Tuesday, 8 December 2009

One Step Forward

Interesting day in the world of sport. Yesterday i mentioned i had three snooker games on the go. The first one i posted up last night the other two made me a profit of £3.50 ! I could have taken about £50 on the Higgins/Robertson game but let it run and unfortunately my money was on the Aussie. The other game was Hendry who was never really ahead.

Neither Equine or PP had any bets today in the horse racing world, so it was left to me. I picked four horses and luckily one of them won, so i made an overall profit of £ 60.

In the evening i only got involved in the one football match. I have tried to trade more than one game or sport at a time but normally i end up getting confused. Must be old age setting in !
So Juve v Bayern it was , and what a great game of attacking football especially from Bayern who looked fantastic going forward.
Near the end of that game, with the trade complete, i put four correct score lays in some other Champions League Matches. All were put in at 1.07. I lost three but one came up trumps making me about £35. Dont you just love nicking money !

So an ok day in which i made about £175.

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