Monday, 28 December 2009

Late Xmas Present.

Great day for me today with my own selections. Picked six, all six placed with two winners.
First of 12.55: Vinnes Friend and Orange Touch 2nd and 4th in handicap race. Won £68.75
Second 2.05: Guiseppi Verdi came 2nd.Won £50
The Welsh Grand National i really fancied Silver By Nature and backed it at 12/1 in the morning with Hills. Pre-race it drifted and went off at 14/1. It travelled really well and ran a great race coming home 2nd after a three and a half mile slog.
Fourth choice was Me Voici in the 2.45. I thought it was fantastic value at 11/1 considering i thought it was an 8/1 shot. I like Daryl Jacob/Nick Williams combo and the horse dotted up quite easily.
My final race was 5.15 where again i got great value with Levitation at 8/1. It won at 5/1.
This lot made me about £750.PP gave me two bets with one winning. The first horse was Tother One in the Welsh Grand National which didnt really run a race and the second was as below. I took an early price this morning but they didnt pay me on it saying i didnt take the early price. There word against mine, plus the account is not in my name. You can see i did though because it says potential winnings in the box. Absolute tossers!
Equine gave me Dancing Welcome in the 3.45 which i got at the price of 6/1 but the horse never figured so £75 down the swanny.
Tipping Legends gave out five bets, they had a second and third but i lost £125 on their selections, with one to run tomorrow because of the abandoned races today.
I also won £117 on Betfair from a mix of things.


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