asking the same which have not been shown. So good luck to him mind you he has asked me in an email to join his newsletter for how much a month I dont know cos I deleted it. I imagine like all his stuff its going to open my eyes to the world of betting and scammers, and give me the do's and dont's. Hmmmm....

So to him and to me and anybody else who cares to listen have a read below if you can make out the small print.
I remember when I joined The Secret Betting Club (which I am not a member of anymore) about three years ago. They have a "Hall of Fame" for the top tipsters and these are the cream and I thought right I shall subscribe to these and make a fortune myself.

The first one was Asian Handicapper who actually three months later pulled there site as their results were awful, and there was Blue Sky Racing. I think he is still around but again terrible results and terrible customer service. The Tipping Legends with JC who from emails I have exchanged is a lovely guy , but again after an intial purple patch last year wasnt profitable and has wound up recharging his batteries for the next four months. He split from his racing partner Roger Green who is still going on now. Talking of which it looks like another blog has gone "Tipsters Uncovered" who was following Roger Green and Zafforzi . Zafforzi had five losing days and have closed to re evaluate and taken the site down. I gather they blamed it on Betfair SP not being able to handle the amount of money coming in from there bets. They were the new holygrail.

Anyway the point of the post is just for me to put it down what I want to do and planning a course of action for it. It might sound a negative and poor post, but over the last few years its been a learning curve and an expensive one at that, but with the amount of time I will free up I want to study some trading and try to specialise in one particular area. I have ideas and I have hopes, and I shall put in the hours and gain the knowledge to do it.There is nothing stopping me but myself.

So stick around for the ride.


  1. Hey there,

    Nice read, I agree with pretty much most of it.
    Couldn't read half of the paper article though, do you have a link for it?


  2. wow what a fantastic text on betting/gambling!!!

    my opinions are:

    1)paying tipsters is bullshit.noone can predict the future long term.
    2)gambling should be seen as a probability game not a prediction game.So find a system, and keep it secret in order to protect the value in odds from the bookies
    3)trading with rules is the other way to make money, but it takes time.but you have time...
    4)specializing in trading(ie. just football, or just tennis etc...)is necessary

    it worths to read "trading in the zone".you can change the owrd trading to gambling and it s all the same

    vasilís(from Athens Greece)

    PS.great blog also!

  3. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the comments the link is:

    Nice to have a reader in Greece thanks Vasilis.

  4. HI mate top blogging, can you add me to your blog roll, I added you to mine its

    Many thanks


  5. Good Luck Eddy, if anyone can make it work you can.

    100% agree with your thoughts to be honest, too many Tipsters with not a lot of return.

    BTW if you pay me £50 per month I guarantee to lose you that and more. I'd need 12 months up front though ;-)

    Take Care


  6. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the comments, good luck with your exploits to.


    I have added your blog.


  7. Hi , Having been a `punter` for 30 odd years, i agree wholeheartedly on your decision to stop paying for tips !
    You may recall my comments a few weeks ago re OLBG tipsters - free tips by some very knowledgeable people.
    There are at least 2 on there whose tips seem to affect the odds almost as soon as they are posted.I won`t name them outright as i`m sure you`ll appreciate the work needed to find such influencial info . Trading these selections prerace has proven very successful , however as more and more people start lumping on , the prices are coming in faster and faster - it`s becoming like a race in itself to put your bet on ! One of them has over 200 followers , all waiting with baited breath for his next tip.Countless selections have been 10/1+ winners and only today he tipped a 14/1 SP winner at 20/1 EP.
    You may also benefit from taking a look at the Adrian Massey website , again a free service offering the chance to back test any system ideas you may have - superb.
    Anyway , good luck and i look forward to reading about your progress , JT

  8. Hi JT,

    Thanks for the comments and the advice much appreciated.

  9. Great post Eddy, really sums up my feelings on the tipping game as well, some probably do make money, most dont. I just feel that if you're going to win at this game its down to your own judgement, you then have noone else to blame or rely on.


  10. Hi There,

    First of all, good luck with your betting quest, I am a big fan of certain betting strategies and will follow your progress via the Trading Times Blog blog with interest.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange with my blog?
    If its not something you are interested in, no worries.


    All the best!


  11. Hi Dean

    Yep no problem, good luck.