Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Slim Pickings

It says a lot when the highlight of the day is Air India V Shillong Lajong FC in the Indian Cup. When i say highlight i actually only won £5 but the game itself was entertaining. The ref didnt want to book anyone, even when one guy was on the floor and the other player was just kicking him in the back. It was a bit like CCTV footage off Crimewatch when the guy is getting the shit kicked out of him in the town centre late at night after one to many. When you think of what Rooney and Beckham got sent off for in the World Cup games it beggared belief. The game also had a stray dog/hyena on the pitch, with the camera man more interested in following that mangy thing than the game itself. Then, to top it all off there was about four minutes of added time. One of the goalkeepers proceeded to go down with some sort of hand injury, and was timed rolling around for three minutes, followed by the trainer giving him what i thought were the last rites. Somehow this heroic guy managed to get his arse of the pitch and the sub keeper entered the fray. Within three seconds the ref blew the full time whistle, so what happened to the added time and the extra four minutes of play acting? The ref must have been on a promise is all i can say.

No bets from me or PP today with only Southwell on. One bet from Equine which i again got late via email. It was strange as the horse was 9/1 best price but by the time i looked it was 6/1 best price. In the email i was told that value was down to 13/2 so being below this figure i didnt want to get involved really , so took the King Solomon route and went not for the win but the each way. It did trade at 1.06 but got caught on the line so i made £12.50 ! Had £30 on the Bet Catalyst horse called Gunslinger in the 2.55 but it came last.

Had a few bets on betfair as posted below. So all in all about £70 on the day up.
I havent got involved with the darts yet, the games are pretty bad at the moment and i really cant muster up the enthusiasm til we start seeing some more competitive matches.


  1. Merry Christmas Eddy (And Family)

    You are going to have to give me some advice on the Horses soon ;-)

    Take Care


  2. You too SP and yours,lets all get ready for a profitable 2010 !