Thursday, 31 December 2009


So the last day of 2009. For some reason people like to reflect on their year. Then maybe decide,or at least try, to change some things about themselves or there lives. So expect the gym to be packed for January and February, expect the pubs and clubs to be just that bit quieter, and expect lots of cheap cigarettes being offered around.
It has always amazed me. Why not do it on the 22nd April,or the 6 September, as its really all the same. Dont get me wrong, i am the same, it is ingrained. Just as i imagine some Chinese people will want to change certain aspects of their lives come Feb 14th and their New Year.

In a certain way its the same as trading. I certainly think that you are ingrained to be a backer or layer when trading. I like to lay low which often means lots of small losses followed by a nice win. Somebody else might like to back at low odds, thus having great strike rates and lots of little profits which obviously add up. I sometimes think that this is better for your mental well being as at least you have a lot more winners, so feeding your confidence. The only down side is when a loss comes it is normally a large one.

So what i am trying to say in a roundabout way, is for this coming year i need to try to get away from whats ingrained in my head, and sometimes do the opposite to get out of my comfort zone and see how i deal with it. This might help me look at the same in event in a different way. As i am reading this back its not making sense but it is to me !

Onto the nags. I picked two both not placing, no Equine or PP bets. One bet from Bet Cat, lost as well.
So to the end of the month and a profit of £2600. Bit below where i want to be but a profit. As a guide i made £2000 from my own selections, £466 from PP, loss £360 on Equine( missed a 9/1 winner though when i lost my mobile), 4PA profit £446, Tipping Legends loss £766, Bet Catalyst even and about £800 from my own trading. We have the Darts, and the Aus Open Tennis next month, so lets see if i can do well there.

Thanks for reading and see you next year. Oh by the way does anybody want to buy 200 Marlboro lites.....

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  1. Very true about either being a backer or a layer! As a short odds backer myself I shall try and throw the odd lay in there too this year :-)