Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Scraping The Barrel

Well today hit a new low for me. Do you remember Joey and Chandler in "Friends". They use to play table football, i think in America its called Foseball . Well it was on British Eurosport this afternoon and my question is, what the hell is going on with the world of sport? I was watching two guys playing in the semi final of some tournament . One of them was listening to his bloody ipod, and the other guy got the ball trapped under one of his players little wooden legs, and decided to walk away from the table and towel himself down. As Sid Waddell would say " the sweat was dripping off the commentary box". Such excitement ! Next time i get involved in watching such drivel i am sending for the men in white coats.

Mind you that was probably the highlight of the day for me, as i had a complete blow out on the nags. Equine sent out two bets. I got both at the prices but both got turned over. Loss £125. No bets from PP today. I picked two horses myself neither of them placing. Loss £100. Bet Catalyst sent out a bet which placed so breaking even there. The biggest mistake was leaving a trade to go in play by mistake which cost me £300. As they say school boy error....and i can assure you i had a few choice words with myself afterwards.

Won a few quid on the football, darts and basketball but not anywhere near enough, and as i write i am down about £500. Still its been another profitable month and hope to recover this tomorrow before the start of the New Year.


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