Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Much Ado About Nothing.

Nothing amazing for me today. After filling out my spreadsheet i am about £40 down for the day.
To begin with, in September i put £50 on Baltimore Ravens to win their NFL division which they cannot now do. I dont even now what division it is, but i know they cannot win it !!

So to today, had three of my own. Two unplaced and one, Ashfields Dream in the 1.30 coming home second at 20/1. I got BOG odds on this one from Boylesports.
4PA gave out What a Friend yesterday but the race was cancelled and run today. This horse won in a race of attrition getting up near the line. 4PA also sent out a bet on Solwhit with a saver bet on Sublimity. These two fought out the finish with Solwhit winning so a profit of £2.50 on that one. It all adds up !
I think in the New Year i shall up my stakes. I now have confidence in the selections and the reasoning behind them.

PP seem to be turning things around very slowly. Today three horses, the first Kennel Hill went off at 39 on Betfair and ran a great race. I was actually starting to get excited when it jumped the last in contention but alas it ran out of steam. The good news was the second PP horse was also in the same race and it won ! This was Reve De Sivola who was never in the race until when it mattered getting up at the death. It traded at 100/1 in running as it seemed to be treading water. The final selection was Big Bucks which was an odds on winner. So just over £110 profit from these.

The losses came again from Tipping Legends. I only to subscribe for the festivals and maybe someone can correct me if i am wrong, but todays figures made it six out of six losing festivals for December. To be fair the last selection called Harlech Castle won well ,but because of the staking the bigger bets are going astray. JC is renowed for doing very well in these festivals so i hope he can turn it around next year.
Lost £52 on the darts, traded well, just needed the people playing the bloody game to hit their bloody doubles to make me some bloody money!! Over and out.

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