Thursday, 10 December 2009

321, Im Back In The Room!

Well, managed to dig myself out of a hole today but could have been better if Stan James werent such ......i am sure you know what the word is. So the PP disaster continues with another 0/3 effort. One of the races contained an odds on favourite which ran like 100/1 to shot. Nothing again from Equine and the 4PA gave out Albertas Run which didnt do as its name implies, it kinda of jogged.

So left to my own devices i picked out eight horses. The first two steamed in but ran poorly.
I then had Alesandro Mantegna (sounds more like a footballer) in the 1.10 at Ludlow, couldnt get much on at 33/1 with Stan James so had a bit with Bet 365 as well. Horse didnt do a lot until near the end when it managed to get up for third winning me £125.In the morning i went for Pocket Aces. Again i had to use SJ as they priced up the best and i thought the horse would come in. Unfortunately for me it drifted and went of at 14/1 and just like yesterday it won. This cost me about £150 as SJ will not pay me BOG prices because of my restricted account. As it was i only had £20 e/w with them and another £5 e/w with Bet 365 who did pay me out at the better price. This got me another £276 but it should have been £400 odd.
So to Fairyhouse where i had West Ship Master and Rebel Chief in the 2.35. This gave me a 4th and a 5th so breaking even on this one. The last bet was in the 3.05 were i thought the value was in Who Said So. I got a great price of 11/1 and it came from midway to win in glue like conditions.I also traded some races and managed to get another £300 from this.

The only bad news was in the 2.00 where i backed Albertas Run and layed Deep Purple who carried extra weight. As i am sure you know it dotted up costing me £340... ouch !!

So a winning day of about £500 and pretty much my last day for a while as on Saturday i am off to sunny climes for a weeks holiday,which is my first of the year and well deserved !

If i have time i will post tomorrow. As they say in the Blues Brothers " Dont You Go Changing".

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