Monday, 7 December 2009

Lack Of Excitement

Pretty poor opportunities at the moment. Had to sit through the India U23 v Nepal game this morning, where the keeper scored an own goal. It was this game or another one from the Bulgarian Divison 2. There were more people on betfair watching it than in the stadium. As one smart arse said "Yes, im afraid it has come to this! Its either this or the bulgarian game....its like having to pick from 2 skinheads and decide which one you would like to cave your skull in!"

I then found some snooker, and was happily trading away thinking ,wow hes just won the frame and hes drifted on betfair , lets get on him ! You know what i was doing.....Thats it, i was watching highlights from an earlier session ! Luckily no damage done as both players had won one more frame each. Anyway i am on three games at the moment but they dont finish till tomorrow apparently, god its worse than watching paint dry.

To the horses and i finished even today. Just had a couple of bets nothing exciting apart from PP losing there only double point bet of the day. Now done 40% of the bank i put aside.

Overnight i won about £200 on the NFL with the Linebackers treble coming in and the only bet of the weekend Arizona +3.5 coming in to. I might do the same bet tonight on Baltimore.

Well one of the games actually finished tonight, my first ever snooker trade:

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