Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Lucky "Won"

No selections from Equine today, and just the one from PP. Unfortunately yet again it didnt win...
I have now lost 50% of the bank i put aside and that my friends is the gamble. It is a long way back but it can be done. I have read the threads on their website concerning this losing run. Time and time again i wonder why these people get involved in the first place, if all their gonna do is complain. You have a bank, you put it aside, and then deal with it. The most difficult part of all with this gambling game, is in your head.

Well i won £300 today, all from a lucky winner in the 12.40 at Leicester. I backed it in the morning at 12/1 with Lads at best odds thinking it was a bit of value. It drifted like a barge and went off at 18/1 and about 25/1 on Betfair. I was a bit dismayed at the drift, but it run well and after getting a bit bogged down it stayed on for second place. Luckily for me the leader fell at the last leaving mine to win. I won nearly £600 on this race so as you can tell the rest of the day was a slow trickle downwards. This was from a mixture of football, snooker and basketball. Still a positive day and hopefully can build on it tomorrow.

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