Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Man Overboard !

Yes thats me drowning in the sea of my own stupid mistakes. Today was the cardinal sin which i am embarrassed to even mention. I backed a horse called Sean Og in the 12.40 at Hereford. At the first fence three horses came down and the commentator said Sean Og was one of the fallers, so i laid it in the place market on Betfair with a liability of £1000 trying to nick a few pounds of free money. I then see my money get snapped up rather quickly by some shark out there in the Ocean of Betfair. Turning to watch the race i notice to my horror that Sean Og hasnt fallen but is galloping round very comfortably in 2nd place !! So after the intial panic i back it in running for £200. A complete mess and my own fault for not concentrating on the TV.
To make it worse after travelling so well it suddenly stopped and got pulled up, but either way im the loser.
Punters Profits odds on shot got beat and Equines first bet of the A/W season didnt even get a place. I backed Alora Money e/w in the 1.20 came third and one more bet that ran poorly.
So a loss on the first day of £350, not needed really. When i am feeling down on my luck i watch this man :

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