Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Trials ,Tribulations & Waffle

Well had a lovely break in sunny Fuerteventura, but before that lets go back to Sat 12th December,in my wonderful time machine.....

I thought my flight was at midday, but on re checking the tickets it was actually 3pm. So I managed to get all bets on before leaving for Gatwick. The major thing here was after all the losing PP bets i managed to get a winner with there only selection of the day Khyber Kim. As you can see my 3% of bank that started at £90 a bet was now down to £43 a bet. All very sad really.
So i got the early price of 14/1 and made £602 profit. The Equine bets lost me £20, Tipping Legends had French Opera win but i think it was then followed by four losers. Only another small loss of £25. Bet Catalyst gave out three bets and also put them in a trixie. Two of them placed and the third horse was in a race that got abandoned for some reason. This made me £109 which i then gave back with my own selections. Didnt get involved in any football which was lucky as Spurs lost at home to Wolves, Man Utd lost at home to Villa, and Chelsea could only draw 3-3 ! Some very strange results. All in all the profit for the day was approx £600.

My trip away was great. Did the usual, hired a car, sat around eating and drinking too much, and managed to get through four books. It started unravelling a little bit,on leaving for the return flight i left my mobile phone on the bar in the hotel . Now i have never lost a phone before but it is one of lifes pains in the arse isnt it? It isnt even an expensive phone, it was a Nokia that was made around the time Liverpool last won the league ( sorry all you sufferers ) and was that cheap it was given away when you bought a more expensive phone, bit like the buy a Ferrari and we will chuck in a Vauxhall Corsa for the au pair/totty.(Delete where applicable).
Then on arriving at the airport had a delay because Gatwick was under a bit of snow. This turned out to be six hours off tedium followed on landing of having to wait another hour and a half for our luggage because the baggage handellers had gone home !

Anyway the phone thing became a problem yesterday on my first day back. Firstly i dont know any numbers, then the paranoia kicks in and i start thinking i hope nobodys texts me and is waiting for a reply thinking, what a rude sod cant even be bothered to reply...

So with no phone , i am checking my emails for bets etc.. Equine sent out a bet by text and email.
Guess what i happened?The email never arrived. Now i have never not had an email from them and without the phone i was waiting and waiting.... So the upshot was the bet was sent at 10.27 am and never reached me for some reason. The horse proceeds to win at 9/1 costing me in the region of £300 and to top it off i pick another nag in the same race called Autumn Blades which steams in and then decides not to run to well. Still managed to round the day off with a winner called Sherwajy in the 5.05 at Kempton, and Hectors House came third for me to.

PP had two bets. The first one went astray but the second came home nicely. My 3% staking has gone back upto £62 from the low of £43 so lets hope this can start a nice upward curve.

So a profit of about £200 on the day, but really annoyed with missing the Equine bet and hope that my replacement sim arrives soon and my email doesnt let me down again.
Just as a footnote lost another £10 last night playing doubles at pool with a friend called Jon, who wanted a mention if we won but as we lost and this is my blog i can put all the blame on him for drinking to many Tizers and playing like a twat, mind you it was a good shot on the black in the final game!

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