Friday, 26 November 2010


When I was a lot younger I used to love listening to sporting events on the radio, curled up under the sheets late into the night. I used to have some provisions that were needed like a bit of chocolate and maybe some lemonade and a torch.

To this day I remember listening in awe to a World Heavyweight title fight between Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks. The commentary, the roar of the crowd, the whistles, the excitement being generated that I could feel coming down the air waves the feeling that this was happening so very far away in another country but here I was in my bed under the sheets being a part of this event. This was the first event I can remember listening to but it has stuck with me to this day and upstaris in my attic with loads of junk is an official programme from that night in 1978 in Nevada where Ali lost his title. My Dads business partner had flown out to see the fight and brought it home for me and boy did I treasure it. I feel that with the radio you can have your own thoughts, ideas, visions of whats happening and you can bring this all together by using your own imagination. Its a bit like reading a book and then seeing the film, we all come out of the cinema saying that the book was better because of our own personal interpretation.

The same can be said about the Ashes Down Under. As a boy this was a major highlight for me I used to love the way the commentators spoke, the love that they had for the game and the silly comments and banter that went on. I had the radio on all night and would drift off listening to thier dulcet tones.When I got my first girlfriend I hatched a plan to stay with her the night without my parents knowing but on arriving at her place I noticed that she didnt have a radio in her bedroom and at that time the Ashes were being played. So I went all the way back home to get my little portable so I could keep upto date with the game. On arrival my mother had a face like thunder as she told me that my cover had been blown and I wasnt going anywhere that night. So instead of losing my virginity I was listening to us losing a test match.

So tonight as per last night I am watching Sky with the sound down and listening to Five Live to Geoffrey and Jonathan feeling like they are lost old friends and still managing to have that relaxed and happy feeling that I had years ago, and I tell you what, it still seems more exciting just listening.

The last couple of days have been good. The Market Examiner obviously read my last post and pulled his finger out and got me a 10/1 winner though he had two losers today. But a profit of £200 and maybe the start of the comeback?

I have had only three bets but managed to find a 10/1 winner today.

And Betfair is green !


  1. Nice post. You didn't tell us, did you ever get to lose your virginity :)

  2. Hi Cassini,

    Yes! but thats part of my snooker table story...